Kobe to sit out vs. Thunder

NBA.com staff reports

Lakers forward Kobe Bryant will sit out today’s game at the Oklahoma City Thunder according to media reports.

In 23 games this season, Bryant is averaging 16.7 points per game on 33.9% shooting from the field.


  1. LakerFan in SoCal says:

    Byron Scott is an outstanding coavh. People blame him because the Lakers aren’t winning. Look at how many coaches we have had recently who couldnt win and everybody blames the coach. Coach Brown and Coach D, couldn’t win. Heck, I bet even Phil Jackson couldn’t win with this team. Kobe knows they have no hope of a championship this year: That’s why he doesn’t want to “do this” anymore. Look at the pattern is these games: Either the Lakers start slow and get into a hole in too deep to claw their way out of, or they start off really well and hang with better, seasoned teams and fade away, especially in the third quarter. They make a lot of mistakes and that shows up in their high number of turnovers. On the other hand, they display moments of basketball brilliance, and have good stretches of great offense and excellent defense, only to fall apart and get lost on the court. These are all characteristic symptoms of a team with too many very young players. They don’t need a new coach, they just need time to develop. Anybody who has ever played and especially anyone who has ever coached a basketball team knows the truth of what I am saying, Leave Coach Byron alone and have some patience. This team can grow into greatness if they get the opportunity,

  2. www1w2 ewrta says:

    haters just wanna hate hate hate,…….

  3. bayaraa says:

    please fire Byron Scott. How he can say our players SCARED. oh my god. he is not head coach.

  4. Chris says:

    I think he is faking it, he dose not want to get beat by the OKC Thunder by 50 Pts, I do hope Thunder beats them by 60 Pts tonight.

  5. The Fakers don’t need Kobe anyway, to lose.