Bryant, Curry, James maintain leads in final All-Star voting update

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With just one week before All-Star starters are announced, good luck catching Kobe Bryant.

In the third returns of All-Star voting, released today, the Lakers’ star guard maintained his commanding overall lead in voting, with 1,533,432 overall votes. Bryant, the leading scorer in All-Star Game history who is playing in his final NBA season, held onto a cushion of about 300,000 votes since the last round of voting over the next-highest vote-getter, Golden State’s Stephen Curry (1,206,467).

In the Eastern Conference, Cleveland’s LeBron James (830,345) leads all players, ahead of his former Miami teammate Dwyane Wade (736,732). Indiana’s Paul George (569,947) seems to be destined to start alongside James. For the final Eastern Conference starting frontcourt spot, despite a vigorous social media campaign from the Detroit Pistons, center Andre Drummond — the NBA’s leading rebounder — has dropped to fourth after holding the third spot through the first two rounds of balloting results. With these latest totals, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (368,336) has surpassed Drummond (361,307) to move into the potential starting five.

While Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant (774,782) seems to be a lock to join Bryant in the Western Conference frontcourt, the race for the final starting spot remains tight. After moving into the starting five in the last voting update, Golden State’s Draymond Green (499,947), who leads the NBA with eight triple-doubles this season, has maintained a slim lead over San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard (487,626) for the final spot in the Western Conference frontcourt.

Another race worth keeping an eye on is the Eastern Conference backcourt, where Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving (399,757) is currently in the lead to start alongside Wade, although the host city’s Kyle Lowry (367,472) isn’t far behind. Last year, Lowry used a late, social media-fueled push to overcome Wade and make it into the starting five.

Lowry has just a few more days if he wants to make a similar run this year: Voting will conclude Monday, Jan. 18 at 11:59 p.m. ET. The starters will be announced live on TNT on Thursday, Jan. 21 (7 p.m. ET) during a special one-hour edition of TNT NBA Tip-Off presented by All-Star Game reserves, selected by the NBA’s coaches, will be revealed on TNT on Thursday, Jan. 28.

The 65th NBA All-Star Game will be held on Sunday, Feb. 14 at Air Canada Centre in Toronto. TNT will televise the All-Star Game in the U.S. for the 14th consecutive year.

NBA All-Star Voting 2016 presented by Verizon is an all-digital program that gives fans everywhere the opportunity to vote for their favorite players as starters for the All-Star Game. New to the voting program this year, fans can cast their daily votes directly through Google Search on their desktop, tablet and mobile devices. They can also vote on, through the NBA App (available on Android and iOS), SMS text and social media networks including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as via Sina Weibo and Tencent Microblogs in China.


  1. Jake says:

    And the moronic large city fan ruins the game for the players who rightfully deserve it, once again. When will the NBA realize that you can have a game “for the fans” and also reward the players who deserve to be there. Kobe Bryant is an irrelevant tool bag and his name shouldn’t even be mentioned anywhere near this game. Screw LA in general.

    • LZT says:

      I mean you are really funny. If you or anybody else thought others are even more deserved to be in staring lineup then you or whoever should go to vote but not trash talk here without making any sense and it is useless lol

  2. Master Mao says:

    As Kobe leads all players, Dirkules should at least be a reserve. Hope the coach honors his game at 37 with his 14th nomination.

  3. Jose David says:

    Should be Kawhi Leonard!

  4. VEE says:

    Whether you love him or hate him, Kobe deserves to be there. He’s a legend with FIVE rings playing his last season. Top vote getter…..the fans have spoken

    • Cody says:

      Does he deserve to be there this year though? No.

      • Kalbo!! says:

        I agree! This is why All-Star is yearly. Idiots just couldn’t help it and be objective enough to give those who deserve their chances for performing great in the corresponding year.

    • Ben says:

      There could be ten times better players there and who cares that was his PAST we are talking about the best of the best THIS YEAR not seven years ago!

  5. Vickie Williams says:

    Kobe deserves his rewards. He’s giving so much to the NBA. The fans have shown Kobe that they’d like to see him one last time. He’ll be missed. Allstar games won’t be the same.

  6. I think kd should have more vote then what he has

  7. Miss Kelly says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop complaining about the fans votes. It’s not about who is the best player during this time (or even over the course of a player’s career. Simple put, IT’S WHO THE FANS WANT TO SEE PLAY.. What’s so hard to understand about that? Yes. It’s a popularity contest, so what? It’s one day, one game. GET OVER IT!

    • Ty says:

      Its important because legacies are cemented and contracts have clauses in them. Not just one game for fans of certain players, the players themselves and teams. That’s what makes the whole thing stupid.

  8. Mary says:

    That’s why people get to vote. They vote for who THEY want NOT for who everyone else wants. Did you all vote?

  9. Petar says:

    In my opinion Durant Kawhi and Draymond should’t start together, no powerhouse under the rim :/…
    Curry Wall
    Kobe Butler
    Green George
    Kawhi Milsap
    Cousins Drummond

    hate this lads, my disliked starting 5 😀
    subs: Parker, Lin, Korver, Griffin, B.Lopez

  10. Jon says:

    Isiah Thomas …22 and 7 pretty much, winning games every other night…Kyrie or Jeremy Lin ahead of him is just bad….he better make all nba, which really matters to the players. Celtics and Spurs gonna keep getting titles in the future and not care about having stars. thats why i dont mind .

  11. Trevor Hurd says:

    I think it is kind of comical and rather cute how Shamar claims Cousins is the best center in the NBA; 2nd best perhaps, but Andre Drummond is clearly the #1 center today. The guy is putting up nearly the same scoring numbers as Boogie with an astonishing rebound column which we haven’t seen in years (night in – night out). I mean, just look at the 20-20 games; women lie, men lie, but numbers don’t lie.
    Drummond earned his right to be a worthy all-star starter.
    Let us not forget the kid is only 22 years of age, plenty of room to develop – kind of scary! He truly is bringing the ‘big man’ play back and I wouldn’t be shocked if he got an MVP later on in his career. However regardless of that anyone with a sense of the game, and anyone with even remote basketball intelligence what-so-ever, will realize Andre is dominant – much more so than any other center today (including DeMarcus Cousins).

    • Syd Lemmon says:

      Roughly the same scoring numbers? Cousins is 4th in the leauge at over 26 ppg, Drummond averages less than 18. Not really even close. And when they played each other, Drummond couldn’t stop Boogie, as he dropped 33 on him and the Kings won. Drummond had a whopping 14 pts that game. And yes, he gets a ton of rebounds, But he’s the only guy down there to get them! 2 other guys on his team barely average 5 a game, and the Kings have 4 guys besides Cousins that get 6 or more a game. Andre Drummond is very good, don’t get me wrong, but Cousins definitely is better all-around.

  12. Roger says:

    Kobe has played awful this year. It’s not who’s had the best career, it’s who is playing the best this year!
    I think John Wall and Jimmy Butler deserve to start for the East at guards. And Drummond has played so much better than Anthony. While Anthony Davis’s team hasn’t been great, he has… he deserves a spot over Kobe.

    • JJ says:

      Dude the fans vote the starters because that’s who THEY want to see out on the court, you most haven’t been watching the nba this year to see opposing teams arenas sold out just to get one last look to see Kobe play with Players asking for his shoes after the game. It’s like you retiring from your job after putting in 20years of great service, wouldn’t you want something for the work you’ve done? Don’t hate the player , hate the game- smh.

  13. psychosweet says:

    Butler underrated. Lowry and DD should start. They killed it without JV and DC


  15. Seriously, how TF does crybaby Kobe Bryant have more votes than Stephen Curry?

  16. paul murray says:

    NBA allstar game is a joke, has been for many years. Has nothing to do with achievement in a season and everything to do with hype by sports writers and big market endorsements. A waste of time.

  17. Josh says:


  18. Archer says:

    Well, even more of that: remember my words, you’ll see Kobe grabbing an All-Star MVP title:)

  19. PC85 says:

    Paul Millsap and LaMarcus Aldridge – so underrated! They are playing really well, Millsap plays a phenomenal season when talking about stability, And they have been All Stars in the previous years, so they should be kinda popular players I guess. And the fact that they are not getting many votes is just a mystery to me…

  20. Kenneth Ranson says:

    Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, what are these guys, invisible.

    6 lossses. Only beaten 6 times all year, and no Spur will make the All-Star squad. Incredible.

  21. frank dwayne says:

    just wanna see kobe more and more till he finally bows out. don’t mind having him as a starter

  22. rod says:

    aircanada15…. lat him play in all star in toronto… vinsanity…

  23. spursfan says:

    where the hell is jimmy butler he is more an all star starter

  24. John says:

    Jimmy Butler just dropped 53 and isn’t even close to cracking the starting 5. What a shame

  25. FuZ says:

    The writer has Kobe listed as a guard and the front court. Which one is he? I looked at the ballot and they show him in the front court.

  26. Gilbert says:

    Kawhi Leonard, top 5 all around player in the league won’t get to start because people are voting for an egomaniac who has been playing so poorly, any other player would be sent back to the D-League. Goes to show you the all star game is a popularity contest based on your overall career and not on the type of season you are having.

    • You realize that the all-star game is a popularity contest right? This isn’t an all nba team that is why fans vote for the team it is a sporting event so that everyone can see their favorite players play the all nba team is for the best players which I’m sure Leonard will be on one of those teams and he will also be an all star so chill

    • sagittarius says:

      Look Mr. Gilbert, you are not the deciding factor of the votes, let the people, players, media and coaches choose their all-star players so you have to wait and relax on your mind. You are talking a so-called “EGO-MANIAC???” har!har!har! Please let his history remind you of his achievements of the past not only pointing out for this season!!!! OK?!!!!

  27. Feraz (Nets) says:

    Agreed. LMA has had a very big impact on the Spurs. He started slowly as he was not yet familiar to Spurs’ schemes, but he is coming along and back to his All-Star form for the past couple of weeks. If he continues to play like he has been playing since new year, he might be picked by the coaches.

    Otherwise, I still don’t get how Kyrie is ahead of Lowry (All-Star is in TORONTO)! Right now, Kyrie should be behind Lowry, DeRozan, Isaiah Thomas, Reggie Jackson…He played only 10 games or so!!!!

  28. Shamar says:

    No way Wade and Irving should be starting over Lowry and Butler. I get it’s Kobe’s last season but we all know he should not be a starter put him as a reserve. Why no love for Cousins? He is the best center in the league and can’t get a starting spot makes no sense at all.

  29. chris gonzalez says:

    green and leonard are the two best players in the nba after curry of course. all three need to be starters and you know this.

  30. Kelly says:

    Kyrie Irving? No way does he deserve to be on the All-star team, let alone be a starter over Lowry. Is he talented? Absolutely. But he has missed most of the season to injury and therefore should not be considered over someone like Lowry who has been the top PG in the East this season so far.

    If you are an actual fan of the game, and not some clueless bandwagon supporter, vote for Lowry.

  31. Phyllis H says:

    As of now Kaihi Leonard also has made amazing contributions this year.

  32. Phyllis says:

    It will be nice when Kobe retires and quits taking a spot from a real All-Star. So he is on his farewell tour he’s not playing all-star caliber minutes. If you reward him for years playing reward Pierce, Garnet, and Duncan with spots too.

  33. Ryan Terry says:

    As much as I love Kobe, i do not think he should be in the All-Star game, especially as a starter when there are better SG/SF’s out there in the West (Harden, KD, Kawhi, Klay etc..). I understand his is a top 10 player ever (Top 5 ever to me) but there is going to be a player who is truly deserving of that spot and Kobe will be taking it from that player based on his career achievements. This is the 2016 NBA All Star team, not the 1996-2016 All Star Team

  34. michael siegel says:

    By FAR  LaMarcus  Alldridge has made the greatest impact for anyteam in the NBA.  I am sure the coaches will vote him in.