Hang Time Podcast (Episode 224) Green or Griffin?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Draymond Green or Blake Griffin?

Who would you take between these two elite power forwards, each with their own unique set of skills, to start your team?

Do you ride with the perennial All-Star, the four-time All-NBA pick and sure thing that is Griffin? Or do you rock with the NBA champion, the walking triple-double/human jack-knife that is Green?

It’s a great debate and one that we delve into on Episode 224 of The Hang Time Podcast. There really is no wrong answer, when you think about it. Both Griffin and Green are on the short list of players at their position who are universally considered game changers.

They do it in different ways, of course. But their value to their respective teams cannot be disputed.

Would the Golden Warriors have risen to a championship level without the contributions of Green? Even with All-Stars like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson doing their thing, the easy answer is no, absolutely not.

Would the Los Angeles Clippers have scratched and clawed their way out of the abyss the past few years without the rise and shine of Griffin? Nope. Chris Paul is the man that stirs the drink, but even he admits that the Clippers go as Griffin goes.

We talk Green and Griffin, recap the Warriors’ smashing of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day showcase, discuss our picks for the Eastern and Western Conference All-Star rosters and much more on Episode 224 of The Hang Time Podcast.


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VIDEO: Mike Fratello and Grant Hill analyze the unique skill set of Warriors’ forward Draymond Green


  1. fsfjl says:

    Is Draymond Green a franchise player? Blake Griffin is. Can Draymond Green be effectivie on any team in the NBA? Blake Griffin can. Will Draymond Green constantly make allstar every year? Blake Griffin does.

  2. bodjee says:

    If Griffin is ready to sacrifice part of his game and commit himself to defend with intensity, he can definitely take Green place on the Warrior team and win championship.

  3. Rosscoach says:

    Stephen Curry
    Kobe Bryant
    Kawhi Leonard
    Draymond Green
    DeMarcus Cousins

    Russell Westbrook
    Klay Thompson
    Kevin Durant
    Blake Griffin
    Dirk Nowitski

    Toni Parker
    Tim Duncan
    Chris Paul

    Winning takes a premium. Stats without results shouldn’t be rewarded. Anthony Davis, James Harden and Damian Lillard may take a few spots because of the entertaining factor.

    Kyle Lowry
    Jimmy Butler
    LeBron James
    Chris Bosh
    Andre Drummond

    John Wall
    DeMar DeRozan
    Paul George
    Paul Millsap
    Nikola Vucevic

    Dwayne Wade
    Kevin Love
    Reggie Jackson