Blogtable: Coaching in Kobe’s future?

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VIDEOKobe Bryant talks about why he decided to retire after 2015-16

> Now that he announced his retirement, do you see coaching in Kobe’s future? And if not, then what will he do with this free time he has?

Steve Aschburner, Can’t see Kobe as an NBA coach because he seems to burn too hot. It’s also a level or two too removed from the sort of individual mastery that matters so much to him and for which he’s so famous. I could see him as an entrepreneur in the business world not unlike Magic Johnson or delving into entertainment as the driving force of a studio or production house. Or, most of all, really going global in cultivating international markets in apparel, media and other basketball-related enterprises. His candor would be terrific on one of the NBA studio shows, if he could keep it light enough to avoid appearing harsh. Owner of a team? Well, the guy Bryant’s always chased has left sneaker prints in which to follow, if that’s what he craves.

Fran Blinebury, Not a chance. No patience. No tolerance. No empathy. In fact, I’d pity his players. I’m sure he’ll pop up occasionally on TV, but not for a regular talking head gig. A life of royal repose.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Mamba Enterprises. Kobe Inc. His drive does not stop at wanting to take over the basketball world. It’s more likely he owns a team than coaches one. I think most anything is more likely than coaching, actually. But he won’t go away. Bryant will remain a presence.

Shaun Powell, Coaching? No chance in hell. Kobe wouldn’t have the patience for it. I’d love to see him become a basketball ambassador, given his passion for all things international, and buy a piece of the Lakers at some point. Of course a fair amount of people will want him to sit behind a microphone. Kobe will be fine with whatever he decides to do. 

John Schuhmann, I do not see him as a coach, because he doesn’t seem to have the temperament. He’ll likely get into TV and/or radio, because he’s not afraid to speak his mind and people will always want to hear what he has to say.

Sekou Smith, No way can I see Kobe coaching. Not in the NBA or anywhere else. The way he battled his coaches (namely Phil Jackson) … not a chance. Ownership seems more appropriate for a superstar of his ilk.

Ian Thomsen, The example for him to emulate would be Pat Riley. He would surely be willing to prepare and compete like Riley. But would Kobe be interested in relating to players who fall short of his high competitive standard? Riley, as an NBA role player, approached coaching from a different perspective than Kobe would. His career in coaching defined Riley, whereas Kobe already knows who he is and has no need to prove himself.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog I can’t see Kobe as a coach — dealing with the media demands alone would probably be too much. I could see him in a GM/president role, overseeing a franchise and thinking bigger picture. But really, I think he’ll be done with basketball for a while. He’s already set the groundwork for a career in something other than basketball, and knowing what a competitor Kobe is, my guess is he will want to see what kind of success he can have if he pursues a full-time career in the business world.


  1. nbakiwi says:

    Someone needs a franny pack

  2. I see him leaving the country and moving to Italy or China and starting another business enterprise there. I think he’s done here. He’s too impatient to coach. But maybe own an NBA team. The 76ers?

  3. RJ says:

    I can see him showing up on Open Court every once in a while but overall I think he will just spend time with his family a stay pretty quiet for a few years.

  4. Robert says:

    Frank! Pau Gasol hatted playing with Kobe? Caron Buttler hated playing with Kobe? Lamar? Common dude, who was it? Oh yah, bitter Shaq, who has already admitted he was wrong. Oh, and Smoosh!

    Stop making stuff up because your not a good enough writer to get by with the truth!

    • Birdie says:

      Common means ordinary, every day. It does not mean come on. The abbreviation is c’mon, if that isn’t just too hard for you.

  5. Robert says:

    Fran Blinebury: It’s pathetic that someone could make a career out of spewing such garbage and lies. Why don’t you talk to Koby’s teammates about what they think of him–Gasol, Metta, whomever, even Shaq has admitted he was wrong and made amends. So whose left, Smoosh Parker? Franny girl is an egotistical, spiteful writer, projecting his own charter onto Kobe. All Kobe did was work hard to be the best, just the opposite of Franny.