Blogtable: Lasting impression from Warriors’ 24-0 start?

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VIDEOTop 24 plays from Warriors’ 24-0 start

> What’s one thing that stands out — one lasting impression — from the Warriors’ 24-0 run to start the season?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comI covered the Warriors a couple times deep into their run, including the streak-buster at Milwaukee, and was struck by both the supreme confidence they exuded and the standards to which they held their performances, higher than mere winning or losing. But mostly I’ll remember Luke Walton, who sounded and worked the sidelines like a veteran NBA coach, not some temp worker swamped in one of sports’ most pressure-packed roles. Sorry, W fans, but he deserves to be hired away by some needy team next summer.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comLots of memories. Harrison Barnes slam over Dwight Howard (Oct. 30), Festus Ezeli’s thunderclap rejection of Blake Griffin (Nov. 4) and any number of ankle-breaking drives and 3-point shots by Steph Curry. But what stands out most is the Warriors’ comeback from 23 points down to beat the hated Clippers on Nov. 19. So full of heat, vitriol and sheer will. Delicious.

Scott Howard-Cooper, How they wanted the pressure of everyone coming at them to break the streak. You learn about good teams in the playoffs, not the start of the season, but what a read on the Warriors’ personality. The record became important as a statement as well as a historical moment. Champagne hangover? Trip without their coach? Struggle with the expectations as a defending champion? No. No. No. They were locked in from the start.

Shaun Powell, NBA.comI hope the Warriors and their fans don’t take this the wrong way, because the streak was obviously impressive. But what stood out is the Warriors didn’t play Oklahoma City, San Antonio or Cleveland, perhaps the only other teams capable of winning the championship this season. That, and how Steph Curry cemented his role as the most feared scorer on the planet.

John Schuhmann, Statistically, it’s how potent their offense has become. Through Tuesday, the Warriors have scored 11.3 more points per 100 possessions than the league average, a differential that would eclipse the highest mark (+9.5 by the 2003-04 Mavs) of the last 39 years (since the league starting counting turnovers) by a wide margin. Stephen Curry isn’t the only Warrior shooting well; Andre Iguodala, Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes are also in the top 20 in effective field goal percentage (minimum 150 FGA), and five of the other six guys in the rotation have shot better than the league average. And Draymond Green has turned into a terrific playmaker who makes defenses pay for paying attention to Curry.

Sekou Smith, Win No. 24 was my favorite game of the entire streak. That crowd in Boston was feeling it, they thought they’d play the spoiler role the Milwaukee Bucks would a night later. Kelly Olynyk was playing out of his mind and if ever there was a time to get the Warriors it was on a Friday night when they didn’t have Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson in the lineup. But Steph Curry and Draymond Green would not have it. They scrapped and clawed their way to a win in one of the best and most hostile environments in basketball. The refuse-to-lose attitude they showed that night told me everything I needed to know about the resolve of the champs.

Ian Thomsen, Their humility. Their streak was built up from the most demanding kind of defensive teamwork. They made the scoring look effortless when in fact there was nothing easy about the efforts that launched those fast breaks. They had every excuse to big-time it, and yet the defending champs were the most-focused and hardest-working team of the opening six weeks.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: Confidence. It seems like forever ago, but don’t forget the Warriors suffered a crisis of confidence back in May, after falling behind 2-1 against the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2015 Western Conference semifinals. But they switched Andrew Bogut onto Tony Allen and never looked back, and they came into this season like they’d never taken a break. The streak may be over, but the Warriors aren’t done. Not even close.


  1. Stop being in denial. The Golden Flake Warriors are on top!

  2. SHOWTIME says:

    Most of you are saying WARRIORS had the 24 game winning streak because of its scheduling and they have not played against the top three team like CAVs, THUNDER and SPURS.

    Here is some interesting facts that you may like to see.

    -CAVS has not played against THUNDER, SPURS, WARRIORS either.
    -SPURS and THUNDER played each other on Game 1 and THUNDER won, but since then, they have not played any of these top three teams yet.
    -WARRIORS beat Bulls, but CAVS, THUNDER, SPURS lost to Bulls.
    -WARRIORS beat Raptors twice. CAVS, THUNDER, SPURS played against Raptors once and they lost it.
    -WARRIORS lost to Bucks. CAVS lost to Bucks once as well.
    -WARRIORS and THUNDER beat PISTONS. CAVS lost to Pistons.
    -WARRIORS beat Pelicans twice and THUNDER once. SPURS and CAVS lost to Pelicans.
    -THUNDER lost to CELTICS while other teams winning.
    -WARRIORS beat Clippers twice during the streak.
    -WARRIORS beat Rockets. THUNDER lost to Rockets.

    Longest streak so fer:
    -WARRIORS: 24
    -CAVS: 8
    -SPURS: 6
    -THUNDER: 6

    I am tired now and not going to research and tell all of stats but I think the schedule of these 4 teams are about same level. They all are playing some good teams and bad teams. I don’t know the whole inside situation of each team and player, but CAVS, SPURS, THUNDER have lost to some ok teams and only WARRIORS were able to accomplish such winning streak.

    I don’t mean WARRIORS are better than other 3 teams though. I think they all have a chance to win the title.
    I just wanna say what WARRIORS have done is incredible.
    It is not easy to keep winning like they did under any scheduling or circumstance.

  3. Marty says:

    24 straight is what it is but how did the schedule allow to avoid top teams

  4. Eddie says:

    During that streak, the Warriors were without starters Bogut (8 games) Barnes (9 games) and Thompson (2 games) due to injuries. Last year the critics said they were “lucky” because of a lack of injuries.

    During the streak Clev, San Antonio, OKC and Chicago lost a total of 26 games. The Warriors lost one.

    During the streak the Ws had a new coach. A rookie coach.

    Let’s be fair. With team-first attitude and a certain flair, Ws were the best last year. And they are the best this year.

    • xyz says:

      Just a curious incident that the Warriors didn’t play any of these aforementioned during their so called ‘historic’ streak ?!?

  5. Range Rover says:

    If Oklahoma City, San Antonio, or Cleveland played Golden State’s same exact schedule without playing each other, would they have gone 24-1 or 25-0? I don’t think so. Credit where credit is due. Blame the schedule-makers, not the Warriors.

    What stood out to me is the validity of Draymond Green. One full year with the 1st unit and you can see the comfort level. San Antonio looks good without LaMarcus Aldridge fully integrated. Now that’s scary.

  6. Walker says:

    What will I remember the most about the Warriors streak? The fact that the did not play the SPURS, CAVS, THUNDER or BULLS. All teams that have given them trouble over the past couple of seasons.

    They did beat the Clips but they are a mess right now. They struggled with the JAZZ another team that usually gives them trouble.