Hoiberg: Rose’s double vision might last months

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose showed up at this year’s media day before practices started, healthy for the first time in a while. After battling a variety of injuries since winning the Kia MVP award in 2011, and playing a combined 71 games over the last three seasons, Rose was ready to enter the 2015-16 season with his health as complete as it had been in years.

But Rose can’t seem to catch a break. During Chicago’s first day of practice, heย got hit in the face by an elbow, suffered a left orbital fracture and missed several weeks of the exhibition season recovering from surgery. So far, Rose has played in all nine regular-season games for the Bulls, although wearing a facemask and suffering from double vision, a remnant of the injury. In that time, he’s averaged a career-low 12.6 ppg along with 6 apg, in 32.2 mpg, for the 6-3 Bulls.

Rose has talked about having to be patient and waiting for the double vision to clear up with time. But earlier today, Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg said Rose may be playing through the double vision longer than most anticipated …

As ESPN Chicago’s Nick Friedell reports, Rose says all he can do is to keep working and wait for his vision to clear up…

“This is my first time hearing about it,” Rose said of the possible three-month timeline. “But you kind of have that hope in your mind that it gets well a lot quicker. But for this to be seven or eight [weeks] out and still the same way, I can’t do nothing but live with it. Get the most out of every day, keep putting my deposits in and keep working on my game until my eye gets better.

“But I’m loving the way that I’m working out, I’m loving the way that we’re playing. We’re winning games so that’s the only thing that I’m worried about. Everything else will come.”

Rose said after the first game of the season that he was playing with one eye closed, but said he’s now able to keep both eyes open on the floor as he gets more comfortable with the protective mask.

“I’m playing with both of them open now,” Rose said. “But [my vision] is still blurry when I look certain ways. But that’s part of [the recovery] I guess.”

Rose acknowledged being a little frustrated during games because of the ongoing issues, but he didn’t want to use that as an excuse.

“I’m missing a lot of shots where I normally hit,” Rose said. “Floaters or layups I normally hit, but everything else will come. Just getting my legs under me. It’s still preseason for me. … I’m still warming up.”

The noticeable difference in Rose’s game to this point is his long-range shooting. He’s just 1-for-18 from beyond the arc, but remains confident that his shot is rounding into form.

“All of it is going to come,” Rose said. “It’s all about putting your game back together, too. It’s the first time I had surgery on my face so that’s something different. The depth perception of the rim is a little bit thrown off, so I’m dealing with that. It’s all going to come to me.”


  1. ??? says:

    Derrick Rose, I have believed in you for years and I still believe you can make it back to MVP level
    I’m a big fan and I don’t want to watch you quit

  2. Jesse says:

    Even when was Rose had good vision he still shot poorly and was never playing a superstar level after the MVP season. The bulls will not make it far. LETS GO HEAT!

  3. Denis Mueller says:

    Triplevision you have no brains. What a self-righteous fool! I bet you’re a republican.

  4. SwagParadise says:

    @triplevisionX please stfu Rose is an amazing player, u try playing with double vision from a serious injury bet you could score as good as Rose. You don’t see Rose complaining about it, what happen happened & he’s making progress through it. So talk bad all you want but one day you watch Rose become a Legend!!!

  5. To have vision is a blessing. I hope he gets to full capacity soon. He needs to be able to see only one net to score.

  6. hexxaPL says:

    I’m a Bulls fan and wish nothing but the best for DRose, however the difference in his game against Thunder and every other game so far is weird. Hope there is no pre-trade politics involved, I’d hate to see Rose go elsewhere. it might me just wishful thinking but I recon when vision issues are gone we’ll see the vintage DRose and with JimmyB they will dominate ๐Ÿ˜‰ GO BULLS

  7. TJ says:

    Umm… is it just me, or does it seem that D. Rose is cursed..? Like, literally cursed…?

    Dude had an amazing MVP season several years back but it’s like he’s been cursed since then with injury after injury after injury!

    Gosh, I hope they don’t put any voodoo spells on my boy Curry.. kid is lighting it up night in, night out.. love watching him play!

  8. marsparx1 says:

    Im hip to da game of life and could read between the lines so well..Rose and Hoiberg give me a vibe that tells me there tension between the two. Why wou Hoiberg say Rose’s double vision could last three months and Derrick say he never heard that? Roses double vison was fine against the Thunder… that game showed he could play at a high level. After that he was back to mediocre, cant see straight Derrick. Seems like he turns it off and on when he wants to. Whats in three months? Trade deadline..Rose will be able to play/see well by then.

  9. Jdub455 says:

    Sad to see drose like this… its his aggressiveness that makes him great but also subjects him to this injuries… Truly one of the unstoppable forces in basketball whose career might seemingly will be cut-short… Just ask the likes of ghill, penny and tmac… hoping the best for one of the greats who ever played!

    • knight says:

      Unstoppable? He has to stay on the court to be unstoppable.

      • L Corci says:

        TMac as unstopable, but because of injuries, his career ended way before it should. The level he was playing at was nothing short of Jordan type but injuries dragged him down and at the end, he had to end his career. DRose is the same. While he was healthy, he was unstopable. Heck, he is the youngest player to be awarded with the MVP. That says something.

  10. Dee Smith says:

    I definitely agree with TriplevisionX!!! I hope he heals but Rose has ALWAYS BEEN OVERRATED!!!!

  11. DrPhill says:

    @triplevision I bet you couldn’t play basketball at a high level after three knee surgeries like Rose!!!

  12. Go Bulls……#DRose #MVP

  13. That’s really amazing trying to play even with double vision.That is real love for the game.You are amazing Man,one day everythig would be finally fine,keep my fingers crossed for You…

  14. this guy is incredible having all those health issues and still trying to play,keep my fingers crossed for You man.You are like Gladiator,man.Step by step everyting will get better I’m sure.Peace…

  15. triplevisionX says:

    double vision lol. still in preseason, warming up. that guy is serious ? most overexcused of all time.