Torn tendon sidelines Blake Griffin

VIDEO: Blake Griffin Injury

It’s already been a roller coaster season for the Clippers as they struggle to find consistency, depth and a solid playing rotation.

Now that struggle will become a much greater challenge with the news that power forward Blake Griffin has a torn left quad tendon will be sidelined for at least two weeks.

Griffin, currently averaging 23.2 points, 8.7 rebounds and five assists per game, suffered the injury in the Clippers’ 94-84 Christmas night win over the Lakers. In a release, the team said the tear was found when Griffin underwent an MRI on Saturday morning.

While All-Star point guard Chris Paul has had difficulty playing at his customary high level until the past week, Griffin has been the Clippers’ bulwark with his solid play through the first 30 games. Losing Griffin from the starting lineup will be an added strain on coach Doc Rivers’ bench, which has underperformed.

Griffin did not accompany the team for Saturday night’s game against the Jazz in Salt Lake City, which kicks off a four-game trip that continues at Washington, Charlotte and New Orleans.

Backup point guard Austin Rivers is also scratched from his third consecutive games while recovering from a sprained ankle suffered last week in Houston.


  1. langostino says:

    Two weeks for a torn tendon?

    Yeah, that isn’t believable.

  2. michael siegel says:

    Its time for Doc Rivers to let Josh Smith do his THING. From time to time he is among the leagues most talentedForwards. (  Look how well he played with the Houston Rocketsin play offs last year )  He can do for D. Jordan  what he did withD. Howard. All he needs is time on the court !!!!

  3. rob says:

    well doc is the GM and the head coach so it is 100% his fault about lance and josh. lol

  4. Albert651 says:

    Though the Clippers will struggle without Blake I still think this is a top 4 team in the West and the injury to Griffin will not change this.

  5. Well, I think the Flippers will have no problem beating the Utah Jazz (I said I think). But Flake Griffin (not DeAndre Jordan) is the heartbeat of that team. They are already struggling as it is. Over the next 2 weeks, their bench is a MUST next man up. I still think this is Doc Rivers last year. He seems over it. Who made the decision to have Lance Stephens and Josh Smith play there? Besides Joe Johnson, these are the biggest bums in the entire NBA. This is just my opinion people. Had to get it out. I don’t like the Flippers and never will.