USA Basketball announces 30 finalists for 2016 Olympic team

VIDEO: Jerry Colangelo talks about USA Basketball’s preparations for the 2016 Olympic Games

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The group of 30 players vying for one of the 12 spots on the U.S. Men’s Senior National team that will compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio is filled with plenty of familiar faces.

From program stalwarts LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis — all multiple-time gold medal winners in either the Olympics of FIBA World Cup competition — and a legion of other NBA All-Stars, they will all be in the mix for one of those roster spots.

In fact, the real news is not the players who will compete for spot on the roster for Rio, but the players who will not be involved in the process.

Retiring Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant announced over the weekend that he would not pursue a spot on the team. Earlier this season he said he would keep open the possibility of finishing his playing career in the Olympics, a move USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo endorsed.

Bryant won gold alongside James, Anthony, Durant and Davis at the Olympics in London in 2012.

Derrick Rose and Mason Plumlee, two members of the team that won gold at the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain, are not on the 30-player list, which was announced by USA Basketball this morning.

“It seems like I say this each time we have to narrow down a roster, but I am struck by the remarkable commitment the players in the USA Basketball National Team program continue to display and the enthusiasm they have for representing their country,” Colangelo said in a statement.

“The depth of talent that exists in the national team program is extraordinary. Repeating as gold medalists at the 2016 Olympics will not be easy, but we feel confident that we have 30 finalists who offer amazing basketball abilities and special versatility. We’re also fortunate that the roster is comprised of so many veterans of international basketball. In addition to 18 players who have won Olympic and/or World Cup gold medals, there are 16 finalists who have played between 20 and 72 games for USA Basketball. That experience is extremely valuable and something we’ve not always had available to draw upon.

“Obviously selecting the official roster of 12 players for the Olympics in 2016 will be a very, very difficult process. As has been the case with past USA Basketball teams, the goal once again is to select the very best team possible to represent the United States.”

The entire list of 30 players (and their NBA teams):

LaMarcus Aldridge (San Antonio Spurs); Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks); Harrison Barnes (Golden State Warriors); Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards); Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls); Mike Conley (Memphis Grizzlies); DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings); Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors); Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans); DeMar DeRozan (Toronto Raptors); Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons); Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder); Kenneth Faried (Denver Nuggets); Rudy Gay (Sacramento Kings); Paul George (Indiana Pacers); Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors); Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers); James Harden (Houston Rockets); Gordon Hayward (Utah Jazz); Dwight Howard (Houston Rockets); Andre Iguodala (Golden State Warriors); Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers); LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers); DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers); Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs); Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers); Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers); Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors); John Wall (Washington Wizards); and Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder).



  1. johnnytc1 says:

    The USA has great players and should win easy. it comes down to chemistry! Keep da king off the team and you will have that. He is uncoachable and its all about him. keep da king off the team!!

  2. R. Kendrick says:

    Gotta go with Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving on the point, Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson on SG, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and LeBron on the wings. Dray, Cousins, Davis and Drummond for PF/C.

  3. Air says:

    Tough tough call

  4. DARIAN says:

    1. CP3

  5. kenny says:

    Durant Druman Harden Griffen James Westbrook Curry Davis Tomphson Irving if healthy Jimmy Buttler and George

  6. Xinke says:

    Me plus any four of them = golden medal

  7. Patrick Barker says:

    Look it is my opinion that that Melo is a better player than Lebron. If a team need someone to make shots, reliably, then I prefer to have Melo taking the shot. Lebron is good running to the rim, but if there is no option and the lane is closed then Lebron is an unreliable shot taker. As such, I prefer to have Melo making any team before Lebron. If the option is Durant, then I could see him being picked instead of Melo, because there is not much difference between Durant and Melo.. To say that Lebron is the best player in the world is dis-ingenuous and parroting what is being said by many others who have no clue about basket ball..

  8. Jason says:

    PG – Curry/CP3
    SG – Westbrook/Harden
    SF – Durant/Kawhi/PG13
    PF – LBJ/Boogie/Davis
    C – Howard

    Win everything by 30+ with ease

  9. Jon says:

    Best Lineup :

    PG : Cp3
    SG : Harden
    SF : Lebron
    PF : David
    C : Drummond

  10. Big Dog says:

    They should go with a completely new squad to give a chance to the young guys. The european basketball is getting better and better and is right behind the NBA in competitiveness.

    Melo – We don’t need him
    Lebron – We don’t need his flopping and traveling queen-diva
    Harden – Cannot defend to save his life
    Kyrie – The most overrated point guard in the league (I’d chose Lillard over his crying diva)
    Dwight Howard – Another Diva rotten apple type of player – Thanks but not thanks

    PG – Westbrook – John Wall – Paul
    SG – Curry – Butler
    SF – KD – Khawi – George
    PF – Draymond Green – Cousins
    C – Drummond – Jordan – Whiteside

    Others that should get in – Lillard – Thompson – Alridge

  11. Brandon says:

    USA will bring only 12 player they tend to play the same style of ball every year it’s kinda easy to see how they will play
    Pg- Paul
    Sg- curry
    Sf – bron

    Others who I suspect are more likely to make it are Leonard griffin Westbrook irvin harden melo and Paul George without any center they may pick one but Davis and Griffen are prolly enough for team usa these are also players they are familiar with

  12. Rd says:

    Starting 5 sec starters. 3rd. 4th
    Pg:curry. Pg:westbrook. Pg:cp3. Pg:ki
    SG:harden sg:butler. Sg:klay . sg:demar
    Sf:kd sf:kawhi. Sf:Paul G. Sf:melo
    Pf:lebron. Pf:griffin . Pf:draymond pf:drum
    C:AD. C:Cousin C:Jordan C:dwight

  13. DOOGIE says:

    PG-Paul, Curry, Irving
    SG-Harden, Thompson
    SF-Lebron, Durant, Melo
    PF-Davis, Griffen

    Extra- George

  14. kk1234 says:

    I thought Paul George was said to be def kicked out!? He is back in now!? WHAT?

  15. Well here’s my list and explanation:
    Curry, Westbrook, CP3, Irving
    Lebron, Kawhi, Durantula
    Davis, Griffith
    Drummond, Cousins, D Jordan

    I would have 3 centers because this position is where other national teams can not match up with team USA. Also, hate to say it but will need backup for injuries.
    I do not think shooting guards will be necessary with this line up because of the outside shooting capabilities of the point guards and small forwards, including Davis.
    The other reason for eliminating the shooting guard is this list is a very strong defensive unit.
    It is tough to argue most lists and many deserving players are going to be left out.

  16. Eric says:

    Curry Paul
    Durant James Melo
    Davis Drummond Howard
    Leonard Butler

  17. Donte says:

    Cousins and Westbrook..DONE!

  18. Ric says:

    Lebron James is a pro Guard. He chooses to play guard. He is not a pro Forward. He does not have that experience to be ranked as a top forward. He also is not the best guard available. Lebron is an offensive weapon like Durant. A bench warmer because Curry and Westbrook are better guards. You can not just give him Draymond’s, Leonard’s, Griffin’s, Barnes’, Love’s, position simply because Curry beats him at shooting guard!

  19. USA baller says:


    PG: Westbrook or CP3
    SG: Curry/ Butler/Har_en
    Sf: Lebron/Kawhi/ PG13
    PF: Durant/Melo
    C: Davis/Drummond/ Cousins

    6th man: Cousins,Thompson, Green?

  20. Coach K says:

    PG: Curry (in-form, best 3 pt shooter)
    Westbrook ( in-form, explosive play)
    Paul (experience)

    SG: Harden (offensive minded, core member in Team USA)
    Butler (in-form, cover Harden’s defensive weakness)

    SF: James (physicality, experience and leadership)
    Durant (offensive brilliance)
    Leonard (one of the future Team USA)

    PF: Davies (young and dominant in the paint, cover center position)
    Green (in-form, great athleticism, good shooting range)

    C: Cousins (Not many options available)
    Drummond (in-form)

    Not selected, first choice replacement due to injury
    Irving (just recovered from recent injury)
    Thompson (3 pt ability)
    Antony (great player but too many talents in his position)
    Griffin (explosive play)
    Jordan (free-throw issue and low scoring game)

  21. Jacerpacer13 says:

    Being a Pacers fan and all I think PG13 is better than he used to be and get a chance at getting at a starting spot with Curry, LB, Cousins, Durant if not give him the 6th man or 7th man PG is better than You all think . Believe me PG is starter material.

  22. Mire says:

    PG: Steph Curry Chris Paul
    SG: Jimmy Butler Russell Westbrook
    SF: Kevin Durant Lebron James Kawhi Leonard
    PF: Carmelo Anthony Blake Griffin Draymond Green
    C: Andre Drummond Anthony Davis
    I would’ve put in Paul George but he’s probably hallucinating about what happened last time.
    James Harden isn’t a team player. They should pick the best team with the best chemisty that is what is important.

  23. Cruise says:

    Tuff decision but I would go wit this team.. Defensive & offense

    Point Guards:
    Steph Curry
    Kyrie Irving
    Russell Westbrook

    Shooting Guards:
    Jimmy Butler
    Klay Thompson

    Small Forwards:
    LeBron James
    Kevin Durant
    Paul George
    Kawhi Leonard

    Power Forwards:
    Anthony Davis
    Draymond Green

    Andre Drummond

  24. d money says:

    the players over 30 need to take a seat and let the young bucks show there skill in actual world competition esp since the all star game is a wash
    A Davis
    Dray Green
    K Leonard
    J Buckets
    K Thompson
    B Beal
    R Westbrick
    J Wall
    S Curry

  25. Maiya Hayhurst says:

    Where is Dwyane Wade ????!!!!!
    Not going to watch with out him 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  26. JBIZZ says:

    Any of you who left Westbrook out are crazy! He does everthing and brings energy every time he steps on the floor. Prob the coaches top 3 pick.

  27. ABU says:


    DREAM TEAM 2016

  28. Mitch says:

    Pg curry, Westbrook (or Irving)
    Sg butler, Thompson, Leonard (or harden)
    Sf kd, lebron, George (or melo)
    Pf Davis, griffin
    C demarcus, Drummond

  29. The Coach says:

    This team is not going to be an easy one to beat. I think that, although the USA team is slightly lacking a superb center due to all of them being international, we can still win it all. Anthony better scare off the internationals with that brow if his, and we should be good. Curry should just act like he’s playing a regular game. Lebron should get a quadruple double. Heck, he could go for a double triple. That would be amazing, but who has time to read much more? Basically, this is the dream team, you won’t see another team like this for a while.

  30. ROY CUARES says:


  31. Justin says:

    Westbrook, Curry
    Butler, Harden, Thompson
    Leonard, KD, Lebron
    Draymond, Griffin
    Cousins, Drummond Drummond Drummond

  32. T-Bone says:

    1) Curry, Paul
    2) Butler, Westbrook, Thompson
    3) James, Leonard, Durant
    4) Davis, Aldridge
    5) Drummond, Cousins

  33. rrr says:

    PG – Curry, Westbrook
    SG – Harden, Thompson, Leonard
    SF – Lebron, Durant, George
    PF – Davis, Griffin, Green
    C – Drummond, Cousins

  34. Fiba says:

    Melo plays 4 in Fiba.
    Besides you are all making scorers teams.
    My guess is Kawhi will play a lot, and the us will play small. This team has never had problems scoring, but keeping the game pace as they want.

    I guess the ones who dont make the cut will be

  35. Baller says:

    Starting 5:
    PG – Westbrook
    SG – Curry
    SF – LeBron
    SF/PF – Durant
    C – Cousins

    Bench – Sixth Man – Melo
    7 – Wall
    8 – AD23
    9 – Jimmy B
    10 – Blake
    11 – George, Irving, Kawhi, Klay, Drummond, Jordan
    12 – College Kid

  36. Norm says:

    Why not Lillard?

    • Brian B says:

      Lillard was on Team USA and played well, but was beat out due to the shear depth of point guards. He has since expressed no interest in returning to the program.

  37. Kris says:

    Here’s my starting 5 and bench. Sounds funny when you call them “bench”

    Curry, Westbrook (or Kyrie)
    Butler, Thompson (or DeRozan), George
    James, Durant, Leonard
    Davis, Griffin
    Drummond, Cousins

    • Rephael says:

      Coach K is looking for a team play or team work. Not a one man team.

      Pg steph and kyrie and chris
      Sg. Klay and jimmy
      Sf. Lebron and durant and george
      Pf blake and davis
      C dwight and drummond

  38. parad0x says:

    Here’s what I think. The Small forward & Center position seems to be filled already (minus injury or should they opt out).

    Slam Dunk:
    PG – Curry, Paul (+1)
    SG – Thompson (+1)
    SF – Leonard, James, Durant
    PF – Davis (+1)
    C – Drummond, Cousins

    PG – Conley
    SG – Harden, Beal
    SF – Iguodala, Barnes, Gay, Hayward, Anthony.
    PF – Howard, Faried, Love
    C – Jordan.

    Jump Ball:
    PG – Wall, Westbrook, Irving
    SG – Butler, George, DeRozan
    PF – Aldrige, Green, Griffin

    In case one of James, Durant or Leonard is out, I think Melo is in.

    Is it too rude to t

  39. karenzi didier says:

    wauuuuuuuu, dream team men

  40. stojo01 says:

    The Centre spot is the most interesting. There are so many internationals who occupy that role on NBA teams that the USA centre role candidates look a bit thin. And with INTERNATIONAL RULES especially on defence I don’t think small ball will work that well.

    Drummnd is the most likely to occupy the role his stats are good especially rebounds but he really lacks athleticism for a 22 year old.
    Cousins has the athleticism and is probably a good option but I expect some of the eastern European teams Centres to beat him up in the paint and he won’t have NBA refs to protect him.
    Le Marcus Aldridge hasn’t been a centre since 2007 even though he’s could probably handle it.
    De Andre can’t shoot FT and he doesn’t have a good day on the score sheet if he can’t get offensive rebounds.

    So looking at the NBA centres they might face in the Olympics there is Bogut, Gasol(s), Mosgov, Marjanovic, Adams, Valanciunas, Diaw, Splitter, Gobert

  41. lbj says:

    Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors); Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder); Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers);

    Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors); Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls);

    Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs); LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers); Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder);

    Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans); Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers);

    Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons); DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings);

  42. Real squad says:

    Starting 5
    1.steph curry
    4. Lebron
    5. draymond

    7. Klay Thompson/James Harden
    8. PG13
    10. BG32

    11. James Harden/ Klay Thompson
    12. Kwahi Leanord
    13. Andre Drummond / DeMarcus Cousin / Anthony Davis can’t go wrong with any of 13

  43. Dru says:

    Jeremy Lin gonna kill them lolol

  44. Andrew says:

    If u r taking KB, that’s not the best team that u can bring, fortunately he knew he is not all star or Olympic caliber. He is a legend, but now he is 200th something player in NBA. Wise move by him though.

  45. Sing says:

    G: CP3, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook
    SG: James Harden, Klay Thompson (I prefer Jimmy Butler over James Harden)
    SF: Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard
    PF: Anthony Davis, Blake Griffin
    C: Adre Drummond, DeAndre Jordan

    I prefer Jimmy Butler over James Harden. 1) the selection will be by positions. 2) The team will need to be balance on offense and defense. 3) They may select base on players that can play multiple positions and therefore may want to select more of the G/SG/SF than PF & C. 4) They may consider chemistry among the players as a team, therefore they will drop guys with bad attitude.

  46. Sing says:

    Wow!!! Harrison Barnes, Bradley Beal, MIKE CONLEY!!! Mike Conley, Kenneth Faried, Rudy Gay, Gordan Hayward, Anre Igoudala, Kevin Love…BEFORE Damian Lillard!!!!

    NBA play favoritism OR conspiracy (Like Jordan won’t let Isiah Thomas on dream team).

  47. tobey says:

    PG – curry, westbrook, irving
    SG – butler, thompson, george
    SF – james, durant, anthony
    PF – davis, griffin (green)
    C – drummond

  48. tobey says:

    i say…
    PG – curry, westbrook, irving
    SG – thompson, butler, george
    SF – lebron, durant, anthony
    PF – davis, griffin (green)
    C – drummond

  49. Cp says:

    Melo and Bron, historic combo. Melo still holds the Olympic record for most threes in a game, and I think most points scored as well?

  50. MattyGee says:

    No Lowry or Lillard????

  51. Jay graham says:

    It should be
    Curry kyrie Westbrook
    Butler Thompson harden
    Durant bron melo
    Drummond Davis cousins

  52. Justin says:

    Westbrook, Curry
    Butler, harden, Thompson
    Kawhi, Kd, lebron
    Draymond, AD
    Cousins, Drummond Drummond Drummond

  53. taekayo says:

    Curry, Wall, Westbrook
    George, Butler
    Durant, Leonard
    Davis, Green
    Cousins, Drummond, Aldridge

    I’m leaving LBJ, Paul, Dwight and Melo out just to give chance to the new guys. The PG spot is already solid, though Paul’s leadership is still gold, I think the young ones can handle it. I’d rather give the chance to Conley just in case. As for Dwight and Melo, sadly the spots they want to be in already have players who are better than them. If a vet is needed, it would probably be LBJ for Cousins (I’d like Drummond to play more), and just shift Davis to center.

  54. josh says:

    why is damian lillard not getting love like come on and cj mccolum

  55. allie says:

    1. curry, wall
    2. j butler, beal
    3. k leonard, h barnes
    4. a davis, k faried, d green
    5. a drummond, dj, cousins

  56. Cakeman says:

    Curry / Pual / Wall
    Lrving / Jame / George
    Durant / Butler / Leonard
    Aldridge / Cousins / Davis

  57. Tre says:

    The perfect USA squad:
    1.K.D. 7.L. Aldridge
    2.Westbrook 8.K. Thompson
    3.Steph Curry 9.K, Leonard
    4.Lebron James 10. Jimmy Butler
    5.Paul George 11. D, Cousins
    6Anthony Davis 12.K. Irving

  58. Allen says:

    PG: Curry, Westbrook, Irving
    SG: Thompson, Harden
    SF: James, George, Durant
    PF: Cousins, Griffin
    C: Davis, Drummond

  59. erwin pokpok says:

    brook KD melo
    Lamarcus cp3 kawhi
    Blake fareid Conley
    Davis Drummond Curry

    no more bron. Hes a choker!!!

  60. Daniel Siaw Dankwa says:

    No LA Lakers Player in the squad?Hmmm really?

  61. Dez says:

    I don’t envy Coach K this year..

    PG: Curry, Westbrook (Paul, Irving)
    SG: Harden, George, (Thompson, Butler)
    SF: LeBron, Durant, Leonard (Melo)
    PF: Davis, Griffin
    C: Drummond, Cousins

    That last spot I would give to Chris Paul for his leadership and him being a true PG, the rest are very deserving of a spot. If it were me, I would trade Blake Griffin for Thompson/Butler

  62. coachE says:

    PG- CP3
    SG- KLAY
    SF- BRON
    C – AD23
    2nd unit:
    PG – CHEFcurry
    SG – NInjaTurtleWestbrOok
    SF – PG13
    PF – MELO
    C – cousins
    DeAndre Jordan

  63. jdfraed says:

    No love for Damian Lillard huh? Do people really still believe kyrie is better than this dude? Derozan Beal and carmello? Come on now… Dwight Howard and that terrible Anthony Davis guy…. Lillard is better than all these cats…

  64. Isaac Jean Aime says:

    NO KYLE LOWRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Fan from Europe says:

    My fantasy line-up:


    SF: /
    PF:Anthony Davis
    C: /

    100% there will be rotations and changing the starting line-up every game

  66. Phl says:

    PG – Curry, Westbrook, CP3 or KI
    SG – Thompson , George
    SF – Lebron, Leonard, Anthony
    PF – Griffin, Durant
    C – Aldridge, Davis

  67. Chritz says:

    PG Curry, Paul, Irving
    SG Leonard, Westbrook
    SF George, LeBron, Durant
    PF Anthony, Griffin
    C Cousins, Drummond

  68. LA lakers says:

    Curry, Westbrook, irving
    Thompson, wall
    James, durant, pg13
    Griffin, davis
    Cousin, jordan

    No Harden, he could score flat out but no “D”.. You have other star could play way better “D” and give you 25-30 points a night… I will choose Klay over Harden anytime of the Day, hands down….

    • Glenn Cone says:

      Dude Harden is the 2nd top scorer in the NBA behind Steph. His defence is just below average not terrible and I think his multiple 50, 40, 30 point games make up for that anyway. I guarantee if Harden was on the Warriors they would be so much better and the Rockets would be so much worse off if Klay was their SG.

    • allie says:

      it is best when it would be a two way player, just like drummond, green, leonard and butler and hopefully not an all offensive team will be make..

    • allie says:

      I think you’re wrong they both can score but no d, i would choose kawhi or j butler..

  69. Eldon says:

    No one has seemed to notice Paul George is guaranteed a spot due to his injury during fiba

  70. Kris says:

    PG: Steph, Chris, Russ
    SG: Jimmy, James,
    SF: LeBron, Durant, Kawhi
    PF: Anthony, Blake, Draymond
    C: Demarcus

    I would love to see Deandre because of his superior defense to demarcus but demarcus is more offensively gifted and Team USA will look at that more. All of the other players that don’t make it are good but some are one-dimensional like Love, Beal, Faried, Howard, and others. Some will get unlucky and should be there like Kyrie, Klay, and Melo. This is why I believe that there should be 15 roster spots. There is just so much talent within the 30 players currently, that it needs to be shown on the court. This could result in more entertainment, more views, and more money. But I can’t change anything and the 12 I have selected are the ones that should 100% be there,

  71. walter says:

    I have no idea if he tried out or just didn’t make the cut, but I am so happy Rose did not make it. The Bulls are my team, but it is annoying when people just bandwagon onto a player and then vote him onto the Allstar team (stupid instagram voting).

    I wish Kobe had stayed, but it will be nice to see this talent. I remember back in 2012, there was an article on Yahoo that said this 2016 team could be the next “dream team”. I doubt it will be that, but it will be a very good team hopefully.

  72. JAMES GAIT says:

    WADE? FOH…

    • Duong says:

      Wade is not All-Star level this year. There are so many better players than him at the guard position right now. It might be sentimental for people to vote for him for the All-Star game, but he is taking the spot of someone more deserving. Kyle Lowry, John Wall, DeMar DeRozan, Isaiah Thomas, Kemba Walker, and Jimmy Butler are all playing better, yet they’ll be unlikely to be voted as starters in place of the 2 Eastern guards that are voted. That is just the Eastern Conference. The Western Conference is even way more stacked at the guard position. That is why Wade is left off.

  73. Dwight Howard, Bradley Beal, Kevin Love, Kenneth Faried and Mike Conley will not make this cut. This will be very hard.

  74. Rishank says:

    Starters Bench
    Curry Westbrook
    Harden Butler
    Lebron KD Kawhi Pg13
    Blake Davis
    Cousins Drummond

  75. kanuk says:

    no kyle lowry?!!?!? beal, conley, gay, hayward, wall, even paul ahead of lowry …? ridiculous

  76. Najib says:

    I’d go with:
    Curry, Westrbook, Butler, Carmelo, Kawhi, Lebron, Kyrie, CP3, Cousins, Davis, Durant, Harden

  77. Goody says:


    next in line – Harden-Irving-Carmelo-Aldridge

  78. Jay says:

    PG: Curry , Paul
    SG: Harden, Butler, George
    SF: Lebron, Camelo, Durant
    PF: Anthony Davis, Draymond Green
    C: Demarcus Cousins, Andre Drummond

  79. Rafael says:

    Too much talent. I’d go with:

    Curry, Westbrook
    Harden, Butler
    LeBron, Durant, Kawhi
    Griffin, Green, Davis
    Cousins, Drummond.

    You gotta include a good rotation of bigs to go against the Gasol bros and Ibaka.

  80. RonxDlapara says:

    Westbrook,Curry,Durant.Leonard,Drummond.George,James,Green,Harden,Cousins,Anthony and Okafor.

  81. John John says:

    80% sure it will be something like this:

    PG: Curry, Paul, Westbrook, Irving
    SG: Harden, Thompson
    SF: James, Durant, Leonard
    PF: Griffin, Davis
    C: Cousins

    • Mike says:

      Personally I’d drop Irving and replace him with Draymond Green for more versatile defense, rebounding, and another big body. With Curry, Paul, and Westbrook on top of LeBron, Harden, and Thompson (plus Green), we certainly have enough ball handlers on the team. Not to add Durant and Leonard as proficient dribblers. I love Kyrie, Wall, and Conley, but they are the odd guards out this year.

    • Vampire says:

      Curry, cp3, irving Wall, westbrook. Lebron, carmelo, durant. Drummond, blake. Davis, cousins

  82. I say Demarcus Cousins, Andre Drummond, Rudy Gay, Draymond Green, Lebron, Durant, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook