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Kobe fine with missing —  or making — All-Star Game | Report: Howard doesn’t desire trade | Report: Kings working to deal Butler

No. 1: Kobe fine with making — or missing — 2016 All-Star Game — There’s still plenty of time to make your voice heard and vote in the 2016 All-Star Game. With this being Kobe Bryant‘s farewell season in the NBA, will he garner enough votes to get a spot (as it is unlikely  he’ll be voted in as a reserve by the coaches)? For Bryant, making his final All-Star Game — or missing it — seem to be of equal value to him, writes Baxter Holmes of

Though NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently told Sirius XM NBA Radio that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant “deserves to be” at the 2016 All-Star Game, Bryant said he is fine if he doesn’t make what would be the final All-Star Game appearance of his storied career.

“I mean it would be great to play in it. If I’m not in it, I’m not going to beat myself up over that either,” Bryant said after practice at the team’s facility Wednesday. “I’ll support the game no matter what. Support the players no matter what.”

If the 37-year-old Bryant were voted into the game, it would mark his 18th all-time selection, one shy of the NBA record held by fellow Lakers icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Bryant, who is retiring after this season, has started in 14 All-Star Games.

“It would be great, but at the same time I’ve played in a lot of them, so it’s always great to have the younger guys step up and get their opportunities as well,” Bryant said. “I’ve played in quite a few. If I’m fortunate to be there, I’ll be extremely grateful for that. If I’m not, at the same token, I’ll be extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve had.”


No. 2: Report: Howard doesn’t desire a trade — Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard’s name was bandied about in two trades this week by the web site. Possible deals with the Sacramento Kings or Miami Heat were the two top destinations, but some other teams were in the mix, too. At any rate, Howard more or less shot down that chatter last night after Houston’s loss to Sacramento on Tuesday.’s Calvin Watkins has more:

With the Houston Rockets struggling to get over .500, questions have begun to surface about the happiness of star center Dwight Howard.

While acknowledging Howard is unhappy with losing, sources said Howard has not expressed a desire to be traded.

Howard has a player option for next season at $23.2 million. The team expects him to become a free agent, taking advantage of a salary cap that is projected to expand from $67 million to nearly $90 million.

Tuesday night, after reported that Howard was unhappy playing second fiddle to James Harden, Howard disputed that notion.

“I haven’t said nothing to nobody about anything,” Howard said after the Rockets’ 107-97 loss Tuesday to Sacramento. “I’ve been positive, trying to turn this thing around any way possible. People always going to make up lies or rumors to get off. But I haven’t said nothing or anything to anybody.

“That’s never been a focus. (It’s) to try to get these guys to play better, to make myself to play better.”

In an interview with USA Today after the loss to the Kings, Howard said: “I chose to go to Houston, so why would I just say, ‘I’m not happy’ and leave?”


No. 3: Report: Kings make trade promise to Butler — Veteran forward Caron Butler was added by the Sacramento Kings in the offseason to provide a veteran voice to a mostly youthful squad. While he has done that for the Kings, he’s also had a tiny role on the court. According to’s Marc Stein, the Kings are aware Butler wants more minutes and may have a deal in place to trade him where that can happen soon:

The Sacramento Kings have pledged to veteran forward Caron Butler that they will trade him to a team where he can have a larger role, league sources said Wednesday.

Sources told that the Kings plan to move Butler shortly after Christmas. Butler, 35, has found minutes hard to come by in the Kings’ frontcourt.

The Milwaukee Bucks, Butler’s hometown team, have quickly emerged as the likely destination for Butler, according to sources close to him. He is a native of Racine, Wisconsin.

Off to a disappointing 10-16 start, Milwaukee could be helped by an infusion of veteran leadership after losing Zaza Pachulia and Jared Dudley over the summer to clear a financial path for the free-agent signing of center Greg Monroe.

Butler, who signed with the Kings over the summer, has already had one stint with the Bucks. But halfway through the 2013-14 season, with the Bucks en route to a 15-67 finish, Butler secured a buyout that ultimately enabled him to join a title contender in the Oklahoma City Thunder.



No. 4: Cousins’ manager tossed for slapping Terry — The Sacramento Kings are 9-8 since their 1-7 start to the season and sit just a game out in the race for No. 8 in the West. But, the Kings have plenty of off-court issues this season and you can add another one to the pile. During last night’s win over the Houston, Rockets guard Jason Terry scored on a breakaway layup and his momentum carried him into the crowd. From there, things got strange, writes Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee:

Tuesday’s game had its own drama, as DeMarcus Cousins’ manager, Andrew Rogers, was ejected after making contact with Houston guard Jason Terry.

Rogers knocked Terry’s hand away after Terry made contact with him while running past the basket, following a Ben McLemore dunk.

Cousins ran to that end of the court when he saw what was happening, and security was ready to defuse the situation.

“My biggest thing is, I didn’t want the situation to escalate too far,” he said.

Cousins declined to discuss the incident in detail. Rogers is a close friend who he’s known since he played at Kentucky.

“It just shows I’ve got some ride or dies,” Cousins said.

VIDEO: Fan gets ejected for making contact with Jason Terry


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  1. Disway says:

    i dont want kobe to play again in all-star game, I cant handle the sadness if I see kobe teach Lebron how to play basketball 🙂

  2. Grahaml says:

    Bryant should in no way even be eligible for the game. If he makes it then every stat about all star appearances will need to be qualified and the entire honour will be cheapened. Every year, every player who makes an all star team should deserve it based on their output, not their reputation. Bryant should absolutely be a part of the weekend, but not as an all star.

    • Anthony brown says:

      So u don’t agree with mj making the allstar team in his final year?(Vince Carter gave up his spot to him) why shouldn’t Kobe? Also one of the best to ever play

  3. ballislife says:

    Kobe should play in a farewell all star game it would be similar to how magic johnson played after he retired he might not be playing his best this year but its still kobe bryant none the less like it was mentioned in a earlier post its all about sports entertainment and it will be entertaining to see him in a final all star game so if all the people who don’t like the man can put their own personal feelings aside and realize we are witnessing the end of a great legacy that the man laid before us ….peace out Kobe you will be missed

  4. Raptor4Life says:

    Kobe “haters” should email Adam Silver and petition him to not let Kobe be eligible for the all-star game…. but realize that this will NEVER happen – and learn to live with the fact that he WILL be playing unless injury prevents it. The commissioner likes the “fan voting” aspect of the process. He wants fan involvement and respects the wishes of the fans, fully realizing that this is a glorified popularity contest, and in Kobe’s case a “lifetime achievement award”.
    The SERIOUS side of the voting comes from the coaches who recognize current excellence. This provides a reasonable balance. There will always be good players that “should” have made it but won’t so the current system will never be perfect, but the league is looking for that reasonable balance and is content with that result so there will not be changes anytime soon.
    Remember, it is all about the ” sports *ENTERTAINMENT* ” !!!

  5. Bart says:

    Of COURSE Kobe gets voted in. The moronic fan voting ensures that. If it were up to the fans Jordan would be starting 10 years after he dies…roll his corpse out there. Same reason Yao Ming got like 7 starts when he was only deserving maybe 2 of them. It should absolutely be a players only vote as they are the ones who know who deserves it and who doesn’t.

  6. LOL says:

    Said the guy who was never very popular

  7. b says:

    well, i voted for him…

  8. raybay34 says:

    Sounds like somebody is a hater….5 time Champ! Who is the guy your voting for, and how many rings do they have? I’ll wait, ….Exactly

  9. apexpredator says:

    I will third that comment. If kobe truly realize that his time has ended then he should have said, dont vote me into the allstar game not i would be happy if i make it or not. This implies that he wants to be in it. Let others get a shot to make a name for themselves. I was never a kobe fan but respect all the things he accomplished in the nba. The allstar game is about who are playing the best now. Nba should limit how fans decide the starting 5.

  10. Ramon perez says:

    I would like to c kobe in his last all star game before he retires but of course haters have to hate on one of the all time greats to lace them up

  11. DM says:

    Kobe Bryant won’t miss the All-Star game because his idiot fans will vote him in to it as usual. They’ve voted him into All-Star games he doesn’t deserve to be involved in before using their usual excuses of “It’s for the fans” and “It’s who the fans want to see”. The All-star game is supposed to be between the best players of that season and be a reward for those players efforts that season, not a popularity contest.

    • Reggohllabami says:

      I truly agree with that. While he certainly shouldn’t have been voted in for the past couple of years or so, it’s all those ball-hogger’s worshippers that do the work and why there should have been something done in rules of voting to prevent Mr. ballhog from getting in. It’s even more absurd that he’s listed as frontcourt so he’s taking away a bigger player that actually deserves to be there. This is why I look forward to next year when all those Adobe Cryant fans start to cry because they can’t rig the voting.

  12. default says:

    Anybody who votes for Kobe should be banned from ever voting again. This is not a lifetime achievement award.