Kobe Bryant withdraws from Olympic consideration

Kobe Bryant withdrew from consideration for the 2016 Olympic team, saying “I’ve had my moment” and that he should not take a roster spot from a more-deserving player.

“I already let Jerry and Coach K know that I physically can’t do it,” Bryant said in Salt Lake City on Saturday before the Lakers played the Jazz, referring to Jerry Colangelo, the chairman of USA Basketball, and Olympic coach Mike Krzyzewski.

The decision takes the Team USA officials off the hook from either having to cut one of the greatest players in NBA history and a key part of the United States’ recent success in international play or keeping him on the roster for the Rio de Janeiro Games as a largely ceremonial move.

“Since my retirement announcement, I’m able to watch these guys in a different light,” Bryant said. “I’ve come to terms with the fact that they are the future of this game. These are the guys who deserve the spots in Rio. These are the guys who people need to watch and root for. These are the guys to show fans where this game is going in the future.”



  1. Chris Ahlman says:

    I use to not be able to stomach Kobe’s attitude that was borderline, “I’m better then God”.

    I couldn’t stand the fact that he and the Lakers killed my Trailblazers year after year.

    But I will say people do and can change and he has. He’s a different person now it seems at face value anyways, and I like who he has become.

    If this is the Kobe we could have always had, I would have probably even cheered for the Lakers from time to time.

    Best wishes to Kobe, I mean it, I wish you the best.

  2. Noah Jacobs Alexander says:

    Please leave nba asap.

  3. from the desert says:

    Go away Kobe

  4. Can he also please withdraw from all star too???

  5. krespino says:

    Egoistic, attention-hungry Kobe wanted too much to go to the olympics, he demanded that, but understood that he will not be invited, then he is making this “I’m withdrawing…” thing.
    BS. You must not have demanded that, even started the subject in the first place. The US olympics team is NOT managed by the kind of “decision makers” and “coach” that you have in the Lakers who obeyed everything you said and asked… As a result of which of which you have been the principal factor in the shameful failure of the great franchise in the last three years… And it will take how many more years for the team to repair the damage you have done and to put the franchise back on its feet again…
    If Kobe Bryant had values, if he was a sportsman, he would withdraw from the ALL-STAR team this year!!!
    Because he DOES NOT deserve to be there, by the qualty of basketball he played this year… And he knows that perfectly. He IS STEALING the place of another player who deserves it (like Damian Lillard maybe)…
    Spotlight-hungry Kobe Bryant is displaying the ugliest exit ever by any NBA big name… He will be happy to steal the show in yet another event…
    Just leave Kobe, DO NOT ASK FOR MORE… be a man and act (not talk) in a dignified way to leave the scene to the younger stars!!

  6. TK says:

    Wow… This is a totally different Kobe then we know. This is one we can all love…

  7. johnnytc1Chinaman says:

    HA! Please go away!