Report: Rockets fire coach McHale staff reports

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets have fired coach Kevin McHale after a 4-7 start, according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

McHale posted a record of 193-130 in more than four seasons as head coach of Houston. He signed a three-year extension with the Rockets in December 2014.


  1. David Ferg says:

    Old boy had to go!!! Goes back to the playoffs last year. They just wont play for him.

  2. bballjunkie1 says:

    Coaches can’t control the roster. Sad cuz Ty Lawson was not the answer.

  3. Byron Scot should have been fired first, the Fakers stink.

  4. Lou Delgado says:

    Common Denominator for coaches being the victims: Dwight Howard.

  5. saadiq manley says:

    Come on why would they fire him. He bring great things to this franchise and they just disregarded it and fired him😢😢😢

  6. rap905 says:

    Hope raps fired Casey and hired Mchale.

    Maybe JV will then develop more under a “center” coach.

  7. Alwyn says:

    Not his fault both starting guards play no defense n Harden folds against top defenders (wes mathews Klay Thompson Jimmy Butler Jay crowder, Leonard u name it

  8. good fit says:

    good perfect fit Tom thibodeau or nate mcmillan as next head coach rockets

  9. Petah says:

    And Dwane Casey is still a coach. How?

  10. Quincy Lewis says:

    The Rockets are stupid for firing him; trippin’

  11. good fiot says:

    i think perfect fit Rockets Tom Thibodeau or nate mcmillan as next head coach

  12. Ryan says:

    I kind of seen this coming but that was all depending on what happened in the post season,not this early in the season. Houston starting off not so great 4-7 record but sooner or later things were destined to turn around. lets not forget that memorable game 6 in the West Semis that will go down in history as arguable one of the best comeback games which carried on to game 7 of the West Semis which then lead to them advancing to the WCF. Terrible decision by the GM to fire McHale this early in the season…very bad call

  13. It’s about time. Kevin McHale is over rated. He should be gone a couple seasons ago. Can’t stand this coach.

  14. gogo says:

    Tom Tib is next coach source in the NBA told me just now

  15. jim says:

    Rockets have a back court problem. It starts and end with Harden’s defense.

  16. ascentcg says:

    I’m a Rockets fan and this disturbs me terribly. The players need to take a much better look at themselves instead of blaming the coaching staff. Especially Ty Lawson. Ty knew he was about to be a bench warmer, as he should, yet he continued to talk trash about the coaching staff instead of listening to them. How about instead of tweeting how bad the coaching is, talk about how bad your game has been consistently… especially when Ty had a 0 point game this season. It sounds very reminiscent of the dealings going on with Cousins and Karl in Sacramento to some extent. There are so many talking points about the Rockets’ issues that can be discussed, such as Harden’s lack of play, Lawson not providing anything at all, the team underutilizing Dwight in the post, the team consistently talking about injured players still this year that were still out last year – that will help them pick up speed, to which none of those issues as a majority should stem from Coach McHale. While there are some different pieces from last season in the players, Houston should not have swung this far out of contention. Harden and Dwight are still the team leaders, but I imagine Adidas must be questioning their contract with Harden at this point. Still very astonishing the outcome to release a great coach, especially after signing a 3 year extension with him this past year. Something doesn’t add up, but I guess we’ll see in time.

  17. Phillip says:

    I want Jeff Van Dan Gundy

  18. Ryan Hanna says:

    the Rockets are dumb for making this decision

  19. Jonas V. says:

    Coach Kevin McHale will work in Lrytas Vilnius, Lithuania.

  20. Fons says:

    It’s a shame to see such a good coach getting fired.

  21. Oscar Lazcano says:

    Scott Brooks will be the next coach! EX_ROCKET PLAYER ,,, HARDEN EX COACH!

  22. fest says:

    why u fired the coach and not urself to the manager u doing the mistake not coach. greez from overseas

  23. Lakai Damuho says:

    No surprises here. I’ve seen it coming. Hopefully Kevin saw that too.

  24. fest says:

    why to houston manager u fired one of the best coaches better fire urself and let mc halle as head coach ur doing the mistake greez overseas