Silver clarifies his role in Colangelo hire in Philadelphia

VIDEO: The Starters discuss Jerry Colangelo joining the Philadelphia 76ers as chairman of basketball operations

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made the introduction, but contrary to rumblings making the rounds, did not influence the Philadelphia 76ers’ hiring of Jerry Colangelo this week as their chairman of basketball operations. 

Silver clarified his role in the situation today with Justin Termine and Eddie Johnson on Sirius/XM NBA Radio.

“The only role I played was making an introduction to Jerry for Josh Harris,” Silver said. “But I would say that this was something that was initiated entirely by Josh Harris and he’s the principal owner and governor of the Philadelphia 76ers. Contrary to what I’ve read in some of the reports, this was not arm-twisting from the league office telling the 76ers they had to change course or other owners calling me and saying you have to force the 76ers to do something.”

You can listen to the full interview here:



  1. The 76ers have no clue what they are doing from top to bottom. This owner should have bought a flower shop instead of a pro sports team and Silver is watching one of the greatest franchises on earth become dirt and is finally trying to do something about it. This is the Philadelphia 76ers and this team deserves a better owner and a better team on the court. Maybe just maybe these moves will help this franchise because this is not what fans in Philly expect from this team.

  2. They have to implode and explode first, before they will be any good. lol

  3. Dan says:

    hmmm… smells a lil fishy

  4. I hope they turn it around soon. I feel bad for the fans in Philly…

    • Casehil28 says:

      I don’t, in a few years they will be awesome. I wish my team (Raptors) would do this. I’d rather watch a team go 10-72 knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel, than to see a team make the playoffs and get smashed in the first round every year.