Sarver blames generation gap for Suns’ ills

VIDEO: The reeling Suns fall to the Lakers, 97-77

There’s plenty wrong in Phoenix when the Suns get thumped by the lowly Lakers, trailing at one time by 38 points, when nobody can defend at a suitably professional level, when coach Jeff Hornacek is left out there flapping in the breeze concerning his job status following a ninth consecutive loss.

But Suns owner Robert Sarver isn’t digging through advanced metrics or any old school basketball books for the solution. He says it’s simply a generational problem with Markieff Morris as the prime example. Sarver told Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic that he just can’t figure out those darn kids:

“I’m not sure it’s just the NBA,” Sarver said. “My whole view of the millennial culture is that they have a tough time dealing with setbacks, and Markieff Morris is the perfect example. He had a setback with his brother in the offseason and he can’t seem to recover from it.

“I’m not sure if it’s the technology or the instant gratification of being online. But the other thing is, I’m not a fan of social media. I tell my kids it’s like Fantasy Land. The only thing people put online are good things that happen to them, or things they make up. And it creates unrealistic expectations. We’ve had a number of setbacks this year that have taken their toll on us, and we haven’t been resilient. Therefore, it’s up to our entire organization to step up their game.”

Perhaps a mult-player deal to bring in “pre-millenials” Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Dirk Nowitzki?

Meanwhile the rumor is circulating that former coach Mike D’Antoni’s name is back in the mix if the Suns decide to move on from Hornacek.

Fresh 2016 NBA bench rumble: There is active buzz in coaching circles that Mike D’Antoni will be on Suns’ list if/when that job comes open

— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) January 4, 2016



  1. M. Dalgart says:

    Since Bledsoe got injured, the SUNS, haven’t responded with any Positive efforts trying to fill the void. Jeff Hornacek has lost any Discipline, that the Team truly needs. They don’t have a Leadership on this Team. We were hoping that Chandler would have filled that spot, but even Chandler hasn’t shown his aggressiveness as in the past. D’Antoni may be one of the answers,
    and hopefully the current Players may show a better attitude and aggression. Looks like Trades should also be discussed,
    to improve this Team significantly as well.

  2. Craig says:

    Markeiff Morris is a chronic malcontent who would be complaining about some thing else even if his brother were still a Sun. He’ll be a cancer on any team so it’s going to be difficult to dump him since no one else wants him.

  3. Chris says:

    Not to mention they signed the twins to less money so they could stay together then traded one of them away. And Sarver’s surprised he’s upset?

  4. NyckNack says:

    I wanna know the suns record with Kieff starting and games he didn’t start???

    • artifex says:

      In games MM played:
      Suns have 8 wins, 6 with MM starting and 2 with him from the bench.
      In comparison,
      Suns have 15 losses, 10 with MM starting, 5 with him from the bench.
      So, it doesn’t really matter, I think.

      But if we compare Starting vs. Bench production:
      In 8 wins
      19.4 min (22.0 vs. 11.9), 10.3 FGA (11.2 vs. 7.5) at 36.6 FG%
      In 15 losses
      25.5 min (28.6 vs. 19.3), 11.7 FGA (14.1 vs. 6.8) at 38.9 FG%

      From that we can follow that the Suns win more games if MM plays less minutes…

  5. tas06 says:

    haha.. the management is just as bad as the players the got via draft and trades.. bledsoe and knight are good PGs, but other than those two, they are very thin on talent on the other positions..

  6. This guy’s like the opposite of Cuban, so out of touch. Markieff’s just lacks maturity, no need to slander a generation

  7. drago says:

    Bad team with zero stars or all star level talent.They should just start trading about now and get ready for the draft.

  8. Matt Poole says:

    He takes some of the responsibility but none of the ownership. A perfect example of what is wrong with our country and how we got to be number 2.

  9. Vexum says:

    what a nice view from a completely lost team owner. trades that they have been doing are ridiculous, no brain, no pain

  10. Anthony not Carmelo says:

    Really,generation gap? The only gap I see is the knowledge of the scouts and management who get these personnel.Two max contracts for players who play the same position. Then waste another chunk of change on a center who would have been a good pick up 3-4 years ago..

  11. Dez says:

    Bad trades and a lack of continuity. You had a team headed for the playoffs and traded away almost all of your good players and this is the result. No generational gap.

  12. Skrutz says:

    Comments? Working?

  13. Skrutz says:

    It’s all that darn rock ‘n roll music, I tells yeh.

  14. Sam says:

    It’s not a generation gap, it’s a gap between reality and you (Sarver), Babby, and McDonough. Who hired the twin-tattooed-thugs ? You 3 did. 5 seconds after i saw them I was thinking ” Oh no, not twin Barnes!!!” Now instead of signing strong rebounders and great guards you 3 are sitting and talkng about tanking the season to get more worthless, cheap rookies.

  15. Is that his final answer for the problems of his team? Lol

  16. Harriethehawk says:

    Is that his final answer to the problems with his team? lol

  17. M. James says:

    Generation gap? Really? Ballin’ is ballin’! They’re not ballin’!