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Morning shootaround — Jan. 27

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Making sense of Griffin scuffle | Kobe: Lakers fans didn’t ‘appreciate’ Gasol | Lowry not fretting wrist injury | Cousins calls fan voting for All-Star Game unfair

No. 1: Clippers, Rivers try to make sense of Griffin incident — If you missed it yesterday, perhaps the oddest story to date this season came to light when it was revealed that Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin broke his hand after he got into a fight with a team staff member at a Toronto restaurant. The staff member was identified by several media outlets as Griffin’s friend and team equipment manager, Matias Testi and Griffin, as a result of his injury, will be out at least four to six weeks. The team issued a statement about the incident and Griffin took to Twitter to address it, too, but in short, the Clippers’ players, coach Doc Rivers and the organization as a whole are trying to dig out from this situation.

We start first with Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times, who provides detail on the Griffin-Testi relationship:

 His name was invoked in the Clippers’ locker room after almost every game.

“‘Tias!” center DeAndre Jordan would declare loudly, as if he wanted to make a show of what was coming next. “Where’s ‘Tias at?”

Mathias Testi would appear and Jordan would invariably ask the assistant equipment manager to fetch a piece of clothing or maybe some lotion. Testi faithfully retrieved the item, even if he did occasionally dawdle or mutter something under his breath.

To the uninitiated it might have resembled a mild hazing ritual, but there was always a playful undercurrent between Testi, Jordan and teammate Blake Griffin. Their relationship felt like something out of the buddy comedy “Entourage,” with Testi playing the role of the relative nobody along for the ride with his celebrity friends during dinners and other outings.

That friendship unraveled Saturday when Griffin repeatedly punched Testi during an altercation at a Toronto restaurant, resulting in a broken bone in Griffin’s right hand that is expected to keep the All-Star forward out for an additional four to six weeks at a time when he had already missed a month because of a quadriceps injury.

Testi, 29, returned to Los Angeles, as did Griffin, after the incident and Griffin underwent a procedure on his hand Tuesday morning, the team said.

The altercation started inside a restaurant with a back-and-forth exchange that led the friends outside, with Griffin throwing multiple punches, according to a league executive with knowledge of the situation who was not authorized to discuss it publicly.

Rivers said he was unsure whether the men were drinking at the time of the altercation but “I don’t think alcohol had anything to do with this.”

It was not immediately known whether Testi would pursue legal action against Griffin or the Clippers. He remained employed by the team.

The altercation put some of Griffin’s teammates in the awkward spot of being caught between allegiances.

“I’m friends with and love both parties,” Jordan said. “It’s out of my control, but hopefully we can figure out something.”

VIDEO: The Starters: Should Clippers be worried about Griffin’s injury?


No. 2: Kobe: Lakers fans ‘didn’t really appreciate’ Gasol — The Chicago Bulls and Kobe Bryant have some things linked between them, what with Bryant’s adoration and early patterning of his game after Michael Jordan, the failed trade that nearly sent him to the Windy City in 2007 and former teammate-turned-Bulls standout Pau Gasol patrolling the middle in Chicago. As Bryant and the Lakers ready to welcome Gasol back to L.A. on Thursday night (10:30 ET, TNT), Kobe says L.A. fans never truly appreciated just how much Gasol meant to the team. Baxter Holmes of has more:

The two will meet Thursday when the Bulls face the Lakers at Staples Center, and ahead of that matchup, Bryant talked about his 6 1/2 seasons with Gasol and especially all the instances in which Bryant defended Gasol when the 7-foot Spaniard was involved in constant trade rumors.

“I thought that it was really silly and I felt bad for him going through all that stuff,” Bryant said Tuesday before the Lakers faced the Dallas Mavericks at Staples Center. “That’s why I defended him so much.

“I think the city of L.A. didn’t really appreciate what he did and what we had, and so as a consequence, everybody kind of fell in line with the [former Lakers coach] Mike D’Antoni rhetoric of small ball and all this other bulls—. For a guy that has two championships to be treated that way, you don’t do that, man.”

Bryant called Gasol “one of the best post players of all time. Fantastic player.”

Bryant said his main memory of Gasol is a conversation the two had in February 2008, when Gasol first joined the Lakers after being acquired in a trade with the Memphis Grizzlies.

“I immediately went to his room at the hotel — we were staying on the same floor — [and] I went to his room, we had about a 30-, 40-minute conversation,” Bryant said. “That’s the thing I remember the most because that was the beginning.”

Before Gasol arrived, the Lakers were floundering as a franchise after trading Shaquille O’Neal to the Miami Heat in 2004. In the next three seasons after that trade, the Lakers missed the playoffs once, and twice didn’t reach the second round.

Yet with Gasol, the Lakers reached three straight NBA Finals, winning the last two, first against the Orlando Magic and then the rival Boston Celtics.

After struggling with injuries, mixed results and after seeing his name involved in trade rumors almost constantly, Gasol ultimately left the Lakers, taking less money to join the Bulls on a three-year, $22-million deal in the summer of 2014.

Gasol deemed the move to be a much-needed fresh start, and he has thrived with the Bulls, averaging 16.6 points, 10.9 rebounds and 2.1 blocks this season entering Tuesday night.

But looking back, when did Bryant think Gasol would have such an impact on the Lakers?

“As soon as he caught the ball and he finished it, I ran back to the bench, I said, ‘Yes, Phil, we’ve got a big that can catch it and finish! We’re going to the Finals!” Bryant said, referencing former Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

“And Phil just looked at me, he started laughing. But I was dead-ass serious. Then Pau, I come back in the timeout, I’m saying, ‘Pau, the defense is playing this way, so maybe you could go here, flash here and then you look to skip [pass], [and] he said, ‘If I could skip it there.’ So he was able to connect the dots himself.

“It was like, ‘Oh, I’ve got the guy that I can really scheme with.’ Then the rest of the guys can kind of fall in line from that. So his intellect was what made him the most dangerous.”

Last season, the Lakers paid tribute to Pau Gasol


No. 3: Lowry not fretting wrist injury — While the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs are running away with the best records in the league, no team has been hotter of late than the Toronto Raptors. They topped the Washington Wizards last night to win a franchise record-tying ninth straight game and are two games behind the Cleveland Cavaliers for No. 1 in the Eastern Conference. There was some concern last night, though, as All-Star point guard Kyle Lowry left the game with a wrist injury but according to Doug Smith of the Toronto Star, Lowry doesn’t think it is serious:

No one really expected anything else when Kyle Lowry got up from his locker room seat at the urging of DeMar DeRozan.

“I’m fine” were the first words out of Lowry’s mouth. “Thanks for asking, DeMar, I’m fine.”

Lowry had done something to his wrist late in the Toronto Raptors’ easy 106-89 victory over the Washington Wizards on Tuesday night and, as he raced back to the locker room in obvious discomfort, fans had to be holding their breath.

He teased everyone by coming back out to the bench almost immediately, spent a few seconds with his teammates before retiring to the locker room — and the X-ray room in the bowels of the Air Canada Centre. The pictures were negative, no structural damage. Everyone could exhale.

“I really thought that it was something worse than what it was but I’m fine,” he said. “I got caught in a screen. I’m fine.”

But would he have said anything to the contrary under any circumstances?

“No. I wouldn’t. Just to make it clear.”

There were no obvious signs of trauma or trouble: no split, no wrap, no ice on the bothersome wrist. It really was as if nothing had happened and the Raptors could get on with congratulating themselves on tying a franchise record.


No. 4: Kings’ Cousins opposes All-Star fan voting — The reserves for the 2016 NBA All-Star Game will be named on Thursday night on TNT (7 ET), a week after the All-Star starters were announced. Those players, of course, are picked solely via fan voting — which has stirred debate among some NBA pundits for years. That discussion isn’t limited to those folks, apparently, as Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins (who made his first All-Star team in 2015 as a reserve) told Yahoo Sports’ Marc J. Spears he doesn’t like the fan voting process:

It wasn’t a surprise that NBA fans voted retiring superstar Kobe Bryant as a Western Conference All-Star starter despite his struggles this season.

The oddity is that if Bryant were listed at guard, the position he played for the majority of his career, instead of in the frontcourt, Zaza Pachulia of the Dallas Mavericks would have been voted a West starter.

That’s one of the reasons Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins, who scored a career-high 56 points Monday in a 129-128 double-overtime loss to the Charlotte Hornets, told Yahoo Sports recently that the All-Star starter balloting system should be changed for the All-Star Game on Feb.14.

As it stands now, fans are asked to vote for three frontcourt players (regardless of position) and two guards per conference as starters.

“It’s disrespectful to big men,” Cousins told Yahoo Sports. “It’s not really fair. But that’s how it is.”

When asked what changes he would make to All-Star voting, Cousins was quick to respond.

“There definitely wouldn’t be fan voting,” Cousins told Yahoo. “You can’t base it off of who is on TNT and ESPN every night. Of course, it’s going to be most winning teams’ [players], the most popular players [selected]. The other guys that play for the Milwaukee Bucks, and in our case the Sacramento Kings, who are playing just as good basketball, will never be seen. I don’t think it’s fair.”

Cousins has a strong chance Thursday of being named one of the seven West All-Star reserves, chosen by the conference’s head coaches. But it may not be a slam dunk.

“If it were all about talent, he’d be the first big man picked,” a Western conference head coach told Yahoo Sports. “The only question is: Will enough people look past his reputation to give him a chance?”

“My play speaks for itself,” Cousins told Yahoo. “If it was about play, I don’t think there would be a question. There are a lot of politics involved. Popularity has a lot to do with it. … There is a lot of stuff out of my control. That’s just the card I am dealt.

“I’m comfortable with the coaches picking and I believe they will make the right choice. They are more aware and more knowledgeable of who is an All-Star in this game.”


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: Speaking of drama and chaos in Clipperland, here’s a comprehensive timeline of some not-so-great moments in team history … Chicago Bulls center and 2016 free agent Joakim Noah is hoping to stay with the team going forward … San Antonio Spurs big man Tim Duncan won’t play tonight against the Houston Rockets … New York Knicks guard Arron Afflalo thinks the team is ‘a playoff team, period’ … Miami Heat assistant coach Keith Smart is on leave from the team for skin cancer treatment … Is Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker worthy of an All-Star reserve spot?


  1. mikegr says:

    Imo fans should vote for 2-3 reserves spots, not starting five. I still remember the fiasco of Yao Ming selected as a starter while he was out for the season from the beginning, not to mention last 2 Kobe’s selections. Or maintain fan’s voting as it is, but only through a pool of players with minimum appearances. Its not that coaches are not making dumb decisions – like Garnett’s and Dirk’s selections 2-3 years ago iirc, but at least they dont select injured players…

  2. Ray says:

    First of all Cousins needs to realize is, as fans we have every right to vote when it’s our hard earned money that help pay the salaries these guys make. Without us as fans there is no money so learn to appreciate your fans you idiot. Also when you speak of small market teams I can tell you a number of Pacers, Spurs, Bucks, Blazers, Thunder, Utah, shoot I can go on and on who have made all-star appearances on a consistent basis and do you know why Cousins?? Because majority of those players who made it to the game were professionals on and off the court. From The Robinsons, the Stocktons, to The Reggie Millers, and so on they were good citizens and had respect for the game. You should do a little les whining and elevate your team to more wins so you can garner the level of respect your game should and can command. Look in the mirror buddy and quit blaming fans for your lack of all star appearances. This world has become everyone feels entitled, go and earn it and you will receive the honor.

  3. I am for fan voting, because it allows fans all over the world to see their favourite players. If I don’t like a team, I don’t want to see those guys. Its just that poll should have been made so that a Big guys would have to be elected. Like, one spot for PFs and Cs. Guards- Forwards- Big men.
    As for Kobe, ff course I want to see Kobe before Cousins.

  4. Andrew says:

    All Star game is for the fans, fans pay the concessions to watch the game, it’s fans one chance to vote for who they actually wanna see on the day. Yes some deserving players will get the snub from the starting lineup, it comes down to who the fans wanna see. Even if the coaches picked the lineups, there would still be fans crying and moaning their favourite player wasn’t picked. In my opinion, as one of a billion NBA fans worldwide the starting lineups are decent this year. Curry, Westbrook, Kobe, Durant & Kawhi all valid all-star starters. Kobe hasn’t had an all-star year but fans wanna see him duel with the world’s best one more time, sue them.
    In the East, LeBron, PG13 and Lowry are deserving. I think Wade should be benched and replaced with the in-form Jimmy Butler but that goes on the same logic as Kobe starting over the likes of Klay Thompson or Draymond Green. Melo shouldn’t be a starter either, playing average, Knicks are losing but the fans wanna see him.
    For the reserves, coaches should pick deserving players who fans actually wanna see play

    My picks for the West: Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, DeMarcus Cousins, Tony Parker, Anthony Davis. Boggie is the best Centre in the NBA currently and deserves selection. Davis’s team obviously isn’t going well but he would provide entertainment in an all-star game and his personal numbers this year have been good enough to warrant selection. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green select themselves. Chris Paul and Damian Lillard’s performances this year should also warrant their selections. Tony Parker ousts James Harden for a spot. The Spurs are playing insane basketball considering each year everyone says “They were good this year but next year they’ll burn out” and James Harden needs to learn to play D (ironically the all-star game is the perfect place for him, all offense, no D) and with Blake Griffin injured, Davis should edge Aldridge, Duncan and DeAndre Jordan for the big man spot.

    My picks for the East: Jimmy Butler, John Wall, DeMar DeRozan, Andre Drummond, Isiah Thomas, Pau Gasol, Paul Millsap.
    Butler should be a starter over Wade but at least being a reserve is better than being an omission. DeRozan’s selection would be awesome for the Toronto fans, Drummond has been a beast, Thomas is the reason the Celtics are 5th at the moment, Millsap has been slugging away for the Hawks and deserves to be selected (Probably at the expense of teammate Al Horford) and Pau Gasol edges Chris Bosh mainly because of the Bulls playing better than Miami. Wall has been playing well on a struggling Washington team and his numbers justify his selection.

  5. Pmart says:

    I completely agree with cousins. There should be big man spots reserved instead of general front court selections. I get the the style of play has changed, but no centers or power forwards just looks weird and is disrespectful of the legacy that big men have established in the game. Also, I think players who don’t play enough in a season shouldn’t be considered for All Star selections. I understand the league’s intent with letting the fans vote but it’s the 2016 All-star game!! Not the All-time favorite players game! If guys put in the work this year, they should be acknowledged for their efforts and should be called All-stars for this year. I want to see best players of this year compete and not someone else’s opinion of an All-star. Especially when certain players are not playing at that level. Perhaps the fans should vote for 5 reserves instead of the starters. It’s ridiculous to see the starting line ups from each conference this year. People are too ignorant to know who really deserves the starting roles.

  6. Andy says:

    Hold on though, what injuries does the equipment manager have? I would venture to guess he’s a lot smaller than Blake and if Griffin broke his hand punching the guy, how’s he doing?

  7. ralphmiller says:

    Ive been saying this… what really gets to me that now there are no centers starting this year, last year there was the Gasol brothers starting this year no big men. its based off popularity and not talent, Kyrie gets to play in the all star game even though he has played only played 2 and 1/2 weeks before the voting polls came up and he was over (Jimmy Butler, John Wall, Kyle Lowry who has made it to the main roster late push like last year, Reggie Jackson and More). Cousins Def should of been starting for the West, skip the fan vote. (BTW KYRIE HAD ALOT OF VOTES OUT OF CHINA HIS FAN BASE THERE).

  8. To the New York Knickerbonker fan. who said his team should be in playoffs; what century and what are you drinking tonight?

  9. bobby b says:

    Suprised griffen didnt have matt barnes fight for him again

  10. Jthrill says:

    He should start. Beast mode.

  11. Noel says:

    again, bt the Allstar game.
    Allstar game is not even that serious; if it was, then players should play defense. practically u only see some defense in the 4th Q, that’s why I think Allstar is all for the fans, so let the fans vote. Obviously it doesn’t even matter who wins, is all for fun.
    nobody really cares who was the allstar MVP? I just want to see all my favorite players on the court at the same time…..
    @Sway: no need to be disrespectful, “LIFE is not that serious”!

  12. Vick Gibbs says:

    The fans should vote the bench. All coaching staffs should vote the starters. The bench has more to offer to the fans. It is more spread out. Also I feel you should not be allowed to vote for injured players or players who haven’t played a significant number of games. Why does the NBA always say these guys deserve it when they don’t, know they don’t, and know the fans are wrong?

  13. David Schrader says:

    While I don’t think highly of Cousins in general, he is right on this issue. There was a time when All-Star games celebrated the players who are playing best on the season. The other players and coaches know who those folks are. Now we see elaborate campaigns by teams to get their players voted it. We see people voted in on the basis of reputation, not current performance. I’ve pretty much ignored All-Star games (in Baseball too) since the fans started picking their favorites rather than the best. I suppose it’s all about the fact that everything in professional sports now is about making as much money as possible, not quality play. The NBA, NFL, and MLB have all the character of General Motors.

  14. Dave says:

    “There’s a lot of stuff out of my control,” Cousins says. You mean, like, your self-control? He is so far disconnected from how he is perceived and how his actions affect people that he actually doesn’t even recognize his own attitude and reputation as things he can control. He’s obviously talented but he’s no All-Star, in my humble opionion.

  15. dd def says:

    i wouldn’t be against fan voting if fans didn’t prove every year that there’s just too much stupid to make a half-decent couple of squads.

  16. Yes says:

    I am posting one of my first comments on anything of this format because I feel it needs to be seen and talked about. KNICKS. POINT GUARD. SIGN AND TRADE. BRING UP FREDDETE FROM D-LEAGUE, TRADE FOR BRANDON JENNINGS. BETTER SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM SOLUTIONS FOR BOTH TEAMS. DETROIT NEEDS EXPLOSIVE BENCH SCORER, KNICKS NEEDS SOMEONE WHO CAN EVENTUALLY BECOME RELIABLE STARTING POINT GUARD. Please people with sense raise the attention of this very sensable proposal and those without try to find holes in this

    • Yes says:

      Also could package with seraphin, shore up front court issues. Beneficial for all players involved, could respark careers

  17. All I Have To Say says:

    Way too much talk about the All-Star game, period. It’s a bloody meaningless game, and for anyone who appreciates sport and competition, it’s a travesty to watch. I’m all for getting rid of the All-Star game, and just leaving the various competitions – dunk, skills, etc. At least guys try at those! But if they insist on the All-Star game, leave it to the fans… imagine if the fans no longer voted their players for the All-Star game? What would be the point of watching unpopular players pretending to play for 3 hours!?!?!?

  18. Vytas says:

    Why do they do X-rays for every small matter, to much X-rays are bad for players health. At least wait couple of hours, give some time to a body.

  19. Natasha says:

    Who pays for these tickets??? Why do we pay big $$$ for these tickets??? THE FANS!!! Okay…last time I checked the coaches don’t pay to see you play! Commercials don’t target YOU for $$$. This is the one time the fans get a say so and to see players they picked! You’re talking 5 out of 12 spots! So the coaches pick the majority! Change your attitude and maybe you too can be a fan favorite. The coaches aren’t even a slam dunk to vote you in! Why? Look in the mirror! You can always quit playing…

  20. tonichi says:

    Signs of a coward. Beat a smaller guy.

  21. Peter says:

    I don’t get all the discussion about the All-Star-Game. Maybe it’s because i’m european, but the process that the fans vote is the reality, so why always complaining and discussing about “oh he deserves it” and “he doesn’t”? It’s not a game about the best Players in the league (of course it is partly), but a POPULARITY VOTE. So please stop discussing about it, and making it more important than it really is. Just accept the way the fans voted, Of course Bougie ist probably a top 10 player in the league, but it’s not the system of the All-Star-Game to reward that! So accept the All-Star-Game how it is, or just don’t watch it, but stop complaining, because it’s really not smart. That IS the way the All-Star-Game works, so…

    • It’s because fans are generally too foolish to make good picks…Kyrie was almost a starter for God’s sake and he has barely played..and NO centers were selected… That’s disrespectful to their talent

  22. GreenMachine says:

    This might, honestly, be the first intelligent thing he’s ever said….I’ve been against the fan voting for a long time

  23. benjie says:

    Its fans right to choose and as long as your not a commissioner cousins just keep on crying. I voted wade for 12 years and of those 12 years as all star he never disappoint me when he goes to the all star. Star are fan votes which they want to see how they perform with other stars. Ive seen kyle lowry last year and to my opinion he didn’t do well with other stars. unlike kobe ,lebrun,wade and bosh.This are solid players that play high lights games on all star. Until then if players are playing well with there team but sluggish on all star game .Im still gonna vote for those I think could make me say now thats an all star move.

  24. Bodjee says:

    The starting line-up of the all-star game does not do justice to the game of basketball, it’s just like a popularity contest. I don’t think the All-star game is for the fans, it is for the players who fill the seats and the stat-sheets. I voted for Cousin as a starter because he earned my vote not for what he did in the past. I love Kobe but this year he didn’t do enough to make the all-star team.

  25. Mer Felice says:

    Cousins has a valid point. All star should represent the best players in the NBA respective conferences. However, they should also represent those players who are an honor to the League. So both performance based and individual. In that case Cousins and a few others would most certainly not be considered. Most definitely many fans voted for simply their fav players, I personally studied and voted for who I thought was truly the best players (as well as deserving players). Isn’t the point of the all star games to see the best in the league compete?

  26. GJ1312 says:

    I agree the voting should be taken out of the fan’s hands. Players who play for big market teams have an unfair advantage, because the fans will usually vote for their guys, not necessarily for the best ones.
    I don’t understand the center discussion though. No one bans centers, any fan can still vote for a center it’s just that we don’t have that many great centers in this era, compared to the many great guards and forwards. Cousins wasn’t voted for because he is not very popular and plays in a small market, not because he is a center.

  27. DrPhill says:

    what a great case of karma!! should be suspended by the league, what an idiot!!

  28. rockosockobambam says:

    Cousin’s is 100% right on this one. The All Star game is joke and the voting is also a joke. It’s a popularity event not an outstanding player event!

  29. Arran Moses says:

    This should not be allowed. When players get into on court altercations, they get ejected for the rest of the game AT LEAST.

    When Matt Barnes threatened Derek Fisher, he was issued fines.

    World Peace got suspended 7 games for elbowing Harden.

    Griffin, who is much stronger and bigger than Testi, beat him over and over, and no punishment issued? Not even a fine, a suspension?

    Yes he will miss 4-6 weeks but Big Al’s drug use suspension didn’t count upon the 5 games before that he would miss from the past injury.

    If there is no issued punishment, I would be very disappointed with this league.

    • dd def says:

      easy there turbo. as with ALL matters, there’s going to be an investigation first. THEN they will administer whatever punishment they decide upon, and as ALL suspensions, they only go into effect for games the player is physically able and eligible to play.

  30. Drago says:

    I can’t be against fan voting since it seams like a nice gesture to the fans who love the game but I am against players being woted out of their positon just to be there and baning centers from the all star voting.I come from the 90’s era and back then Shack was a center and Dunkan was a PF you would not see Grant Hill or Scottie Pippen geting a spot instead of them.

  31. Karl says:

    Agreed … The All-Star voting is a joke based on popularity contests. Most of the selections are actually good, but some are completely undeserving (Bryant/Irving) due to either sympathy or popularity.

  32. Rob says:

    Fan voting results in players being voted in who don’t deserve to be there and players who do getting snubbed based solely on popularity. I wonder though if DeMarcus Cousins’ opinions on this would be different had he been voted in to start.

  33. Carrie says:

    I did vote for Cousins. He has a point and I bet players agree with him. The difference is guys like Duncan would never complain publicly like this. Just makes you look bad

  34. Poor Testi says:

    “Griffin repeatedly punched Testi during an altercation at a Toronto restaurant, resulting in a broken bone in Griffin’s right hand”…and nothing on the injuries to Testi?!…

    Griffin should be suspended for at least the rest of the season and the half of next season without pay and fined a bunch. People go to jail for lesser offenses.

    Clippers-Logic…Sterling should never have been forced to sell his team. My mind boggles the courts allowed it.

    • Kolour Harp says:

      Poor Testi, it boogles your mind that the courts upheld the collective bargaining agreement CBA) signed by the players and the owners???

  35. Noel says:

    I really disagreed with cousins.
    the Allstar game is for the fans.. as a fan, Allstar game is like a fantasy to have all the players you like on the same team. This is not just about talent or best team. It’s all about flashy play. Fans cheer at dunks, crossovers,…. not at mid-range shots.
    the most talented players have the playoff and finals to show off. Again allstar game is all about the fans, I don’t mind Kobe being there… He is KOBE! I want to see his last AS game. I will always vote for explosive players over solid mid-range or 3 pts shooters. I only vote for curry because of his handles.
    ALLSTAR game should not be boooorrrrrrriiiing!

  36. Clippers-Logic says:

    Donald Sterling says sth private gainst Blacks, he is banned for life.
    Griffin beats a guy and they say he can hopefully come back soon.

    Maybe its not just the Clippers, this whole country is inconsistent.

  37. Nate says:

    If you didn’t cry so much cousins, i would gave voted for you.

  38. nate says:

    if you didn’t cry so much I would vote for you Cousins.