Bulls’ Rose won’t play vs. Warriors

VIDEO: BullsTV previews tonight’s Bulls-Warriors game in Oakland

Even as a best-case scenario, Derrick Rose figured to be no more than a game-time decision to play for the Chicago Bulls against the Golden State Warriors tonight (10:30 ET, ESPN). But Rose never even made it that far, his sprained left ankle still too sore to compete – especially against defending MVP Stephen Curry and his championship teammates on their blistering 13-0 roll.

Coach Fred Hoiberg ruled out Rose when talking with Bulls reporters at the team’s shootaround Friday morning, reports K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

With backup point guard Aaron Brooks (hamstring) also out, Chicago will resort to Plan C, Plan D or anything it can muster to defend against Curry and the NBA’s most lethal attack. Some of those limited options were kicked around as they prepped for the matchup, as chronicled by Johnson in the Chicago Tribune:

If Rose joins Brooks on the sideline, Kirk Hinrich will spend at least some time on Stephen Curry. Hinrich is coming off an impressive 6-for-7 night that featured strong defense and a critical 3-pointer late.

That performance won’t do much for the Curry assignment, which has been a nightmare for the entire league.

“It’s impossible to guard,” Hinrich said. “It’s just ridiculous what he’s doing.”

In this sense, the Bulls must show similar fortitude to what they displayed last January when they posted the last regular-season victory by a visiting team in Oakland, Calif. Curry is going to hit shots, regardless of who is guarding him.

Not hanging their collective heads when he does and limiting the damage of others is the only chance at victory.

“You can’t just give him one look. He’s too good; he’ll figure it out,” Hoiberg said. “You have to throw different guys at him, different coverages, and understand and know that he’s going to hit some crazy shots. You’ve got to keep playing. And they will go on runs. You just have to try and limit them.

“But you have to put your game plan around the superstar. You did it when you played the old Bulls teams with Michael [Jordan]. With LeBron [James], obviously, that’s where it starts with that team. Same thing with Golden State and Steph but knowing they have other guys who can hurt you as well.”


  1. The Bulls weren’t winning this game, with or without Rose. The GSW are red hot and unstoppable.

  2. Oscar says:

    Bulls need one more point guard I still say we should go for Iverson or Ray Allen even tho they little older but well experienced

  3. Daryl says:

    OH WELL, I guess our streak goes on…..

  4. sam erbland says:

    Wait until the bulls destory them. Then Jimmy Butler will have the last chortle.

  5. I’m a bulls fan and all….but I am sick of hearing about Rose being injured. It doesn’t seem like he’s ever really fired up to get back. Bottom line: the Bulls need to get rid of Rose when his contract is up. Seriously. He’s a liability and is not worth whatever his salary is. Goodbye Rose!!! I’m pretty sure it will happen too. And I’d think that any team would be reluctant to take him onto the team.

  6. mikec says:

    E. Moore will be key. if he can step up and play aggressive on curry. good ball movement and our bench will bring the energy.. Bulls got this. By Defense.. no way we win in a shootout!

  7. DAvid says:

    Good thing he sitting out, because Curry would have broken his Fibula not to mention the whole teams ankles..hahaha

  8. Big C says:

    Another case of the “Steph Flu” … lmao!!

  9. big rees says:

    Every one calm down,it’s a sprain,anyone whoes ever had one,knows that it’s painful for a few days,no way u play if u r rose,u can’t guard curry healthy,let alone injured.personally I thaught rose was going to turn the corner, he looked great against the packers.him when healthy ,and butler,I got the bulls comeing out the east.

  10. Ron says:

    I’m an avid Bulls fan. I just can’t help, but to keep wondering if, rose will ever be able to beat the injury bug. I’m starting to really lose all faith, not in Rose, but in his inability, to play because he’s always injured.

    • Noitidart says:

      It’s not Roses fault. Lose faith in the refs. They would not give Rose a call at all in that game. Rose drew so many should have been fouls. Refs made him go harder and harder, until he got hurt, and as he got hurt then the refs blew the foul for Rose. So lose faith in the righteousness of the refs.

      Its crazy because on the opposing teams, you see people like Paul George and even no namers come in and make space by throwing elbows. Especially against Taj Gibson, you see that they allow people to pin him with hands and elbows etc. But when Taj does half of that, the refs blow an offensive foul on him.

    • Scoe63 says:

      Well you obviously don’t understand the difference between major and minor injuries.

      So, it’s fruitless for you to remain an “avid Bulls fan.”

      Like the fans in Golden State, who didn’t lose faith in Curry when he was injured and the fans in Cleveland who never lost faith in Kyrie Irving as much as he’s been injured…

      .real Bulls fans are far too intelligent to lose faith in a SUPERSTAR who has overcame 3 major knee injuries.

      May I suggest you become a Knicks or Lakers fan?