All-Star Starters Announced

VIDEO: Lakers forward Kobe Bryant gained the most votes for the 2016 All-Star Game.

HANG TIME BIG CITYThe 2016 NBA All-Star Game will showcase several players who have battled back from injury to return to All-Star form. It will also likely serve as a farewell to the leading scorer in All-Star Game history, Kobe Bryant.

And if the starting lineups are any indication, NBA fans appear ready to embrace small ball.

Bryant, in his 20th NBA season, announced in November that this will be his final campaign. Though he missed the last two All-Star games with injuries, Lakers guard Bryant led all NBA players in voting this season through the first three voting updates. In each voting update, Golden State’s Stephen Curry, last year’s leading vote-getter, was second behind Bryant. Bryant finished with 1,891,614 votes, ahead of Curry’s 1,604,325.

NBA All-Star 2016After missing significant time last season, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Paul George have all had terrific first halves to the season, and fans rewarded their excellence with All-Star starting spots. While Durant was the leading vote-getter in 2014, injuries last season relegated him to a reserve role in the All-Star Game. Anthony started last season’s All-Star Game in New York, but had season-ending knee surgery shortly after the game. George missed most of last season recovering from a broken leg. This season, all three have produced at an All-Star pace and have their teams in playoff contention.

Anthony (567,348) edged Chicago’s Pau Gasol (566,988), who started last season, by only 360 votes for the final starting position in the East frontcourt.

For the second year in a row, Toronto’s Kyle Lowry made a late charge into the Eastern Conference starting five. Last year, with help on social media from Canada’s prime minister and hip-hop star Drake, Lowry made up a 100,000 vote deficit in the last two weeks of voting to pass Dwyane Wade for a starting spot. This season, Lowry again received a late endorsement on Instagram from Drake, and Raptors fans voted often via Twitter, helping Lowry (646,441) tally enough votes to leapfrog Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving (580,651) and start in the Eastern Conference backcourt with Wade.

Alongside Bryant and Durant in the Western Conference frontcourt, San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard will make his All-Star debut as a starter. Golden State’s Draymond Green, who leads the NBA in triple-doubles this season with eight, held a 12,000 vote lead over Leonard for the final spot in the Western Conference frontcourt in the most recent voting returns. The Warriors (39-4) and Spurs (36-6) have the two best records in the NBA this season. Dallas center Zaza Pachulia also made a late push, from eighth to fourth in voting for the West’s frontcourt, thanks to a concerted effort to get out the international vote. Pachulia ended up falling just 14,000 votes short of winning a starting spot, finishing ahead of Green.

Green’s absence from the starting lineup also means there are no All-Star starters who regularly play center for their teams. While both Pau and Marc Gasol made the starting lineups last season, James and Durant would seem to be the most likely candidates to start at center for their teams, or at least the tallest starters available.

Besides Green and Irving, several players are noticeable by their absences. In the Western Conference, Houston’s James Harden scored 29 points in last year’s All-Star game and finished second to Curry in regular season MVP voting. Harden finished fifth among Western Conference guards with 430,777 votes, behind Curry, Westbrook, Chris Paul (624,334) and Klay Thompson (555,513). Clippers forward Blake Griffin has been an All-Star in each of his five NBA seasons, and was voted in as a starter last year, but injuries this season have meant he’s played in just 30 games thus far. Anthony Davis was voted a starter a year ago, but an injury-riddled start to the Pelicans’ season likely hampered his chances. Davis finished ninth among Western Conference frontcourt players.

In the East, Washington’s John Wall was voted to start a year ago, but hasn’t been in contention for a starting spot this season in any of the voting updates, as the Wizards have stumbled to a 20-21 start. Wall (368,686) finished sixth among Eastern Conference guards.

The 65th NBA All-Star Game will be exclusively televised on TNT from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Sunday, Feb. 14.



LeBron James, Cavaliers — After James took the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals last season, he has led the Eastern Conference in voting this season. An 11-time All-Star, James is shooting a career low 29-percent from the three-point line, but has also averaged 25.1 ppg, 7.2 rpg and 6 apg for the 29-11 Cavs, who are in first place in the Eastern Conference.

Paul George, Pacers — After suffering a compound fracture of his right leg during a USA Basketball scrimmage in the summer of 2014, George missed most of last season, before returning for the final six games. This season, the two-time All-Star George has played in all 42 of Indiana’s games, averaging a career-high 23.7 ppg, along with 4 apg and 7.4 rpg.

Carmelo Anthony, Knicks — Last season, shortly after appearing in his 10th NBA All-Star Game, Anthony had season-ending knee surgery. This season, Anthony is averaging 21.7 ppg in 40 games, and last night passed Larry Bird for 31st place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. Anthony has assumed a leadership role for the rebuilding Knicks, who after winning just 17 games a season ago, are currently 22-22 and in contention for a playoff appearance.


Dwyane Wade, Heat — At 34 years old, Wade is a 12-time All-Star. After missing significant chunks of the last few seasons with various injuries, this season Wade has played in 40 of Miami’s 43 games. Wade is averaging 18.1 ppg for the Heat, who are 23-20.

Kyle Lowry — Thank the north. After making his All-Star debut last season and leading the Raptors into the playoffs, Lowry has been even better this season. Through 42 games, the 29-year-old Lowry is averaging a career high 20.9 ppg and 5 rpg, along with 6.5 apg.



Kobe Bryant, Lakers — For the first time in his career, Bryant was listed among frontcourt players, and he ran away with the vote. A 17-time All-Star, this season has turned into an extended farewell tour for Bryant and the Lakers, who are 9-35 so far this season. Bryant is averaging 16.3 ppg in 36 games this campaign.

Kevin Durant, Thunder — Durant missed most of last season after suffering a foot injury, and underwent several foot surgeries. But this season the 27-year-old Durant has returned to form, averaging 26.5 ppg through 37 games for the Thunder, who are 32-12 under first-year coach Billy Donovan.

Kawhi Leonard, Spurs — The San Antonio Spurs have won five titles during the Gregg PopovichTim Duncan era, and while they’ve usually employed an understated form, it’s been hard to overlook them this season, as they’ve racked up a gaudy 36-6 record to start this season. The 24-year-old Leonard has been sensational for the Spurs, averaging a team-high 20.1 ppg as well as playing arguably the best on-ball defense in the NBA.


Stephen Curry, Warriors — Last season’s NBA MVP has been even better this season. A two-time All-Star, Curry has helped the Warriors get off to a 24-0 start while averaging a career-high (and NBA-leading) 29.9 ppg. Remarkably, Curry has done this while playing just 33.9 mpg, while shooting 51 percent from the field, 45 percent behind the three-point line, and 91 percent from the free throw line.

Russell Westbrook, Thunder — Westbrook scored 41 points in last season’s All-Star Game, winning the All-Star Game MVP. This season, the 27-year-old Westbrook has been as dynamic as ever, averaging 24 ppg, 9.8 apg and 7.1 rpg, along with a league-leading 2.5 steals per game.


  1. Starters should be, based on best players with a decently well rounded basketball team:


    G: Curry (obvious)
    G: Westbrook (it’s really hard to argue Harden or Thompson deserve this spot more – WB is a better player this year)
    F: Leonard (obvious)
    F: Durant (both Kawhi and Kevin deserve a spot, they’ve both been better than any other West SF/PF)
    F: Cousins (best West center, best West big man this year)


    G: Lowry (monster year – Kyrie has been injured, Wall is not playing as well, Lowry deserves the spot)
    G: Butler (what other East guard can compare? Wade, Kyrie and John Wall are all good players but Butler is killing it)
    F: George (deserves it more than Carmelo this year)
    F: James (deserves it more than Carmelo, Pau Gasol, or any other SF/PF that could be put here)
    F: Drummond (has had an insane year – no East big man deserves it more than he does)

    Both teams are small-ball oriented but don’t snub bigs.

  2. Ms. Basketball says:

    Westbrook is a guard and Clay a forward to different positions Christian

  3. Christian says:


  4. NBAFanatic says:

    Congrats to the NBA for picking the best players (yes, even Kobe) regardless of race. There are no calls for “more diversity” here, because NBA fans want to see the best talent on the court. They know truth is more important than symbolism.

  5. Kaleb powell says:

    Where jimmy NBA too disrespectful

  6. swith2014 says:

    Drymont Green should be starting!!!!

  7. GoMavs says:

    You know you’re in trouble when you have Kobe in the front court.

  8. tamtaa says:

    zaza is best player foever !!!!!!

  9. kanuk says:

    how does paul george get over derozan?!

  10. We Believe... says:

    Green was DEFINITELY robbed…!!!

  11. Raymond says:

    Should be a great All-Star game, but I’d much rather players be picked and play their respective positions. I’m not trying to see Kobe play PF, or Lebron and Durant play Center. Granted the matchups are pretty even as far as skill set, but if you’re voted to the All-Star game, it should be at the position they truly play. Nonetheless, go EAST! “I live out there, so don’t go there” – Notorious BIG.

  12. Clint says:

    You Warriors fans are ignorant. This isn’t a competition for the best team in the league, that’s called the NBA finals…you just won that, figured you would have figured that out by now. It’s a vote for peoples favorite, and most exciting players. Green is not a flashy person, and most people don’t wanna see him grind in an all star game. To be honest i’m surprised that Kawhi made the vote, he’s also another grinder, although he has had the occasional legit dunk.

  13. Tory says:

    Kyle Lowry over Jimmy Butler? Get real

  14. Henzo says:

    How in the blazing blue hell is the best 2 guard in the East not starting? I’m sorry but Jimmy Butler is the best defender in the East and what he’s been doing on offense…wow! Preposterous! This list is a joke!

  15. KJK says:

    Great to showcase these events to honor the game but seriously need to change the selection process to get away from this personality contest .

  16. Andrew Michelin says:

    I definitely believe that the All-star Game should be managed in a different way than it is now. The top vote getters from each position should be the ones starting in their actual positions. And the NBA needs to change the fact that it isn’t about who’s an actual star, it is a complete popularity contest and Kyrie Irving is going to make the All-star team despite being injured for most of the season, and Reggie Jackson who very well may be leading the Pistons to a playoff run, isn’t even going to be an All-star. That simply isn’t fair, and I believe major changes should be made to get the deserving players starting (or even playing at all for that matter) in the All-star game.

  17. KingRex says:


  18. CLutch says:

    where is dwight or harden. come on.

  19. kevingg says:

    why no white guy?

  20. kevingg says:

    Good team!!

  21. Aizike says:

    why no white guy? This is racism! 🙂

  22. Andrei says:

    The East line-up is a big BIG joke!

  23. Chad says:

    okay why the heck is Dwayne Wade starting over jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler has had a monstrous season and he even broke the GOAT’s record. Dwayne Wade doesn’t deserve to start over Jimmy Butler.

  24. John says:

    Westbrook in my opinion was was last years allstar MVP and should have have been for the season as well those incredible numbers. He is the leader at point guard for OKC. I think they will be a surprise in playoffs this year. Coming from his number one fan #1 JDavis

  25. JB says:

    I can’t wait to watch this game BUT I do not like the idea of a frontcourt without a REAL ´big man’. A Power Forward acting as a Center would be alright but a frontcourt of small Forwards is too “playground” in my opinion.

  26. john buts says:

    Why cant the allstar game be for the best players not the most popular. Kobe Bryant is a has been.

  27. George Duross says:

    Where is andre Drummond😬😬😬😬😬

  28. Pooky says:

    Dwayne Wade a starting all star is a disgrace for the sport of basketball.

  29. raka says:

    Where is blake griffin?

  30. Rambyte says:

    I think Whiteside should be on that list. He is a true center and performs well. I hope he remains humble and don’t get in a beef with Barley who is still chasing MJ fame. Step up your game Whiteside and let your play do your talking…………….

  31. John Hanson says:

    Yes on comment re Curry’s mouthpiece (and saliva). My GF getting turned off to watching NBA during meals – like old days of tobacco-spitting in ML baseball. Adam Silver?

  32. John Paul Khoury says:

    I am baffled that Demarcus Cousins is not in this line up and Kobe is. Best all around big man in the game right now, leading the league in points per game and second in rebounds, and Kobe although a legend is not having an All Star year, or even a good year. But then there you have it.

  33. Sly says:

    There is no real center in these line-ups and there is no even one real PF player.
    small ball presented on every level of NBA.

  34. NYC says:


  35. Vince says:

    I don’t care, but this should be the starters:

    Pg – curry
    Sg – Kobe
    Sf – durant
    Pf – Blake g
    C – Davis

    Pg – kyrie
    Sg – wade
    Sf – Lebron
    Pf – Carmelo
    C – Drummond

    • Somebody says:

      Are you kidding., Irving was injured most of the times.. Lowry is more deserving for that spot. And wade didn’t do much for the starting spot either.. Otherwise the list is good

  36. St3phForThree! says:

    Just another All Star Game Guys, Enjoy it and then Back to business again on the League :D:D:D
    Good Job Fans, I hope everybody enjoy and have fun

  37. Benjamin says:

    I didn’t vote for Kobe because I believe in voting for people who have earned it during the current season. But I understand why he’s there, and I’m ok with it. He is a legend, and it’s appropriate for somebody like him to be recognised and honored for what he has accomplished in his illustrious career, and for what he represents as a basketball icon (relentless hard work and determination). I think the NBA All-Star game is the perfect venue in which to showcase this type of recognition. He will put on a show for us, as it will be his last opportunity to do so.

    In other news, where is my boy Jimmy Butler?!?! He’d better be named as a reserve!!!!

  38. ' says:

    Unless the EAST comes to WIN, it’s a blowout by the WEST. The west wing span alone is intimidating enough. NO CONTEST.

  39. Tonja Kennedy says:

    I’m so excited, ready to watch them when.

  40. pan.cott says:

    Drummond, Whiteside, Cousins, Davis…
    I understand we had a few years of boring big men (like the Gasols, Dirk, etc.), but now the young generation is explosive, fun to watch, pure entertainment! What’s wrong with the voters?

  41. carlos says:

    the ball hog should not be in the game, oops I forgot this is a fake game. LOL. Come on there are better people that should be there, oop I forgot mikey was there because the nba voted for him.

  42. Farewell for KB24 says:

    The western starters are very deep, youngers and scariest

  43. Farewell for KB24 says:

    West starter are scary for this season, the first time the game will hold in Toronto “Canada”
    West have more young and energy, Scorer and defense.
    I hope Western Reserve will be :
    Draymond Green – Warrior
    D Causin – King
    L Aldrich – Spurs
    Z Pachulia – Mavericks
    Chris Paul – Clippers
    J Harden – Houston
    C Thompson – Warrior or Lillard – Blazers or Conley – Grizzlies

    Eastern Reserves :
    A Drummond – Pistons
    P Mislap – Hawk
    Crish Bosh – Miami
    Paul Gasol – Bulls or Kevin Love – Cavalier
    J Butler – Bulls
    DeRozan – Raptor
    J Wall – Wizards or Isiah Thomas – Celtic

  44. Seven Costanza says:

    LOVE YOU CHUCK!!! Dubs fans love you, even back in the We Believe days and the Championship year, most people here love Charles Barkely. Legend status Mikes good friend. Cmon. Thank you for awesome words about Draymond. He is LOVED here. Cheers to you

  45. I think the starting line for the west is just awesome and exciting…they deserve to be on the starting line=up…i k
    just hope that nobody contest it anymore.

  46. kobefan2014 says:

    They’ll give Kobe mvp just cause it’s his last season

  47. Amit says:

    Why doesn’t Kyle Lowry have Raptors next to his name? All of the other starters have their teams next to their name.

  48. Lon says:

    OK, we all understand why Kobe got the most votes, but please don’t tell me he’s a legitimate 2015-16 All Star based on what he’s done on the court this season: bottom of the entire NBA heap in both 2 and 3-point FG % for a team trying (some would say not) to stay ahead of the Sixers.

  49. JD says:

    What a joke.

  50. Kathryn Hall says:

    I don’t understand why kawhi Leonard keeps being put ahead of draymond green,it’s wrong. He should be ahead of Durant. Too much politics

    • Reality says:

      Zaza Pachulia was above Draymond. Why you gotta hate on Kawhi? Oh, I know… cause you’re a golden state bandwagoner.

  51. David harper says:

    Looking forward to entertaining basketball in Toronto with Demar and Kyle on the court . Have fun in Toronto everyone. We the north …but still south of Minneapolis

  52. Bev says:

    I hope Curry leaves his mouthpiece at home and quite chewing it like a pacifier! Must be his baby’s

  53. bob bridge says:


  54. Andre Drummond belongs on the all star team haters.

  55. Why did show the starters yesterday that included Draymond Green?

  56. John Irwin says:

    I am disappointed that Green from the Warriors was not pick 😦

  57. Harriethehawk says:

    Paul Milsap and Cousins should be picked as reserves.

  58. Kenneth says:

    Once again I WILL NOT BE WATCHING THIS HORRIBLE GAME! Get rid of it on don’t want to see a bunch of wusses in a layup drill! Seriously no Cousins are you on crack! Best big in the game once again Sactown gets snubbed huge!

    • Reality says:

      Ha! Haha haha! Cousins?! Hahaha (breathes) hahaha HA Ha Ha (gasps) HAHAHAHAaaa Ha Ha (wheezing) hahaha… * (dies)

  59. paulomagnani says:

    I don´t really think it is fair with the Centers and Power Forwards, I don´t understand and I disagree with having only guards and small forwards on both teams…

  60. dd def says:

    what a joke. not a single big on either starting roster? i’m just glad lowry got it over kyrie because simply put, kyrie hasn’t played enough this season to even warrant a single vote. there needs to be a minimum games played to be eligible to receive votes

  61. Coach K says:

    I think the vote should be based on position rather than front and backcourt. There is no power forward and center selected in the starting lineup. (only some part-time power forward) I understand All Star game focus on the offense, but this is not a proper basketball team. I don’t want to see LeBron or Kobe playing as a center.

  62. Ogie de Guzman says:

    Notice how centers are no longer the center of attraction. Gone are the days of Hakeem, Jabbar, Wilt, Pat and the others…..until another steos up at that slot and become a superstar center. WHITESIDE CAN BE THAT SUPERSTAR CENTER IF HE CONTINUES TO IMPROVE AND REMAIN HUMBLE.

  63. Olin says:

    This isn’t All-NBA teams. Stop complaining about fan votes. This is an exhibition game for fans to see the matchups they want to see. Foreign fans voted for who they wanted.

    • Scratch says:

      Then we shouldn’t call it the NBA all star game We should call it NBA fan favs game! It does go on their career stat sheet as all star and remembered more seriously by players , history and some contracts But with full disclosure not a fan of fan voting Players and coaching staff have better idea of who’s best in league right now Not years or decades ago

  64. Justin Batchelder says:

    I wish casual fans knew who was deserving of All-Star votes. There are many players more deserving than Kobe Bryant this year, but alas the game is for the fans… And there are a lot of Kobe supporters.

  65. Drift Gansta says:

    Long live the King!
    Once again, the King will show his dominance in handling the ball and over the top marksmanship in shooting the ball in clutch moments of the game.
    The other participants will once again wish that they were on the same team as the King!

    Time to buy some new shoes!

    • JR8181818180 says:

      I wonder how many times the king will loose in the finals I’m sure it will happen a few more time he’s in Cleveland so its gurranteed

  66. tonidhi says:

    I hope Andre Drummond, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson — THERE SHOULD BE MORE WARRIORS THAN THE THIRD PLACER THUNDER,

    • lakers fan says:

      kobe Bryant really does not deserve the all star game, but I do understand it is his last season and he is well respected. I recommend adding andre Drummond and jimmy butler

  67. mmm says:

    #nbavote zaza pachulia

  68. warriors says:

    Green was robbed. Defending champs and best team in nba

  69. Tanmot says:

    Derozan should start on the eastern line-up

    • Pretty Ricky says:

      By the numbers Jimmy Butler is a better any other shooting guard in the eastern conference but because he’s not a big household name ,production should get you an all star spot not popularity not to say that the players who were picked don’t deserve it too but the best at their position should always be chosen that’s what an all star is