Hang Time Podcast (Episode 220) Warriors, Warriors, Warriors!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — How is this possible, a team navigating week after week of the NBA season without tasting defeat?

The Golden State Warriors are living that dream right now. They are on a remarkable roll, a record 23 straight wins to start the season and counting. Their exploits have overshadowed just about everything else going on in basketball, and some would say rightly so.

Yes, Kobe Bryant stole a few headlines by announcing his retirement at the end of this season. And LeBron James is always good for a headline or two, depending on what’s on his mind at the time and whether or not he feels like sharing.

But otherwise, it’s been all about Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and the rest of a Warriors team that literally cannot be stopped right now. It’s beautiful to watch, a team playing this style at this level, and doing so while their head coach, Steve Kerr, is out of commission. Luke Walton is doing a fabulous job filling in for Kerr, a Coach of the First Quarter of the Season caliber job.

So when will the Warriors finally get knocked off the undefeated perch? What team is capable of handing them that first defeat (they don’t face Western Conference powers San Antonio and Oklahoma City until after the New Year)?

If they make it Christmas unblemished, James and the Cavaliers will get their shot in a rematch of The Finals at Oracle Arena.

Now wouldn’t that make for a spectacular Christmas present for basketball and sports fans around the world?

We’re talking Warriors, Warriors and more Warriors on Episode 220 of The Hang Time Podcast.


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VIDEO: A phantom cam look at the Splash Bros leading the Warriors in their record 23rd straight win to start the season


  1. Kallark says:

    Love the podcast guys but I must be honest..all the message alert sounds happening in the background are a bit distracting.
    Simple fix to the Notifications/ Settings turning off the sound should do it. GO LAKERS

  2. tonichi says:

    They might still be all wins with 41. Somehow, OKC is always there just before the Warriors hit 50 and even 60. They end up with 79-3 then face Dallas in the first round..

  3. White Hat says:

    The Warriors are about excellence in a league run mostly by ” good enough.” They take advantage of every edge, every skill, every tech advancement they can find.

    What the Ws are doing is not incomprehensible, it’s not magic, it’s only beyond the willingness/finances/intelligence of every other team they’ll face this year. The Ws are going to thoroughly devastate this league this season, and, in the process, re-define what’s possible and even reasonable to hope for in a league that has otherwise flattened out at a mediocre level.