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Warriors soak up 16-0 start | Butler wants Plumlee to pay his fine | LeBron: Don’t compare greats

No. 1: Warriors bask in NBA’s first 16-0 start — What was pondered a day ago has become fact today — the Golden State Warriors are the sole owners of the best start in NBA history. Last night’s romp against the Los Angeles Lakers moves the Warriors to 16-0 and, perhaps, increases talk that they could challenge the 1996 Chicago Bulls’ 72-win mark come season’s end. At any rate, the team is soaking in this moment — as much as they’ll allow themselves — writes Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle:

No matter what happens the rest of the season, the 2015-16 Warriors will be remembered for what they accomplished Tuesday night at Oracle Arena.

The Warriors dominated the Lakers 111-77 for their 16th consecutive victory to open the season — something no other team in the history of the league has achieved and something that seemed unfathomable three weeks ago.

The Warriors have been so forceful during their record-breaking run that imaginations are running wild with fantasies about winning 34 in a row, finishing with 73 victories and building the foundation of a dynasty.

“Eventually, we will lose,” said Warriors interim head coach Luke Walton, who watched his players’ subdued celebration on the postgame court and then matched their tone in the locker room.

Walton congratulated each player for entering his name into the NBA record books, and then he reminded the entire team that it’s November. There are still 66 regular-season games to play over the next 4½ months.

Beating opponents by an average of 15.6 points per game, the Warriors are drawing comparisons to the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. The Michael Jordan-led team won 72 of 82 regular-season games, and the Stephen Curry-led Warriors appear capable of making a run at the feat.

Curry had 24 points and nine assists without stepping onto the floor during the fourth quarter, other than to celebrate the highlights of the reserve players and to toss candy into a sellout crowd of close to 20,000.

Draymond Green, who started the night by taking a microphone to midcourt and saying, “Let’s make history,” added 18 points, seven rebounds and five assists. The Warriors also got 13 points from Leandro Barbosa, 11 from Klay Thompson, nine from Festus Ezeli and eight apiece from Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes.

But their defense was even more impressive than their No. 1-ranked offense. As if things weren’t bad enough already for the Lakers (2-12), they were limited to 37.8 percent shooting and had nearly as many turnovers (15) as assists (16).

Kobe Bryant had four points on 1-of-14 shooting, perfectly illustrating the shift of power in the NBA’s Pacific Division. The Oakland arena, which used to be split close to 50-50 when the Lakers were in town, included only a handful of purple and gold jerseys and got playoff loud every time Bryant missed.

“The challenge for (the Warriors) is going to be conflict,” Bryant said. “You’ve got to have some kind of internal conflict thing. It keeps the team on edge. If not, it becomes so easy that you just kind of coast. You kind of fall into a malaise.”

VIDEO: recaps Golden State’s historic win


No. 2: Butler: Plumlee should pay for my fine for tech — Things got heated down the stretch in last night’s Blazers-Bulls game in Portland, especially in the fourth quarter as the Blazers were trying to make a late push for their third straight win. After C.J. McCollum nailed a 3-pointer to trim Chicago’s lead to 80-79 with 4:33 left, the Bulls brought the ball up and ran their offense. Chicago’s All-Star swingman Jimmy Butler set a free-throw line screen for Nikola Mirotic, who was guarded by Mason Plumlee. Plumlee fought through the Butler screen and ended up getting tangled up with him, setting off a brief fracas and Butler got a technical foul. Afterward, Butler wasn’t happy about any of it and wants Plumlee to pay the fine associated with the technical, writes Nick Fridell of :

Bulls All-Star swingman Jimmy Butler plans to ask Trail Blazers big man Mason Plumlee to pay his fine after Butler was called for a technical foul during the fourth quarter of Chicago’s 93-88 win over Portland when the two got tangled up.

The play in question came with 4:17 left in the game and the Bulls leading 80-79. Butler tried to set a pick and it appeared Plumlee dropped a shoulder into Butler that knocked him over. Butler responded by tripping Plumlee and going head-to-head with him as the pair exchanged some heated words before being separated.

The referees reviewed the play, giving Plumlee a flagrant foul 1 and Butler a technical foul.

“He cost me $2,500,” Butler said. “I’m not happy about that. I’m going to ask him to pay me back — and I’m not playing.”

Butler seemed more upset about the fine for the impending technical than he did about the actual play.

“He thought he was playing football for a second there,” Butler said after the game. “It’s all good though, man. I almost had to let the Fort Greene projects out of me, Brooklyn.”

Butler’s mention of Fort Greene was in reference to teammate Taj Gibson‘s hometown. Gibson was standing next to Butler as he spoke to the media. After a couple moments of laughter, Butler said, “Basketball, emotions — that’s part of the game.”

VIDEO: Plumee, Butler scuffle after foul


No. 3: LeBron: Appreciate, don’t compare, all-time greats — It’s a guilty pleasure of NBA fans worldwide (and something we’ve gotten into on this very website, too) — comparing today’s players to those in the past and deciding who is greater than whom. LeBron James has heard that chatter, of course, but has some good advice for all of us hoop heads out there — enjoy who you’re watching while they’re playing and forget about comparing eras or players as you do so.’s Dave McMenamin has more:

LeBron James joined Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson on Monday as the only players in NBA history to rank in the top 25 in both points and assists.

James joined the elite company when he found Kevin Love for a corner 3-pointer with five minutes left in the second quarter. It was his fifth assist of the game and 6,387th of his career, which put him ahead of Norm Nixon at No. 25.

James said he didn’t want the accomplishment to spark a conversation comparing his career with the Big O’s.

“I think what we get caught up in, in our league too much, is trying to compare greats to greats, instead of just accepting and acknowledging and saying, ‘Wow, these are just great players,'” James said after the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 117-103 win over the Orlando Magic. “I think in the NFL, when you talk about great quarterbacks, they don’t really compare great quarterbacks. They say, ‘Oh, Joe Montana is great.’ You know, ‘Tom Brady is great. Aaron Rodgers is great. Steve Young is great.’ [Terry] Bradshaw, all those great quarterbacks, they never compare them as much.

“But when it comes to our sport, we’re so eager to say, ‘Who is better: Oscar or [Michael] Jordan?’ or ‘Jordan or LeBron or Kobe [Bryant] or these guys?’ instead of just accepting greatness. And if you understand the history of the sport, then there is no way you could ever forget Oscar Robertson. This guy, he averaged a triple-double for, like, forever.”

James finished Monday night’s win with 13 assists, which tied a season high. He scored 15 points and needs just six more to pass Reggie Miller (25,279 points) for No. 18 on the all-time scoring list.

When asked at shootaround Monday whether he had any fond memories of Miller’s playing career, James said, “Uh, no,” rather abruptly. When Robertson’s name came up, James was more than happy to expound.

“Any time we get an opportunity to either see each other or talk to each other, it’s always respect,” James said. “He’s a guy who laid the foundation, and I’m just trying to carry it on. How guys can be triple threats, play for the team first, and then hopefully, someone else can take the example that I took from him and keep it going.”

James — sometimes reluctant to delve into his personal achievements, often going back to the refrain that he and his good friend, Maverick Carter, will talk about all that over wine someday when he’s retired — gave credit for the mark to those he has suited up with on the Cavs and Miami Heat.

“I’ve been very blessed to be with a lot of great teammates and two great organizations that allowed me to do some unbelievable things,” James said. “And obviously with the assists, without my teammates over the years and them making shots, then I don’t get the assists. So it is very humbling to see my name linked with Big O, someone that I’ve always kind of admired.”


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  1. There is so much hate towards Derrick Rose. Now I do think Jimmy Butler needs to pay the fine and get over it. Plumlee should not be asked to pay. it’s just a basketball game and technical fouls and fines come with the territory.

  2. haeri says:

    Butler asking for Plumlee to pay his fine is straightout ridiculous. He should have kept his temper. Butler’s play was not a basketball play at all and should have been a flagrant 1, too. He’s lucky to only get a T. He should rather focus on the game and not on that ticki-tacka stuff.

  3. Debbie says:

    The moral to the story…it’s okay that Delladova did it to Taj in the playoffs…but not okay for Butler to do it. Neither one of them should have done it. But, why did Delladova get away with the exact same thing…hmm?

  4. Debbie says:

    Oops! Wrong video of Jimmy…I was thinking of the 3 – point buzzer beater:)

  5. bodjee says:

    Gotta love them Warriors, kudos to them! Put a lid on it Mr. Butler, you were the one in the wrong.

  6. marvin anderson says:

    Amazing how some of you haters always focus on Derrick Rose as opposed to the rest of the bulls, then call him selfish. You have no idea what was said between Rose and Butler on the court or in the locker room after Butlers magnificent shot. Don’t try and be divisive like 3rd rate sun-tmes sportswriter Coward Cowley. Furthermore the Bulls will only go as far as Rose and BUTLER TAKES THEM, nowhate on that..

    • sg says:

      You’re right, we don’t know what goes on between them in the locker room. All I’m saying is look at his behavior on camera. That’s no way to act. I say he’s got an ego problem based on that, and on his body language during the last 3 seasons. I watch the Bulls. I love D-Rose and I’d like to see him getting back into form more than anyone else in the NBA. Pointing out a problem doesn’t mean you hate its owner. On the contrary.

  7. No Regrets says:

    Rather nasty play by Plumley. He saw the screen and went right on Butler with this shoulder tying to send him on to Mirotic who was right behind him. People get hurt like that. Excellent work from the blazers tv btw, who managed in 3 or 4 replays not to show what happened,

  8. wut says:

    I like how the blazers video of the incident only ever shows Plumlee dropping a shoulder into Butler once at the start. Every other playback hes out of the frame until he gets tripped

  9. ? says:

    Butler is the one with an ego problem. Guy threatens to go “all ghetto” on guy for a tie up play. Now that’s bad sportsmanship and huge ego trippin.

  10. gs says:

    @sg: LOL! that was funny! and the other guy was trying to block the shot.

  11. Spoiled vino says:

    Wait, didn’t a few days before hang time blog stated that the Lakers might stop the warriors?

    1-14? Lmao, Denver Karma baby!

    • Your mother says:

      You are rediculous, karma is not even real it is just something man invented like time. And the key word in your statement is MIGHT. Some of you people post the most astounding stuff, would those words actually come out of your mouth or just your fingers?

  12. sg says:

    Butler gets pummled down, gets entangled and almost into a fight. What does D-Rose do seeing Jimmy in trouble? he takes the ball and shoots the basket. Look in the background. Like, “I don’t care, he’s out, now I get to play”. What kind of teamwork, let alone sportsmanship is that? When Jimmy nailed the halfcourt 3, did rose raise his hands in glee and rush to congratulate? naw, he looked away and shook his head. That ego does more harm to his game than his injuries.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Good observation. That is what is frustrating about D Rose, he always seems kinda aloof and selfish. Maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t rush over to have Butler’s back…. He might have slipped and broke something else lol.

      • SG says:

        I understand him. Guy was at the top of the hill and has lost it, mostly. It’s hard, and he’s trying to fight his way back to the top, where he believes he belongs. It’s hard letting go of so much and accept his position , but he has to do it in order for himself and the Bulls to succeed. Honestly, he’s the reason I still watch them. I’d just love to see him get nasty again, and it saddens me to see him carry so much anger and frustration.

    • Rob says:

      Derrick Rose does that even when Rose does something good. Do you remember the face he made when he drained the buzzer beater against Cleveland in the playoffs for the win? He jumped into Joakim Noah’s arms and then had a straight face. He’s just not an emotional guy. He’s similar to Duncan in the quiet demeanor on the court (not so much when responding to the media as of late though but definitely on the court)

    • Debbie says:

      Actually, if you watch the clip carefully; you’ll see that Derrick and Jimmy exchange a “knowing and friendly” glance. But, it happens very very quickly and very very early in the clip.