Hang Time Podcast (Episode 222) Featuring Greg Anthony

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Commissioner has spoken.

He believes Kobe Bryant belongs on center stage at NBA All-Star Weekend next month in Toronto. And judging by the returns from the All-Star balloting, the fans not only agree with Adam Silver, they plan on making sure it happens.

They’ll get no argument from us. We also believe that 20 years of stellar service, on and off the court, as one of the league’s global ambassadors deserves the royal treatment at Kobe’s final All-Star Game appearance.

NBA TV analyst Greg Anthony is on board with that plan as well. He agrees that the All-Time greats deserve to go out the right way, especially during All-Star Weekend, the same way Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan did before Kobe.

Anthony joins us on Episode 222 of The Hang Time Podcast, our first show for 2016, where we also discuss the plight of Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver and his millennial problems, the state of affairs around the league, the playoff picture in the Eastern and Western Conferences.

We try to make sense of it all on the first installment of The Hang Time Podcast for this calendar year.


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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s highlights against the Boston Celtics from his storied career


  1. checede Robin says:

    Im guessing the constant reposting of blogs/articles about does Kobe deserve to be an All-Star is strategy to slow his votes and increase others. Maybe not such a direct goal,but maybe to influence the voting.

    this has to be because i mean come on….its KOBE, whether you like him or not, everyone knows it is merely a courtesy, its a chance for sooo many people to see him actually “show out” for the last time, and also for his fellow players.

    …where’s the article on does Kobe deserve all the special intros before games at these “away” arenas? course there is none. It is clear to the owners of these teams the significance of a player a such a high magnitude leaving the game.


  2. mb says:

    tell barkley this is not necessarily a game for only the players who are having great seasons, but ALSO FOR THE FANS TO SEE THE PLAYERS THEY WANT TO SEE!!

  3. Air K 11 says:

    I don’t have statistics on how basketball savvy fans are. But I broadly agree with Tonichi. We want to see some players regadless of their contribution to their teams and without considering team chemistry

  4. blaz says:

    Kobe belongs to all-star game. End of story.
    If this was all-best-players game he might not be in this season. But this is “all-star”. And Kobe is one of the brightest in history of this sport.

  5. tonichi says:

    Dear Sekou,
    At this time of the year, every year, I get irritated by Charles Barkley saying that the fans don’t know basketball to vote for who the All-Stars should be. Could you make him realize that us fans know enough basketball OTHERWISE WE WILL NOT BE WATCHING BASKETBALL (I don’t know cricket, so I don’t watch cricket or don’t watch ciricket because I don’t enjoy watching a game that I know enough to enjoy it.)

    Could somebody hammer through the thick skull of Barkley that if this year I wanna watch only seven footer facing each other, I will vote for 5 seven footers in each conference. If I want to watch, this year, only basketball player that are 6;6″ and below, I will make my 10 votes for such “basketball midgets.” It can be that next year I want to see the basketball midget face the seven-footer giants of the other conference. AND IF IT SO HAPPENS THAT 10 MILLIONS FANS VOTE COINCIDENTALLY THE WAY I VOTED THIS YEAR, then we have an All-Star to our current whim.

    Kindly sledge hammer this message onto Barkley. We are basketball knowledgeable and WE VOTE FOR WHAT WE WANT TO SEE. Let bruised Barkley vote the player to fill the balance of a team.

    Just as we can only vote for 5 players from each conference and we are sorry to leave out some of those we want to vote, you and Barkley have 7 players from each conference to fill (I know seven is not enough for you. But you know very well that five is not enough for us to fill, too).

    • Kalbo!! says:

      It’s nice to see a educated fan. You have a point. Although kinda naive. You speak only for yourself and probably for people familiar to you.

      Apparently, you have’nt realize 2 things: One is that there are indeed a lot of uneducated fans out there. In fact, their proportion to fans like us are astronomically higher. There shouldn’t be any question on that at all to begin with. Second, Chuck definitely knows this. And don’t it ever occur to you that he definitely knows what he’s saying? Relative to your point, don’t you think he’ll be hired and be kept in that job if he don’t? Besides, whatever happens to “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion?”

      • tonichi says:

        True !!! i speak for myself — what I am saying is that IF THERE ARE OTHERS WHO THAT SO HAPPENS TO THINK THE SAME AND THAT THERE ARE ENOUGH TO PUT UP A FIRST FIVE THAT IS NOT BARKLEY’S LIKING, then so be it. Don’t insult the fans. True again, if the fans are what you call (unexpressed berbally) IDIOTS, then these IDIOTS are keeping the audience of NBA games high enough to give Barkley a job. He is not given the job to call fans STUPID (even if … akbeit not directly said).