Okafor takes to twitter regarding off-court issues

VIDEO: GameTime: Jahlil Okafor discussion

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — It’s been a rough week for Jahlil Okafor.

As his team has extended its winless start to 17 games, Okafor has been in the news for three different off-court incidents.

On Thursday, a video, showing Okafor in a Boston street fight, surfaced on TMZ. A day later, a report said that the rookie was involved in a similar incident in Philadelphia in early October. And on Sunday, another report said that Okafor was caught driving more than 100 miles per hour over a bridge to Philly.

Sunday evening, before his team tried to avoid tying a record no team wants to hold, Okafor took to twitter in an attempt to show contrition and a willingness to stay clear of further off-court issues…

If the Sixers lose in Memphis on Sunday, they will tie the 2009-10 New Jersey Nets’ record of 18 straight losses to start a season. But of greater concern right now might be the lack of veteran leadership on a roster that seems to be screaming for guidance.


  1. Skeelsy says:

    Why do I get the impression we’re looking at the second coming of Darius Miles? Acres of talent but something to be desired in terms of thought process now that he has ‘made it’.

  2. Raptor4Life says:

    “Give” him a break ???
    How about he does something to demonstrate he has EARNED a break….

    Read all of his “correct” Twitter comments…. sounds good.
    Last night I went to The Players’ Tribune to read the entire “Kobe retirement poem” and discovered an interview that Steve Nash had with Jahlil just before the draft last summer. In the interview, Jahlil’s answers and comments all sound good too…. but his actions since he received his first big paycheck have been contrary to anything he said in that interview.

    I know he is only 19, but he has some attitude flaws that may be difficult to correct. It is like he feels a sense of entitlement. This is not solely his own fault as he has certainly been listening to people telling him since before he became a teenager that he could be the “next big thing”. I really hope someone helps him get his head on straight, his basketball skills are so much more developed than his character.
    Be a shame if Jahlil spends a night in jail before the Sixers get their first win….

  3. heatbbfan says:

    I wish him the best, he’s a very good player and he must be so frustrated…… give him a break!!!

  4. Jose says:

    It really takes time but a Losing Team can be a Championship team.. look at the Hawks.. Before they have the worst record of 13-69… but now they are the championship contender

    • James Mathis says:

      No they arnt. They got swept last year in the east playoffs. Theyre contenders for losing in the east finals, definitely not contenders for a championship

  5. Bob says:

    Hinkie is a mess. The Embid draft is pointless. Two years a bust, a guy his size with a foot problem, forget it, it’s always going to be a problem. I do like that they seem to play hard. But Noel’s game has not changed much. He has no jump shot. How could that not have been worked on? Okafor has skills, but I’m not sure they’ll develop well in Philly. Hypothetically, if Okafor, Embid, and Noel are on the floor together I can see their size and long arms giving offenses some problems. I look to the Cavs, they have trouble with big, long arm defenders. You saw it with Utah, with Milwaukee, and most recently with the Nets. The Charlotte game was odd. But I think the length of Zeller, Lamb, Jefferson caused some problems. Kemba and Lin still make that a small(ish) team, not sure why that game was so close.

  6. The 76ers should implode, explode, then start all over again.

  7. Chuck says:

    Sorry, Hinkle fails again. Not only a flawed roster, with three centers as their core but Embiid and Okafor both display character problems. I doubt if Hinkle will trade one of them since I think he will go out kicking and screaming that his model works but it’s the only way. My suggestion us to talk to an equally challenged gm in NO to see if they can work something out.