Blogtable: Who’s getting traded?

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> Give me a name or two, guys who you think almost certainly will be traded between now and the Feb. 18 trade deadline.

Steve Aschburner, How ’bout Markieff Morris, Brandon Jennings, Kevin Martin and (a constant on these speculative lists) DeMarcus Cousins? Morris has wanted out of Phoenix since the Suns broke the family bond by dealing away brother Marcus. Jennings, if he can demonstrate his ability once he returns from Achilles-surgery rehab, would be redundant for Detroit behind Reggie Jackson if he can’t settle into a sixth-man role. Martin is the rare Timberwolf who is in mid-career and thus, out of place in Minnesota’s mentor-driven rebuild. As for Cousins, he’s done the groundwork to join that historical group of malcontented NBA big men who got traded two or three times in their careers, so he might as well get the first one out of the way.

Fran Blinebury, Ryan Anderson. Pelicans need to do something for the future and he’s probably their most valuable trade chip. Also, Terrence Jones, who is a victim of a Rockets numbers game with Clint Capela and Donatas Motiejunas.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comJoe Johnson, brutal salary and all. But the Nets need to hurry. Even if they price Johnson to move, his offense has become more problem than attractive. I would still expect a playoff team looking for a veteran to show interest.

Shaun Powell, Taj Gibson, Brandon Jennings, Markieff Morris. The Bulls have a replacement for Gibson, Morris and the Suns are overdue for a parting (and his team-friendly contract would be in demand) while the Pistons have no need for Jennings and besides, coach Stan Van Gundy doesn’t seem to be a big fan.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comIt’s hard to say that someone will “almost certainly” be traded, because it takes two to tango and a trade it’s more difficult these days to convince another team that your trash is their treasure. The Clippers may want to cut bait on the Lance Stephenson experiment, but they’re more likely to find a taker on Jamal Crawford. If the Pelicans don’t survive this five-game road trip (which is already off to a rough start) they’re on, they should start looking at the future and seeing what they can get for Ryan Anderson. The Grizzlies, Rockets and Wizards are all primed for a shake-up, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see Tony Allen, Corey Brewer, or Nene in a new home by Feb. 18.

Sekou Smith, Brandon Jennings is a prime target, what with Reggie Jackson making himself at home as the starting point guard in Detroit for the foreseeable future. Quality point guards are always in demand and he’d be an intriguing fit in several places (Utah, New Orleans, just to name a couple). Lance Stephenson just doesn’t seem to fit with the Clippers and what they are trying to do. If someone gets thrown overboard between now and the deadline, I won’t be shocked if it’s Born Ready.

Ian Thomsen, Brandon Bass, the Lakers’ 30 year old power forward, has an affordable two-year contract totaling $6.1 million. His midrange shotmaking, defense and postseason experience could help any number of playoff contenders. By February their fans will be begging the Lakers to unload short-term talents like Bass in hope of retaining their No. 1 pick, which goes to Philadelphia if it falls outside the top three.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: I’d guess either Brook Lopez or Thaddeus Young. Brooklyn is in deep trouble looking ahead, with their draft future mostly belonging to Boston and their on-court future looking murky. They need to rebuild, but don’t have the pieces to do it. Their only real option is to move whatever they have left and try to get some pieces they can build upon going forward. And from what I can tell, Young and Lopez are their best bets this season to dangle at the trade deadline and hope to get a Draft pick in return.


  1. ebryant464 says:

    After reading the proposed trades and comments from the Bulls fans there’s a possible trade that seems to make sense for the Bulls and Nets interest – Joe Johnson for Derek Rose. Not sure how the salaries match up or years left on either contract but a change of scenery for two highly paid underachievers with so called untradeable contracts might pay dividends for either team.

  2. Fire Steve Aschburner says:

    You can tell when a writer is lazy and not worth a check when they have to rip off bad ESPN click-bait headlines.

    Cousins isn’t ANYWHERE near a trade block.

    So lazy please screen your hiring better 😦

  3. David says:

    Cousins is NOT getting traded. He’s under a friendly contract for 3 more years, and has asked the Kings not to fire Karl. He’s a top ten talent that keeps showing up on these lists. Yesterday, an article stated that the Bulls would be willing to trade for Cousins. I’ll bet they’d trade for Lebron, Durant, Davis, et al also.

    • DH says:

      If Kings keep losing though, and the chemistry with the team sours, perhaps another spat between coach and players, they will consider offers, and if brooklyn is looking terrible by february, you can bet the Celtics will be the first to line up with that pick, plus probably a package of david lee, kelly olynyk and one of the rookies or sophomores (not smart) plus probably a few other picks.. whiteside and winslow is a good package, but for the kings, 1 prospect and 1 player isnt enough to get their franchise going, because cousins is the only thing keeping them mildly respectable, bulls just flat out don’t have the chips to be at the trade table… only offer I can see is boston.

  4. asas says:

    there is no way that brooklyn manages to trade johnson, a buyout may happen, but no teams will take on his salary without getting draft picks in return which brooklyn doesn’t have.

  5. scoe63 says:

    The Bulls have a serious chemistry problem in the starting unit and it’s Jimmy Butler.

    Every player on the roster (especially McDermott, Mirotec and Snell) plays MUCH BETTER when Butler isn’t on the floor with them.

    Butler LOVES to hold and dribble around with the ball for 9-12 seconds per possession. This has been KILLING THE OFFENSE.

    Hoiberg has countered by placing an extra Guard in the game, which forces Jimmy Butler to his NATURAL SMALL FORWARD POSITION.

    Expect the Bulls to go hard for a Shooting Guard who can shoot and slide Butler to Small Forward. Or…

    Expect the Bulls to trade Butler if a quality Shooting Guard lime James Harden is available.

    Demarcus Cousins would be another excellent solution to solving the Bulls chemistry problem by packaging Butler & Gasol.

    Good players, but not the best fit for the system Hoiberg is trying to implement.

    • Realist says:

      Your an idiot!! You think they just signed Butler to a huge deal and to trade him. Wake up…Rose is the issue not pushing the ball up the court to run the offense.

    • Brad says:

      You are right with the chemistry problem and it isn’t Butler. He is the only one that really comes out to play. Rose is the whole issue with the offense. He likes to walk the ball up the court instead of pushing the ball which is required in Hoiberg’s offense. You think they will trade Butler after they just signed him to a long contract for someone like Harden who can’t even spell defense? Or trade him for another person like Cousins who is known for having chemistry issues with both teammates and coaches? Wake up and see who the real problem is and its Rose. Nobody will take his contract. He is scared to play ball anymore and likes to stand around and shoot up bricks all day instead of what he’s good at and what got him to be drafted in the first place which is driving the basketball.