All-Star 2016 Reserves Announced

VIDEO: Top 10 Plays from 2016 All-Star Draymond Green

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Millions of fan votes decided who the starters would be for the 65th NBA All-Star Game next month in Toronto.

Only 12 to 14 were required, from coaches around the league, to decide the 14 other players who would fill out the rosters for the Eastern and Western Conference All-Stars.

And there will be a new school flavor to the festivities with a trio of rookie All-Star reserves joining the party.

First time All-Stars highlight the list of reserves, that was announced tonight on TNT. That group includes Golden State’s Draymond Green in the Western Conference and Detroit’s Andre Drummond and Boston’s Isaiah Thomas in the Eastern Conference.

Joining Green on the Western Conference reserves list are LaMarcus Aldridge (San Antonio), DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento), Anthony Davis (New Orleans), James Harden (Houston), Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers) and Klay Thompson (Golden State).

NBA All-Star 2016Joining Drummond and Thomas on the Eastern Conference reserves list are Chris Bosh (Miami), Jimmy Butler (Chicago), DeMar DeRozan (Toronto), Paul Millsap (Atlanta) and John Wall (Washington).

Noticeably absent from the list are Portland’s Damian Lillard, Clippers’ star Blake Griffin (whose injury issues wouldn’t have allowed him to participate anyway), the Cleveland duo of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, Atlanta’s Al Horford and perennial All-Stars Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas) and Tim Duncan (San Antonio).

The Cavaliers have just one All-Star, LeBron James, despite owning the best record in the Eastern Conference and having their staff, headed by Tyronn Lue, in charge of coaching the Eastern Conference team.

James, Indiana’s Paul George, New York’s Carmelo Anthony, Miami’s Dwyane Wade and Toronto’s Kyle Lowry are the Eastern Conference starters.

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, playing in his 18th and final All-Star Game headlines a Western Conference starting unit that also includes Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant, first-time All-Star and San Antonio defensive ace Kawhi Leonard, reigning KIA MVP Stephen Curry of Golden State and Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook.

Western Conference reserves

VIDEO: Discussing the West All-Stars

LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio: Aldridge’s numbers are down but that was expected when he made the move from Portland to San Antonio and the ensemble cast he’s playing with now. This is his fifth straight All-Star Game appearance.

DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento: Cousins has staked his claim to the title as the best big man in basketball and is the only true center on the Western Conference roster. This is his second straight All-Star Game appearance.

Anthony Davis, New Orleans: The Pelicans’ rough start to this season did not keep the coaches from making sure Davis made it to the All-Star Game for the third straight year.

Draymond Green, Golden State: The NBA’s leader in triple-doubles this season, Green missed out on a starting nod but takes his rightful place alongside Warriors teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in his first All-Star appearance.

James Harden, Houston: The runner up for KIA MVP honors last season is still playing at an elite level, individually, even if his Rockets are nowhere near their conference finals pace of a year ago. This is his Harden’s fourth straight All-Star Game appearance.

Chris Paul, LA Clippers: Paul has been the Clippers’ rock with Blake Griffin out with a torn quad tendon the past 15 games (and now a fractured hand for the next 4-6 weeks). This is CP3’s ninth All-Star appearance.

Klay Thompson: The Warriors’ sweet-shooting swingman reminded everyone just how dangerous he can be with a season-high 45 points in Wednesday’s win over the Mavericks. He’s making his second straight All-Star Game appearance.

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Eastern Conference reserves

VIDEO: Discussing the East All-Star reserves

Chris Bosh, Miami: The 11-time All-Star has come all the way back from the pulmonary embolism that ended cut his season short a year ago. Bosh and Dwyane Wade have led the Heat back into the top four mix in the East after last season’s lottery twirl.

Jimmy Butler, Chicago: The new face of the Bulls has been the motor for a team that has battled inconsistency during the transition from the Tom Thibodeau era to the Fred Hoiberg experience. This is his second straight All-Star Game appearance.

DeMar DeRozan, Toronto: DeRozan and Kyle Lowry, the driving forces on a Raptors team that is entrenched in the top three of the Eastern Conference standings this season, will play co-hosts for the All-Star festivities. This is DeRozan’s second All-Star Game appearance.

Andre Drummond, Detroit: The league’s runaway leader in double-doubles and rebounds this season, Drummond, like Cousins in the West, is the only true center on the East roster.

Paul Millsap, Atlanta: The Hawks’ summer re-investment in Millsap has paid off handsomely. He’s been the best and most consistent player for a team that had four All-Stars hit the floor in New York last year. This is the third straight All-Star appearance for Millsap.

Isaiah Thomas, Boston: The unquestioned leader of a Celtics team that wasn’t supposed to have any true stars, Thomas has shattered that myth since joining Boston last season and become the catalyst for Brad Stevens’ upstart crew.

John Wall, Washington: Wall has done yeoman’s work this season for a Wizards’ team that has dealt with a parade of injuries to other key players, most notably Wall’s backcourt mate Bradley Beal. This is Wall’s third straight All-Star Game appearance.

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The 65th NBA All-Star Game will be exclusively televised on TNT from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Sunday, Feb. 14.

VIDEO: Who should’ve been an All-Star?


  1. S-Curry30 says:

    No kyrie Irving, but Isaiah Thomas is a All-Star instead of him!

  2. Rick says:

    I’m going to watch this all-star game like I watch it every year. I love the highlights of the game and the excitement of the dunk and 3 point contest. The NBA skills challenge isn’t bad either. Nevertheless, I will be sporting my favorite player’s jersey all weekend. Since the 70’s I’ve been a warriors fan and this year you know which player is coming off the hanger this year. Definitely Steph Curry #30 mvp. Check out these All-Star jerseys on sale now

  3. Not a single gasol in the all star game?? Are you serious?? That’s it im not watching

  4. Oscars says:

    Hmm…no white dudes? Maybe we should boycott the All-Star game like the Oscars are being boycotted.

    Or maybe it has to do with performance?

  5. Remi says:

    They should have picked 15 players for each team not 1e, they should have selected 3 more for each conference…

  6. Brick63 says:

    Kamba should be in. That is the biggest miss by far

  7. jimbo says:

    THIS YEAR ,, cj McCollum was really great,,putting up impressive numbers…
    anyway,,its their decision

  8. Eman says:

    Klay thompson all the way.

  9. timbo slice says:

    How bout we have Luke Walton and David Blatt coach this game. They both had such great starts to this season lol

  10. timbo slice says:

    I agree that Pau deserves the nod over Bosh, but what about this kid they call Porzingis? Lets promote him from the Rookie game to the All star game because his defensive presence has been more dominant than both Pau and Bosh, then we could see if Westbrook or Kawhi could get the ball over his stretch-armstrong arms. Plus he has got such a pretty shot! Kristaps for prez!

  11. Hugh Alston says:

    REALLY! DEANDRE JORDAN IS NOT A ALL STAR!!!!! UGH!! But i am glad that Kawhi Leonard is finally an all star.

  12. Gator Country says:

    Hey the best coach in East is coaching the East allstars…….he has been blown out by a good team and beaten 2 teams with a collective 28-65 record and it took a overtime in one to do it. Oh and BTW the guy who beat up on the Cavs in Lue’s first game was Wait for it…Pau Gasol 25-10-6 in that game. He is not deserving but Bosh is? Fully proves that the ASG is just like the Pro Bowl. Not worth watching

    • mike washko says:

      Only reason why is Atlantas coach can’t do back to back games same with Kerr that’s why pop is coaching. Ya Lou don’t deserve it but honestly I like in Cleveland and Lou has been the coach plus there destroying the spurs. Plus went 5-23 against chi on free throws. What about love he’s been doing good his best year in Cleveland I understand kyrie he was hurt but they still let melo last year and they let the whole hawks team in last year. Love deserves to be in atleast 2 players go on a number 1 team in the conference. Also Gausol does not belong he has his 8 or 9.

  13. TORaptors says:

    lol whats up with Demar’s eyes?

  14. mmmk says:

    Kyrie has barley played this season so he shouldn’t be on the all star team simple as that. I think the coaches got it right by not putting him in it, hes a selfish player anyways. He needs to get traded for Jeff Teague an actual pg.

  15. Kelvin says:

    I’m actually stunned by fans wanting Gasol over Bosh. That means your leaving Drummond out there’s only 1 center for both conferences. BTW Bosh is PF who gives more versatility than stiff Gasol who can’t stretch defenders

  16. Pooh richardson says:

    Really? No KEMBA Walker! He’s playing his heart out with tons of key players on the injured reserve. Should have got picked over J Wall. Smh

  17. Ramon Samson says:

    At the Golden Globe all White actors get nominated. Blacks complained , will boycott the awards night.

    In NBA All started all Black players get nominated. Whites didn’t complain but…they are the ones who pay to see the games. Will they do the same.

    Just curious! I just want your honest opinion.

  18. Brett says:

    ITS ABOUT TIME!!! Isaiah Thomas is finally an All-Star!

  19. Fefe (Nets) says:

    People here are crazy. Talk about Bosh not deserving. At least one Heat deserves, and Bosh deserves more than D-Wade this year for sure. SO BLAME FAN VOTING.

    Pau deserves so much. But one might get injured.

    Same in the West: BLAME FAN VOTING. If Kobe wasn’t selected (but yes, I understand that it’s his last year blablabla) either Nowitzki or Lillard would’ve been.

  20. CavsChamps2016 says:

    Kyrie & K Love should be in there.. or at least one of them.
    Lillard & McCollum should be in there.. or at least one of them.
    Who’s in the dunk contest tho? I hope Lavine will be back.

  21. Nicola says:

    East. Bosh, no please, Pau is mooooore
    West Alridge insn’t playng good this year, Nowitsky instead is playng well.

    But for me Bryant and Wade should not be here. Kyre and Lillard to replace

  22. Troy says:

    There is a reason I don’t take All-Star basketball serious anymore. Fan Voting is the dumbest idea ever. There is so much talent is getting slept on, while some just get in either through they’re reputation or what they have done in their past.

  23. Chuck Cooper says:

    I think reasonable that D.Lillard and R.Rondo had beed chosen, maybe instead of Harden and Thompson. But I understand this can be questionable.
    For trajectory more than stats, Dirk Nowitzki should be there. He’s nba history, and this year can be his last at top level. And L. Aldridge doesn´t deserve it more than him.
    But the most cruel absence from my point of view is Pau Gasol, no doubt. There is no reason to leave him out. Trajectory, season stats, etc. If JimmyJump is there, Pau should be too. Just take a minute and compare Gasol’ stats with Millsap’ ones:!/?PlayerID=2200&VsPlayerID=200794
    or with Chris Bosh stats:!/?PlayerID=2200&VsPlayerID=2547

    As a very personal election, I’d like to see Zaza Pachulia there! Great season man!

  24. tal says:

    People will always complain no matter who gets selected. Human nature is to complain about things that are irrevelant.

  25. Seriously? Cavs have the best record in the east and we only get one all-star?

    Last year the Hawks got FOUR!


  26. Micheal Jordan? says:


  27. Bluff says:

    Oh men!! always the same. No matter who goes to All Star, we are always going to complain about that players miss. It´s hard to pick only 7 each conference.

  28. Whou says:

    Why is Anthony Davis in and Lillard out?
    Tony would have made it instead of Lamarcus if he hadn’t been cooked by Curry. Sorry Bro.

    Where on earth is Pau Gasol??
    Well done to Isaiah Thomas! #WA

  29. little asian boy says:


  30. Lorenzo says:

    What Danilo Gallinari has to do more to be called?!?
    And Aldridge? Are you serious?

  31. octo says:

    Whiteside/Vucevic for Bosh
    Kyrie/Kemba Walker for Thomas

    Lillard for Thomson

    And that’s that.

  32. James!! says:

    James say, you select Bosh and they select Bosh

  33. Henrik Jensen says:

    I think it is a shame, that there is selelected 0 International Players this year..

    Really?, no Pau Gasol, no Marc Gasol, no Zaza Pachulia, no Nikola Vucevic.. come on.. from those players, at least one of them should have gotten a notch.

    In Toronto, the city with most internationals ever in the league.. and 0 internationals playing the all-star game, even with Pau Gasol at least deserving it so much more over Chris Bosh.. thats a shame..

  34. Steve says:

    Will Spike Lee Boycott the All Star Game after he notices not 1 player was picked to the All Star Teams ?

  35. Joseph says:


    NO Kyrie Irving in the East Team?
    And even the bonafiide All-Star Dirt Nowitzki?

    How could it happened? That’s CRAZY

  36. Randy says:

    Pau Gasol????

  37. allie says:

    where i kemba, and why is bosh playing there, and how the hell kobe and aldridge was an all-star, kobes star status have been gone..

  38. MARGADE says:

    Where’s KLove?? I guess KLove’s averages are much better than Fish BOoosh… Come on! You must be kidding me…

    Discourage NBA fan.

  39. says:

    Klay Thomason should be starting! Damian Lillard is great but klay is one the defending champions?! “Get rocks on a railroad track, Barefooted…”

  40. Anju says:

    No whiteside? @youngwhiteside

  41. I think position to position according to talent and performance this year, and I do not miss many games…Damian Lillard should be ar the All Star game instead of James Harden. No contest. Again, as was the comment from an NBA player, fans and popularity should not be such a factor. Ability, talent, performance, etc. should be it.

  42. BoiBoi says:

    No Caboclo??? Waste of my time.

  43. n says:


    • Justin says:

      Hey idiot Chris Bosh is a great player and deserves to be in the all star game. He’s the best 3 point shooter on the team and averages 19 and 8. ALL STAR NUMBERS!!! Also Miami is the 6 seed in the East making them a playoff team and not a joke.

  44. Karl says:

    Good to see I.T. finally getting his.

  45. Mike Logan says:

    No LILLARD is just ridiculous. He is a two time all star who’s numbers have gone up this year and has guided what everyone thought to be sinking Blazer team into an 8th seed contender (as of this writing they ARE the 8th seed)….

  46. SID says:

    so Gasol was 360 votes short for the starter team and you dont call him? what a shame

  47. Alain L says:

    No Kristaps Porzingis

  48. Yes!!! Congrats to Paul Misap, John Wall and Isaiah Thomas!

    Not liking that Fish Bosh got chosen. But I guess fans liked him over Al Horford.

  49. max says:


  50. bodjee says:

    Pachulia, Zaza [DAL] instead of LaMarcus Aldridge!

  51. Big Al says:

    The only thing big about Bosh is his paycheck. There isn’t any news about him doing extraordinarily well. It should have been Pau over him.

    Also Kemba should have gotten the nod over Wall this time, due to both individual and team performances for the year.

    Lillard deserves a spot, but hogged the All-Star weekend some two years ago by joining the skills challenge, 3-point contest, dunking contest and the actual East-West game. Time to give chances to others I guess.

    • allie says:

      i totally agree with you, lilard should be playing not kobe..

    • Crash says:

      Bosh has slightly lower numbers than Gasol but consider he came back from that devastating injury and lead a lottery team last season to 3rd in the East. They’re both deserving but I’d give if to Bosh

  52. Kenan says:

    Where’s Pau???

  53. DAD says:

    Go Kobe…spit your venom

  54. tiggle diggle figgle says:

    Lillard over klay… this is a trajesty

  55. Paul says:

    Aldridge is there because his team is phenomenal and deserves 2 all stars. I agree Lillard got snubbed hard though

  56. Jay says:

    DeAndre Jordan dissed again… there should be more emphasis on true centers getting in here…..

  57. JasonL says:

    No love for Rondo?? And minus a few games, Gasol has been just as consistent as Butler. Gasol > Bosh

  58. Tyrone says:

    Do coaches in the NBA not watch the games or what? NO LILLARD. Are you kidding me? He and C.J have lead the blazers to a 9th/8th seed with a team that was doubted ever since LA left. (Somehow he is a starter!!!!!!). Lillard isnt the only snub I am infuriated about. NO KYRIE? Are you insane? This man lights up the allstar game every year he plays and I understand and respect the coaches for putting Isaiah in the game. But if they are voting people in based of performances Anthony Davis, LA, AND DEFINITELY PAUL MILLSAP should not be here. That man is averaging under 19 a game. How is he going to light up the allstar game? I pull him on 2k every week when I open up packs, but I dont believe that he has anything to make the game more interesting. (Side note, the pack odds on 2k are ridiculous if anybody still plays that garbage.) So, all and all it is a decent list but there are some that definitely deserve to be on there and some that definitely dont. I feel like the coaches voted certain people in just because of their big name, but no disrespect to anyone on the list.

  59. Larson says:

    Another undeserved apperance by Bosh while other deserving players don’t

  60. Justin says:

    Where is Kemba Walker??!!

  61. mario says:

    I aint gonna watch it anyways.. only good all star game is Baseballs.. this is just gonna be a dunkethon..

  62. Javier says:

    I miss Pau Gasol. Chris Bosh??? Wow

  63. TJ Smith says:

    this game should have 20 minute quarters this is going to be a GREAT allstar game!

  64. emgworld says:

    Huge congrats to Isaiah Thomas!! Finally receiving the respect he deserves in this league!

  65. wtf says:

    No Damian Lillard, but LaMarcus Aldridge and Anthony Davis are there???

  66. Minermac says:

    Right on love the reserve line up going to be great lots of talent and skill.

  67. cp3 says:

    cp3 and isaiah thomas deserve it! lets go!

  68. Anthony Lexington says:

    So many great players to choose from. Dirk and Tim not selected is tough, but they’ve been there before. Good on the players selected for the first and second time. They will have fun and shine.

  69. zen garden says:

    lillard over thompson

  70. boycottAllStargame says:

    Also absent from the East is Kemba Walker. Guy has been scoring points like crazy and willing his team to wins since Christmas, yet he is overlooked. The game is a sham and Tyronn Lue doesn’t deserve to be a coach for the East just because he’s filling in for a guy who got fired.

  71. Huzaifa Zia says:


  72. dd def says:

    no dame no game. allstar is rubbish anymore. worst thing in sports.

  73. Chris says:

    LA should not have been selected as an allstar. He hasn’t produced the numbers of an allstar and I am clueless as to how he was selected. This isn’t a “he’s going to be good in the future” vote. Did he have an allstar 2015-2016? No. So why was he selected? It doesn’t make sense…