Reports: Sinking Suns fire two assistant coaches

By Staff

According to several reports, the struggling Phoenix Suns have fired assistant coaches Mike Longabardi and Jerry Sichting, and league sources say head coach Jeff Hornacek’s job may also be in jeopardy.

Wojnarowski says the dismissals were opposed by Hornacek, according to league sources, but he has decided to stay on the job.

ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that the Suns are promoting longtime NBA guard Earl Watson and former NBA D-League head coach Nate Bjorkgren to the bench to work closer to Hornacek.

The Suns have lost 10 of their last 15 games, including an embarrassing 111-104 defeat by the 2-30 Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday night.






  1. Clint says:

    It’s not the coaches or players the Sun’s problem is the front office. You don’t trade almost all your players and expect good results. Jeff, if you want to be a winner get as far away from this team as possible.

  2. NBA GM is dream job says:

    It seems that the franchisee has been on a downward spiral since the new owner came into town. There does not seem to be a strategy to win games; however, the team marketing is still great.
    Dragic was groomed for several years to be Nash’s replacement, and just like Nash, seemed to be blooming into the team leader later in his career, but you have to have quality guys around him that can put the rock in the hole when he gets it to them. Then ownership decide to invest heavily in Bledsoe, which leaves Goran wondering if he is still part of the plan and wanting out, and they commit the coup-de-grace on this situation with a terrible deal.
    Hornacek was a very good player for the Suns, but his best years were in Salt Lake next to Stockton as the secondary scorer to Malone. His time in Phoenix was similar playing next to KJ as the secondary scorer to the power forward. He is probably a good position coach, but he never led a team on the court and there is no evidence that he can do it from the bench.
    Last year’s exile of Gerald Green to the end of the bench and subsequent free agency was evidence of the team’s inability to work with young players and the lack of leadership in the Suns organization. Green could be the 6th man of the year, but he’s playing for Miami behind two guys that play a lot of minutes in Wade and Deng – another bad fit for Green.
    Trading away Marcus Morris was inevitable, but leadership should have known that Markieff would be upset if the situation was not handled correctly. Now they send him to the end of the bench (like they did with Green, which worked out so well), and trade rumors say he will be gone soon, probably for a lot less than a starting power forward in return. Yet another example of poor leadership of the organization.
    In conclusion, Hornacek will be fired even though he is doing the best he can to hold together the on-court face of a poorly run organization, because he was never the right choice for a head coach, especially of this team. The Suns will continue to flounder as one that contends for the bottom of the playoff seeding in good years and entertaining enough not to get a high draft pick the rest of the time, unless they get exceptionally lucky in the lottery. Finally, the fan base will eventually figure out that we have an ownership that does not have a winning strategy and stop supporting a failing organization.

  3. Jdub455 says:

    What?!? Horny is on the hotseat? its the gm that shld be fired, giving away dragic, green and the morris twin without any significant replacements…

  4. Hunter says:

    My all time fav player Hornacek! I know you can do it, you will be fine! Keep at it Jeff you can do it!

  5. Anyway the question is: what’s the target for Phoenix in this season?

  6. jimmybutler says:

    Porzingis step up your game