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Morning shootaround — Feb. 2

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Report: Cavs air grievances in players-only meeting | Report: Nash passing on full-time coaching for now | Scott defends Russell’s minutes limit

No. 1: Report: Cavs held players-only meeting after Blatt ouster — To date, the players-only meeting has been employed in two NBA cites — Sacramento and Washington — and was done in Cleveland, too, just last week. That’s the word from’s Brian Windhorst and Zach Lowe, who report the meeting was an airing of grievances/accountability session took place shortly after coach David Blatt was fired and that it has been one of the big reasons behind the Cavs’ play of late:

Following a meeting called by general manager David Griffin to inform the team that coach David Blatt had been fired, Cavs players held an extended and spirited players-only meeting, sources told It turned into an airing of grievances, including stars LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, but eventually led to an agreement that has been a basis for the Cavs’ recent strong play.

“It was like ripping off a scab,” one team source said. “And it was exactly what needed to happen. I think it was what [Griffin] was hoping for.”

Said another source: “It was very healthy for the team. It probably needed to happen weeks ago.”

A central issue in the discussion, sources said, was the need for accountability within the team. One of the issues that was keeping the team from enjoying some of the successes of the season was the different set of rules for some players compared to others.

In what could turn out to be a key moment in their tenures together, James, Irving and Love came to an understanding that they needed to police each other on certain matters and use their influence within the team to set a standard for accountability, sources said. That was frequently a missing component over the past season and a half, sometimes creating friction.

Sources told’s Dave McMenamin that James, Irving and Love led the conversation, owning up to personal faults and using the open forum to express what they expected out of their teammates.

“It’s the type of conversation that only comes out when it’s time for that conversation, if you know what I mean,” a source said. The discussion got contentious at times, though sources said that it was expected.

Veteran James Jones played a key role in the gathering, both in bringing the players together and encouraging discussion, sources told McMenamin. Jones, whom players call by his nickname, “Champ,” carries significant respect in the locker room.

Griffin asked Jones to organize the meeting. Players were told they were being called together to report to the Cavs’ practice facility on their off day for a team matter. After Griffin addressed the team for 15 minutes and told them Tyronn Lue was being promoted to head coach, the players stayed and discussed matters for around an hour. Lue did not address the team until the following morning at shootaround.


No. 2: Report: Nash not interested in coaching Suns — The Phoenix Suns fired Jeff Hornacek early Monday morning and have since replaced him with one of his assistants, Earl Watson, as interim coach. The issues for the Suns seem to run pretty deep and getting them back to where they were two seasons ago — as a near-playoff team — may take a while. According to’s Marc Stein, former Suns standout and two-time MVP winner Steve Nash will not be coming to coach the team anytime soon:

The Phoenix Suns have strong interest in former star guard Steve Nash for their coaching vacancy, but Nash is not interested in going into full-time coaching at this time, according to league sources.

Sources told ESPN that Suns owner Robert Sarver, even before firing Jeff Hornacek early Monday morning after the team’s overnight arrival in Phoenix following a four-game road trip, has had Nash high on his list of potential targets to take over the team.

But Nash, sources say, is not ready to entertain the thought of a head-coaching position or even an assistant coach’s role at this juncture, preferring to focus on fatherhood (he has three young children) and his various off-court interests in addition to a part-time consulting role he took on at the start of the season with theGolden State Warriors.

It remains to be seen whether the Suns will pursue Nash in a front-office capacity instead.

In his first full year of retirement, Nash had to be lobbied hard by some of his closest friends — Warriors coach Steve Kerr, Kerr’s assistant Bruce Fraser and Warriors team president Rick Welts — just to consent to the consulting position with Golden State. The arrangement with Golden State, sources say, calls for Nash to spend a few days per month with the league’s reigning champions.

Nash and Sarver still have a very strong relationship as well, as evidenced by the partnership they struck recently as part of the Sarver-led consortium that completed the purchase of Spanish Segunda Division soccer team RCD Mallorca earlier this month.

ESPN reported in early January that former Suns coach Mike D’Antoni, now associate head coach with the Philadelphia 76ers, would also be on the Suns’ list of coaching candidates if Hornacek was indeed ousted.


No. 3: Scott fires back at MacLean, defends Russell’s minutes — Los Angeles Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell has been in and out of the starting lineup for the team all season and, most recently, has settled in as a reserve. Although he is fourth on the team in scoring, Russell opened up to our David Aldridge that he’s getting used to NBA life and his fluctuating role under coach Byron Scott. During last week’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Clippers TV analyst (and ex-UCLA star) Don MacLean opined about why Russell was on a minutes limit. When Scott was told of the remarks, he both laid into MacLean and defended his tactics, writes Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News:

The voice sounded exasperated and the tone sounded frustrated. Clippers analyst and former UCLA standout Don MacLean spoke of what many Laker fans have echoed in thought, on the airwaves and on Twitter.

“I really wish Byron Scott would just give D’Angelo Russell the keys and say, ‘You know what? Go for it man,’” MacLean said on Friday’s telecast of the Lakers-Clippers game on Prime Ticket.

After training with Russell in pre-draft workouts, MacLean then called Russell “the best passer I’ve ever seen.”

“He’s still playing tentative because he’s looking over his shoulder,” MacLean said. “If Byron Scott would just say, ‘You know what, D’Angelo? I don’t care if you turn it over 15 times tonight, you’re going to play 35 minutes. Go for it, and go for it,’ (Russell) will figure it out.”

The voice sounded annoyed and the tone sounded testy. Scott both defended how he has developed his rookie point guard while also questioning MacLean’s credibility.

“First of all to Don, that’s why you’re not coaching,” Scott said following Monday’s practice. “You don’t let a guy go out there and just almost embarrass himself or kill himself by playing 35 minutes and creating 10, 12, 15 turnovers. The one thing it can do is self-destruct him.”

MacLean became defensive over Scott’s dig on his lack of coaching.

“I’m not coaching because I chose not to coach. We don’t know if I could’ve coached or not. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know the game,” MacLean said. “I’m not the first person to wonder out loud why he hasn’t just given the keys to D’Angelo and let him figure it out because you’re going to set records for losing this year.”

Yet, Scott strongly defended how he has molded Russell, who has averaged 11.9 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.3 assists in 26.9 minutes per game.

“I was taught a long time ago, you just give them a little bit at first, to give it all to them and try to take it back is much harder,” Scott said. “Give them a little bit and then give them a little bit more, give them a little bit more is a lot easier.”

Scott initially had thought of bringing Russell off the bench to open the season despite being the team’s No. 2 overall draft pick. But Scott decided otherwise so Russell could play with Kobe Bryant and Jordan Clarkson against the NBA’s best talent. But Scott reversed course 20 games into the season.

“It was more to let him know, you still haven’t earned this,” Scott said. “You still have to fight for this. Nothing’s given.”

VIDEO: Byron Scott talks about his minutes strategy with D’Angelo Russell


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  1. unkaned says:

    Blatt was scapegoated, and his experience will be missed when the Cavs have to play more half-court offense in the playoffs. Otherwise, there are some notable differences, although it is hard to know which of them Tyrone Lue is responsible for. Most important among them is the fact that these guys could suddenly play at a much faster pace without a rash of additional turnovers. Secondly, Kevin Love has been made far more the center of the offense, and since the Cavs don’t have a good finisher under the basket, his role as a “stretch four” is not a essential as it was when ie was a Wolfie. Third, Mosgov seems to be playing much, much harder, and doing the most with the talent that he has. But I also think this team’s greatest strength lies in how good J.R. Smith, Matthew Delladova andm, especially, Tristan Thompson are. Its also surprising how mentally tough (beyond simply playing hard) both Smith and Delladova are. The fact that both will take and can hit the big shots at the end of the clock, and the end of the game, will take this team, once again, to the Finals. Beating the Warriors or even the Spurs in a 7-game series is another matter — although Cavs came awfully close last year with two stars missing. And in these games, victory is only a sprained ankle away.

  2. Nick says:

    Of course Nash doesn’t want to coach – the Suns, that is. The GM and VP destroyed that team. As usual, the coach takes the hit. Why Sarver hasn’t cleaned house is beyond me! The whole world watched as they took a team with promise, and just kept adding guards!? One ridiculous move after another. I can’t believe these guys are getting paid big bucks for such terrible decision making – and they’re still at it!

  3. If there is one coach (to me) who has been on the eternal chopping block, its coach Scott. His team stinks!!!!!!

  4. Raptor4Life says:

    How many more articles must we endure about the LeBron James coach killing fiasco?
    Enough already….

  5. Full Circle Journey says:

    This article is abut filling bandwidth and I’m here to do my part even if it wasn’t worth it. That kind of day so far.

  6. johnnytc1 says:

    da king and his merry men had to blame someone. They are legends in their own mind. Da cav’s will not beat the top five teams in the west or Chicago or Toronto in a playoff series. da king has to run da show or he be takin his talents somewhere else. but surprise king, no one wants your cancer. it’s all about you and that train will soon wreck and you’ll be standing alone. the sad part is, you don’t have a clue. please don’t get me wrong you’re not a 31 year old has been. you’re a 31 year old who never was…

    • CBaby23 says:

      You do realize that there was a vote from all the players in the NBA asking who they most wanted to play with and Lebron James won that vote hands down right? He’s obviously not a cancer if the majority of the players in the league today want to play alongside of him.

  7. Albert says:

    Don sounds like Seinfeld when he retorts, “I choose not to coach”….

  8. dave says:

    Cavs have to try and believe they can beat GSW. But if GSW is healthy, I don’t like the Cavs chances at all.

    Other team owners only real hope is to start talking to the league about changing the rules to allow tougher defense and more contact. Seems thats the only way to slow down Curry.

  9. edward says:

    I agree with Don let Russell play more

  10. Fabian Jennings says:

    Whose right, Scott or MacLean, depends on reading D’Angelo Russell’s personality/mind set. Either approach could be right (or wrong) depending on the individual you’re talking about.

  11. Sing says:

    LBJ want accountability from Kyrie and Love and vice-versa? Not going to happen.

  12. rafalb7 says:

    Great highlights of a great game 🙂

  13. Raj says:

    The way he’s handling Russell is old school but smart if Russell uses it as an opportunity to become hungrier and grow.

  14. Sally says:

    Teams need to do the meetings like once a month just to keep everything out in the open and not let grievances fester. I hope that did it for the Cavs. Go get em’ Cavs !!!