Bulls’ Butler: ‘We Have To Be Coached Harder’

NBA.com staff reports

The up and down Bulls season has hit another bump this weekend.

It was probably tough enough dropping a 4OT thriller at home to the Pistons Friday, but getting routed by the Knicks Saturday was apparently too much for star guard Jimmy Butler to stand without speaking out.


  1. unkaned says:

    Kinda stupid. First, Jimmy Butler should not blame someone else for not making him play harder. If he knows he is not playing harder, why doesn’t he simply play harder. Ergo, what he is saying is that Fred should be harder on his teammates. So why doesn’t Jimbo simply call out his fellow players?

  2. Lovins says:

    Not really surprising…I honestly don’t ever understand how college coaches are supposed to come in and excel at teaching a much higher talent level, let alone correctly manage NBA egos. If I was one of the top ballers in the world, I certainly would have a difficult time respecting a guy who’s coming up from coaching 19 year olds. Like what does this guy know that I don’t?

  3. William Anderson says:

    Everyone who has a job that supervioriy has to do it. Parents too! Tough love. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s getting a job done and and having your say on anyone who is not doing what they are suppose to do. If you have to yell and scream to get your point across, so be it, if you have to hurt feelings, so be it. If the end result is positive, that person will thank you later in life.

  4. Hugh says:

    Thibs was a good coach who got guys to respond. He was terrible with player management. Getting to the playoffs is obviously the goal for every team, but doing it at the expense and health of your team is never a good thing. His lack of minute management is what cost the Bulls last season. Hoiberg has been a disaster thus far. At times the Bulls look like they are playing pick up ball. If they didn’t have the talent they have, I’d bet they would be battling the 76ers for last. The team is about to be blown up as well. Pau says he is opting out (new tv revenues kick in, he probably wants more $$$), It’s almost like Noah will be traded by the deadline the way they are using him (final year of his deal – keep him healthy and then move him) and then what? No bigs, no newer guys that can play D and and offence that looks like a bunch of guys playing in the park. The championship window closed last season, I hate it, but the writing is on the wall.

  5. Ladyshakalaka says:

    I don’t claim to know what is happenning in Chicago, but if jimmy Butler believes his coach is soft and not addressing issues with other players, he should discuss with coach and team amanagement not the news media.
    Butler is being disrespectful and not helping the team. How would you like it if your coach told the media outlet how you should behave!
    Coach Thib is an autocratic leader and coaches by screaming and degrading, that doesn’t mean everyone should lead in that fashion.
    I respect my bosses more if they respect me & treat me right. I will work harder for that boss than someone who is nasty and disrespectful.

    Jimmy, talk to team personnel and not the media outlets about your team concerns because everyone in the media saying negative things about your coach can’t possibly benefit your team or your relationship with him.

    • jg says:

      I absolutely agree. Jimmy butler keeps going to the media about these things without talking to the team first. Goodness Hoigbers job could be on the line!

  6. Heather says:

    Hi Everyone, I come in peace and this is just the simple perspective of girl who grew up watching Big East Basketball coaches (we only had one tv in our house so I had to watch what my Dad watched which was NBA/BE basketball) like Jim Boeheim, John Thompson, Pitino (please excuse misspellings). I know the NBA is a lot different from college basketball, But here are just a few observations about Coach Hoiberg:

    1. Hoiberg does not stand up much during the Bulls games and doesn’t look like he is motioning to the players while they are playing like Thibs used to.
    2. Thibs used to always have a have a piece of paper in his hand too which gave the indication like he did have a plan and was engaged with what the players were doing constantly.
    3. Hoiberg does not wear a tie to the games. How does he expect his players to respond to his constructive feedback if he doesn’t look professional or authoritative? Phil Jackson and Pat Riley always wore ties right? Does Pops wear a tie?
    4. Hoiberg is young relatively speaking, and at least looks young. He will need to work harder than other coaches to get his players to respect and respond to him.

    Again I come in peace

    • dmh says:

      He quit wearing a tie last season with ISU because it made him lightheaded due to his heart condition. Otherwise everything else can be explained by blaming Forman and Paxon for thinking that Hoiberg would be a magical fix for a clearly flawed and old-school roster.

  7. MJ says:

    He can work additional 4 more hours if he wants. Do that first then call for “coach harder”

  8. Marshall Hayes jr says:

    I whole heartedly agree with Jimmy G Buckets!

  9. Eduardo says:

    Butler is sad

  10. It was disrespectful. At my place of employment, it would mean termination. Jimmy Butler should take his talents and leave Chicago. It’s a sinking ship no matter how you look at. Derrck Rose, Pau Gasol, and Noah are not the future of the Bulls and Jimmy Butler deserves better. They should have NEVER fired coach Thibs. What were they thinking???

  11. zen garden says:

    when u start tony snell an mirotic over snell its safe to say u are not a very good coach

  12. me says:

    Funny thing is, & of course Nick Friedell doesn’t mention this: he’s exactly right.
    Just like the rest of the human family, little problem, big reaction. Big problem, little reaction. You shouldn’t have to drop a bomb in the laps of people to wake them up, we’re the most intelligent animal on the planet by design, but we’re soiling our nest & depleting life sustaining resources at an unprecedented & permanent decline rate, racing to a cliff ever faster.
    This is another example, just in sports, & Butler is telling the truth, the Reinsdorf’s couldn’t possibly be trusted with looking after the well being of this franchise & hiring the right people or players as they broke up one of the world’s greatest sports dynasties for a dried up Jerry Krause grudge and as a result, paradoxically cost themselves probably another 300$ million by doing so. Hoiberg could use some Poppovich fire, some Coach K defense & pressure & some Jackson wisdom of sharing it wisely. That being said, I can’t overlook how Gasol doesn’t pre position well enough like his brother Mark most of the time on D.

  13. dave says:

    what would he possibly gain by posting this publicly? rather than having a private discussion with coach?

    as an example, i’m trying to imagine posting something negative about my manager on twitter – how do you face the person the next day and continue working with them day in day out?

  14. victor says:

    someone misses, Tom…You’re not the only one…

  15. Super duper says:

    In other words: you’re not very good players. Only bad teams and bad players “need to be coached harder”. The best coaches in the history of the game have been player’s coaches and have let players play the game adn that’s the reason why the very best players have always been drawn to the very best coaches. Learn to think Jimmy and start being the vocal leader yourself. This is not high school.

    • Rumbero says:

      I have to disagree with you my friend. Tell that to Pop who gets on his guys in every game including his star players. Phil Jackson was another who would get on his players with the bulls and lakers when they would not follow the game plan or play to their talents.
      Ask Shaq, Kobe, Michael, Scottie, Denis, Duncan, Parker, Ginobli

  16. Austin says:

    Or Jimmy Butler could speak up and be a leader on the court and get on guys himself.

  17. Chris Paul George Hill says:

    hello thibs!