Reports: Sixers rookie Okafor in street fight

The 76ers battled the Celtics down to the wire Wednesday before dropping to 0-16 on the season and running their overall losing streak to a record-tying 26 in a row.

Now TMZ has posted a video they say is of Sixers rookie Jahlil Okafor punching a man outside of a bar in Boston who had shouted “76ers suck:”

Okafor says he was being heckled from the moment he left the club and felt threatened because people swarmed him on the street.

He says he was with a teammate — who he wouldn’t name — and says someone got physical with the teammate … so Jahlil did what he felt he needed to do to protect himself and his friend.

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman confirmed the story.

The Sixers released a statement on the incident.

“We are aware of the report and we are currently working to gather additional information. Until that time, we will have no further comment.”



  1. NBAer says:

    If you want to punish him just keep him in the Philly. No worse punishment then playing for the Sixers in this decade.

  2. Randy says:

    Mr.Okafor is 19 years old. What is he doing in a bar after a game?

  3. asdfrank says:

    It’s not the coach it’s the GM, by the time their prospects get good enough to start winning games they are going to start leaving Philly in free agency. Seriously who the hell is going to want to stay on a losing team that also contributed to them making less money. Philly model is broken and disgraceful to the players and fans they should get downgraded to the D league.

  4. Bad Mama Jama says:

    Good for Okafor! im of the opinion that far too many little douchbag, lowlife, weasels, think they can run their mouths and treat people however they like. this guy probably deserved worse. these ball players have to be smarter though. Hire a crew of anonymous thugs to kid nap these people and throw em beatins. don’t get your own hands dirty. he did the right thing and is gna lose this battle unfortunately.

  5. He is going to demand a trade soon, and so he should. He is on the other spectrum of the GSW and that has to be wearing on him.

  6. BlazersGOAT says:

    Only ‘win’ Okafor will get. Plus, even when he wins he still manages to lose. 😀

  7. He should have been in his hotel room watching film. And just how much longer will the coach of this team be employed.

    • Bob says:

      Do you really think it’s the coach’s fault the team is losing? Or that changing coaches would lead to them winning any more?

    • RomanCaesat says:

      Considering Hinkey told the coach himself, “It’s fine, you’re in no position of danger to be let go.” I highly doubt the man is leaving anytime soon, even the coach himself once stated he’d have been fired before he even finished his first season win any other team.

  8. revolte des nations says:

    i’d be pissed off too