Curry says he’s the best in the world

They say it’s not bragging if you can do it.

Well, it’s also not bragging if it’s patently obvious to everybody from the up-closest patron in a courtside seat to a faraway fan leaning in an squinting to see on a tiny antique black-and-white Philco TV.

Stephen Curry merely agreed with the rest of Planet Earth — outside of Ohio — when he told TIME magazine’s Sean Gregory in a Q & A that he’s the No. 1 baller in the game today:

Are you the best player in the world right now?

Curry: “In my mind, yes. That’s how I have confidence out there that I can play at a high level every night. I don’t get into debates, arguing with people about why I am versus somebody else. I feel like anybody who’s at the level I’m trying to be at, if you don’t think that when you’re on the floor, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

The piece in the “Year Ahead” issue of TIME touches on a variety of topics, from Curry’s offseason training regimen to his friendship with Clippers point guard Chris Paul to his rivalry with Houston’s James Harden to his admiration for professional golfer Jordan Spieth and even the celebrity of his now 3-year-old daughter Riley, who stole the show last June at the NBA Finals.

Curry also addressed the issue of the next round of collective bargaining between the National Basketball Players Association and the league, which could potentially lead to a work stoppage for the 2016-17 season.

The NBA had lockouts that shortened the 1999 and 2012 seasons. What’s your message to fans who really don’t want to see another one?

Curry: “Players don’t want to see a lockout either. We want to play. Guys have such a short window, you don’t want to waste time sitting on the sidelines talking about bargaining agreements, things like that. We’re working hard to present out issues and hear the NBA’s issues, what may or may not be right or wrong and work it out hopefully. We will fight for what we feel is right.”


  1. Raptor4Life says:

    Hans Solo writes : “tell people that Green is better than Love and they will laugh at you.”

    I’m certainly NOT laughing !!!
    Only Cleveland fan-boys would laugh at that….
    The only aspect of DEFENSE that Kevin Love does very well is rebound. With his height, this should be expected.

    Green is much more of the “total package”, plays intensely BOTH ways.
    How many triple-doubles does Kevin Love have?
    I rest my case.

  2. Hans Solo says:

    LeBron was the best the past years…and he is the best of his generation.
    But common guys, Curry is the best player in the world RIGHT NOW

    stats alone can’t tell whose the best player

    you can’t put stats on leadership and heart and many more.

    if teams double team Steph 30 ft from ring and makes defense in disarray, how would you put that on stats?

    look at the Christmas game rematch. LeBron have more points and rebounds etc(STATS). But Curry ran rings on James to score two layups in the deciding minutes of the game and LeBron missed 3 crucial freethrows.

    Curry leads his team to 28-1 so far.. LeBron haven’t done that with Wade, Bosh and Allen. Think about that

    If Curry and James switch places now.. Cavs will win.

    tell people that Green is better than Love and they will laugh at you. But Curry makes Green play better than Love. That’s leadership. you can’t put that on stats

  3. John C. says:

    Steph Curry as quoted simply said he focuses,in his mind, on being the best he can be to drive himself to play 100% .In his earlier comment,”Black Mamba” has pointed this out but it’s clear that awfully defensive attitudes are deaf to Curry’s honesty and instead jump to conclusions without carefully reading what’s been said by Curry.It’s good to hear such strong hopes from a player who will continue to impress us for years to come.

  4. Terran miller says:

    Lebron James is the best in the world 💯🏀👀so stop

  5. edward says:

    Steph Curry is the best player on the best team doing the best ballin’. His confidence level is so high he’s literally playing by himself on the court. He has a more than competent cast of cohorts and they are marching to the beat of his drum. He is a champion and loved by his teammates who allow his game to flourish because he includes them in the basketball mayhem. He’s he reigning MVP and hasn’t taken his foot off the gas or taken his eye off the prize — winning more chips. LeBron, Harden, Durant, Westbrook, PG-13, A Davis and Kawhi are all monsters but to a man would shrug off the best player title for the championship. Steph Curry has the bull’s eye on his back and playing like it doesn’t even exist.It’s his basketball world until he’s dethroned

  6. Raptor4Life says:

    Misleading, or at least “incomplete” headline. But yes, it does grab your attention.

    This is a different situation / context than a couple of other examples that jump to mind. Remember James Harden loudly proclaiming himself to be the greatest baller in the world when the last rendition of Team USA was preparing for the worlds tournament? Of course Team USA won the tournament, but Kyrie Irving won the MVP – not the self-proclaimed Harden.

    Remember the post-game press conference after game 5 in the Finals last June? LeBron James at the podium stating that he was fully confident that the Cavaliers would win game 6 because he was “the best player in the world”…. well, we know how that never happened.

    The Time writer tried to lead Steph down that treacherous path – at least Steph made sure to insert the “in MY mind when I’m on the court” qualifier and quickly referenced it to “playing at a high level every night”. Curry is the best shooter in the league right now (and possibly ever), but he is too smart and honest to ever come out with an unprompted statement of being the “greatest in the world”. He is secure in his ability, but hasn’t developed that overgrown ego (not yet, and hopefully never).

  7. tred says:

    Sometimes people doesnt take the time to pay attention to things he clearly said that is his confidence level on the floor that what makes him better he know he has to prove he is the best thats why he plays the way he does him telling himself that, makes him play the way he does dude is a wizard, very crafty with the basketball ball tho.

  8. Winddancer says:

    Lebron James stats

    Season Age Tm Pos G GS MP FG 3P 2P PF PTS

    2015-16 31 CLE SF 25 25 910 250 25 407 48 659

    Steph Curry stats

    Season Age Tm Pos G GS MP FG 3P 2P PF PTS

    2015-16 27 GSW PG 28 28 976 288 133 155 55 874

    You tell me who’s the better player stats don’t lie.

  9. Steph Gonna Steph says:

    Is Curry the best in the league right now? Yes. Is he the best player? No, that would be LeBron over his whole career. But for this season, Curry is easily the tops. Best shooter ever, higher percentage in the paint than Deandre Jordan. On pace for 350+ three pointers. 27-1 record as a team. Former MVP, NBA champion. Top 5 in steals and rebounding (for point guards). And to all those who say he doesn’t finish around the rim? Watch last years playoffs against the Pelicans and tell me he can’t finish. Or just go ask Anthony Davis.

    —— a 15-year-old that sure as heck knows more about basketball than you

    • krespino says:

      Curry wins the MVP award this year, the Warriors win the title again, and Curry is a Hall of Famer…
      Because, if the Warriors will win this year, the era will have opened for them to win 3-4 more in the next 6-7 years. This is happening because,
      if LeBron and Durant can’t win this year, things will be geting worse for them, their teams will not be developing from this year to the next or the years after. LeBron and Durant might even need to change teams and restart in new environments. And LeBron has already started regressing; note that he mostly avoids midrange jumpers this year. And the Warriors will only be getting better every coming year, since they are a young team. And they will make additions. Spurs are the only team that may be able to stop the ascension to becoming a dynasty of the Warriors.
      Who wins it this year is critical.

  10. Tobias says:

    Curry is good, but best in the world is a stretch. All depends on what you consider best. Personally i prefer kawhi leonard, he is an absolute nightmare for whoever is playing the spurs. Soon in january we will see leonard versus curry on the floor for the first of 4 regular season matchups and get a true feel for who is better. Lets not forget what happened last time kawhi gaurded curry, curry got owned bad. Dont get me wrong curry is incredible but there are others out there who have some incredible skills also. It is a great time for basketball.

  11. Ian says:

    Anyone who thinks Curry is the best player in the world doesn’t have a clue. Best shooter, yes by far. Not the best player. Look what Lebron did in the finals last year, almost beating the Warriors with possibly one of the worst teams to play in the finals. Switch places with Lebron and Curry and see how that turns out. I am in no way a fan of Lebron or Curry but any real fan of basketball knows this.

  12. Prentice Moreland says:

    Man aint no way Curry is the best player in the game today! He may be the best shooter today but he is clearly not the best basketball player in the game! Hell I’ll take KD and Westbrook over Curry! Lebron is still the best player in the game. Can you put Curry on the 76ers and expect them to be a playoff contender? NO but Lebron can he makes everyone better Curry does not but shoot threes all game

  13. freeze3000 says:

    He isn’t just the best player right now – he is playing better than anyone has ever played the game of basketball. The GOAT status I think has to be earned over time and championships – but he has played better over this short stretch than anyone before. He is not comparable to MJ – he doesn’t play the same way and has not been great as long as MJ was – but he is better than MJ was at the peak right now and he is changing the present and future of the game right now as much as anyone ever did.

  14. JD says:

    The King is dead, long live the King

  15. Steph Curry continues to back up what he THINKS by his ACTIONS. And I’m not even a GSW fan.

  16. Derek says:

    Stephen Curry is the best player in the NBA. Critics citing his defense should consider the Warriors’ goal of winning another championship as well as the length of the season. Ultimately, he is the most effective, efficient player on the most effective and (arguably) most efficient team.

  17. chris says:

    Best shooter I have ever seen but subpar defense at best. Unfortunately instead of +/- and defensive stats fans really only care about obvious offensive merits. Not the best. Needs to work on all round game. Warriors sure are talking themselves up…Hope they can live up to their own hype.

    • Rich says:

      Subpar @ defense? He is top 5 in steals and defensive rebounds among pg’s.. hes not a lock down defender but his consistently improving. Right now he is the best player on the planet overall. Lets stop with all the excuses about, because Lebron has never been the best offensive player on the world and has never had a consistent jumpshot or post moves but no one ever said “well Durant, Mello, Kobe (all in their respective times) are better offensively but…” no we take their overall game.

  18. Charles says:

    Steph is accurate with what he thinks. If you go anywhere in your professional career and don’t think your the best or motivate yourself any endeavor in your life that says something to your personality. It may or may not be true, but you can have an opinion on what you think about yourself to stay motivated. The debate of who is the number one player right now is up to perception.

  19. Juan says:

    If any of you read Stephs comment about being the best. He’s simply saying in his mind he’s the best. Whats wrong with that? Everyone should take pride in whatever they do in life. And be able to say i think I’m the best at whatever you so for a living. Does that truly mean your the best, no. But you should strive for it. Or why continue do that type of work. So Steph admits he’s strives to be the best. And in his mind he is. People ask questions. Steph gave is opinion and explained why.

  20. what the.. says:

    Oh common Mr. Blinebury…this is a very bad headline…

  21. Observer says:

    Joe, How can you say that LBJ can change the game going to the finals, Heat with blockbuster trade with bosh. joining Wade, CAVS again joining irving and coming in with Kevin Love?

  22. isael minier says:


  23. BorisXp says:

    is prime could be starting now, so he has the right to say that, dont feel offended if you don’t think that. although theyll not win championship this year.

  24. yato says:

    Professor from and1 is the best player in the worl… he good at ball handler and he also faster… if he join the NBA… curry will lose

  25. Christopher Popo says:

    I do agree with Steph in that I believe he’s the best offensive player in the league. But I would still put King James as the best all round player cause he can do it all at both the offensive and defensive ends.

    • Boom says:

      Wrong my friend. Best all around player that consistently does it on both ends and please excuse the spelling. Kahwai Leonard. Best all around player on the planet.

  26. CAVS#1 fan says:

    Curry is The best 3point shooter Today. But overall he’s Not the best Player in the World. One on One may overall be the case in arguing who The Best Player In The World Today. I know if we threw in Curry Vs LeBron one on one i know Curry won’t even get close to the Rim. He’d just do what he always do and shoot threes. LeBron on the other hand would just dominate. In and outside No questions ask!

    • Rich says:

      One on one ?? LEBRON cant guard Curry its not a fair matchup on either end

      • CAVS#1 fan says:

        Only reason why Curry is playing at his level because his Team provides for him. Good TEAM NO WORRIES. He’s threes are consistent. But you rarely see him Attack the Rim if he wants to. To me Attacking the rim is more entertaining. Dunks etc… Xmas Game may the Best Team Win…

  27. josiahthomas220 says:

    This is perfectly fair of Curry to say. He was diplomatic, and added the implied caveat that it’s just what he thinks (because he has to, in order to play the game at the level he is trying to). And frankly, his production and success are outdoing everyone else right now.

    But I think it’s fairly obvious that, while his stats are incredible, and he has the luxury of playing on the league’s best team (yes, he is a big part of that, but they’re a guaranteed 50 win team without him even playing a minute), he isn’t the most crucial piece of any team’s success.

    For the last decade, no one has been the deciding factor in how great their team will be the way LBJ has. The leadership, all around game, explosiveness, and basketball IQ of that fella are what took two different teams (that didn’t even make the playoffs without him) to finals appearances in 5 straight seasons (and it seems likely that he’ll be back for a 6th consecutive trip this season). Had he and Curry been on opposite teams in last year’s finals, it would have been a sweep, and I doubt any of the games would have been close. I’d be amazed if even die hard Curry fans would deny this.

    Curry is doing incredible things right now, and I respect him for it. He’s fun to watch, and if he keeps this up for long enough, he can cement his legacy as one of the greats.

    But this generation of basketball will be remembered for King James.

  28. Non bias says:

    Just a jump shooter? Not the best but curry can finish at the rim just as well as any other. Let’s put the past behind us. The dubs won last year whether or not if Lebron had a full squad. We keep forgetting that basketball is team sport ( starting 5 to bench). If you’re constantly relying on 1 player to take you all the way, good luck.

  29. JD says:

    Read the first sentence of Fran,s article. Says it all.
    Just a jump shooter? Can’t elevate a team? Watch the game you haters.

  30. Luis Sanchez says:

    Curry M.V.P warriors will be CHAMPS repeat

  31. WARRIORS says:

    If Lebron can change any team like the CAVS and bring them to the finals, then what happen in the finals?

  32. Sam says:

    Curry is a simple jump shooter only, he did nothing yet. Couple of 3-pointers does not make you best player. The day he looses his 3-pointers touch, he will be a skeleton since he has NO other game. He is crazy to talk about himself… .

  33. Pedro Valada says:

    You guys are forcing something. Curry is just the best player in the league right now, and he acts like that. Let’s don’t put words in his mouth. He is not only the best and most skilled player in the league, but he is also very intelligent to not say inappropriate words, like many others (Lebron, Rose,ut Durant, harden, Paul George all claiming themselves the best player in the in the league). He is a high caracter guy, a generational player that deserves this moment in his carrer.

  34. David Jibuti says:

    He really plays good and he is the best in this session, it’s for sure.

  35. jear ting says:

    curry is right.if you don’t think that when you’re on the floor, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

  36. Steph Curry says:

    Steph Curry will win MVP

  37. Steph Curry says:

    it’s true…I am the best

  38. Fawzaan says:

    I dig dah, Curry is the best in the league

  39. black mamba says:

    he didn’t say that he is the best player in the world! he said that that’s what he tells his mind so he can have confidence in a game

  40. Joe says:

    Curry can’t change any team he is on into a contender like LBJ can. LeBron can come into the Cavs that were a terrible team the year before, and take them to the finals where he averages 36, 13 and 8 and wills with an injured 7 man rotation with a guy named Dellavedova to a 6 game series. Curry can’t change any team he is on into a contender

    • Rich says:

      Joe… Lebron cant come to any team and change them either.. Lebron came to Cavs along with Love they were sub par then also acquired Jr Smith Shumpert and Mosgov.. Which pretry much gave them an entire new team.. they had 1 guy (kyrie Irving) from previous years starting 5. Smh… lets compare apples to apples

  41. Ash says:

    Said Tim Duncan, NEVER!

  42. mike says:

    I feel u Steph but me thinks lebron has d best all around game. Just saying

  43. vonhulland says:

    Curry, this is getting sickening!

  44. Kobe Jelly bean Bryant says:

    He is the champ and he has a right to say that!