Blogtable: Take your pick — Anthony Davis or Andre Drummond?

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> My initials are A.D. I stand about 6-foot-11, I’m 22-years old and I’m the best big in the NBA. Am I Detroit Pistons big man Andre Drummond or New Orleans Pelicans big man Anthony Davis?

David Aldridge, TNT analyst: Ooh, you’re tricky, Blogfather. But it’s Anthony Davis. His offensive game is much more diversified than Drummond’s, though Drummond is getting better with every minute, I grant you. I need more than a few admittedly great games from the other AD before I overthrow The Brow as the best young big in the L.

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comSome might say you’re a bad speller because the best big man in the NBA has the initials D.C. (DeMarcus Cousins) or soon maybe KAT (Karl-Anthony Towns). But for the purposes of this question, I’ll go with Davis. Love Drummond as a paint dominator and his 20-20 games for Detroit definitely are welcome throwbacks in a “strettttch” era. But New Orleans’ cornerstone guy is more versatile, more mobile and more refined as a defender. I’m not wild about having him hoist 3-pointers – as an opponent I’d welcome that compared to other damage Davis could do – but he’s more of a moving target in terms of game-planning to cope with him.

Fran Blinebury, Not to dismiss the strong start to the season by Andre Drummond, but Anthony Davis has more skills at more places all over the court. He’s still the pick as the one player to build a team around.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Anthony Davis. While the start for Andre Drummond has been swimming in positives, Davis is still the better two-way threat. Drummond has the chance to become the best interior presence in the game and Davis the biggest presence, period. If anyone wants to get off the Davis bandwagon after a couple weeks of the season, I’ll take the extra seats.

Shaun Powell, Right now? Andre Drummond, if only because he’s doing a Wilt Chamberlain on the league. This is the Drummond we thought we’d see once the Pistons waived Josh Smith last season and let Greg Monroe go in free agency. That doesn’t mean Anthony Davis isn’t more valuable (he is) or won’t eventually put his name in the Kia MVP discussion (he will). But for now, give Drummond his due.

John Schuhmann, Anthony Davis, because you’re more skilled. Both guys are big and bouncy, with the ability to run the floor, catch and finish, and protect the rim. Drummond is a monster on the glass and has a burgeoning post game, but Davis can step out and make a jumper, which is the most important skill in this league. Coach Stan Van Gundy has done a nice job of building around Drummond, but Davis’ versatility makes that job a little easier.

Sekou Smith, You are Anthony Davis. Yes, you’ve had a rough start to this season and your New Orleans Pelicans just got their first win of the season last night in the Alvin Gentry era. But you don’t have to worry about being tossed of your big man throne after two outlandish weeks from that other AD, who has been nothing short of magnificent for the Pistons. Anytime you find yourself in the same category basketball-wise as Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, you’re doing something serious. There might not be as much distance between the two of you in the coming years, but right now Davis still has more to his game than Andre Drummond.

Ian Thomsen, You are Anthony Davis. I opt for you because of your versatility and the current style of NBA play, which is built to bring out the best in you. Drummond, exceptional as he is, is playing against the current and cannot make his free throws. Davis can cover more of the court and will not face matchup problems when opponents go small. In spite of the Pelicans’ inexplicable start, Davis is the guy.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: I’m sorry, how are the initials “A.D.” short for DeMarcus Cousins? Because Cousins is the best young big man in the NBA right now. OK, he’s 25, not 22, but even in the midst of the perpetually in flux situation in Sacramento, Cousins has been a double-double machine. Davis has had plenty of plaudits this summer, though if anything those were based on what we think Davis will become, not what he is right now. And Drummond is playing incredible basketball right now, for sure, but I’d like to see him sustain it more than seven games.


  1. Dino says:

    Anyone who thinks Cousins presents anykind of value in a legit team is dellusional and can’t be taken as an expert of the game

  2. Mike says:

    Way too early to really tell. I’d like to have both on my team- Drumm at C and Davis at PF. Lol can you imagine facing that team? Mateen Cleaves could be your starting PG and you’d still win 60 games.

  3. Greatness says:

    I have Anthony Davis on my fantasy team and he isn’t reliable and consistent that much therefor I would go with the man from Detroit. Andre Drummond.

  4. NBAFan says:

    Um think id take the guy who can actually hit his free throws at a decent rate and make a shot outside of 2ft from the basket..
    Both of these bigmen are great shot blockers, but I think both are pretty overrated as a paint defender/rim protector at this stage of their young careers anyway. Because for all the great defensive qualities that critics rave about AD, his team has always rated very poorly at protecting the basket.
    Drummond is also very cumbersome when the Pistons are forced to play at faster pace, Davis seems to be able to run the floor for days without showing much fatigue.

  5. michael says:

    Anthony Davis is a power forward therefore not really considered a big man, the best big man in the league is big boogie cousins

  6. mizfit says:

    Best big man in the league is boogie cousins…Anthony davis is not technically a big man, he is a power foward

  7. gb says:

    Davis has carried a team to the playoffs. None of the other bigs mentioned here has done that; in fact, neither Drummond nor Cousins has ever even been on an NBA team with a winning record, or even close to it. That’s a pretty abysmal fact. This season looks like a chance for the Pistons to break that spell, and if they do, Drummond will be the biggest reason — but it’s still “only” the Eastern conference (Davis’ Beaks team made it in the insane Western conference last year, an amazing accomplishment if you look at the depth there), and at that, there are 70-odd games left, with plenty of time for Davis to recover, or Drummond to fall back into the pack.

    I will bet the Pistons are pretty happy Monroe “got away,” if you will. If he’s still there, Drummond doesn’t have the chance to establish himself as a dominant force. Like David Lee’s injury last year, it’s one of those addition-by-loss things. If you want to start these kinds of conversations this early,. Van Gundy for exec of the year, should the Pistons hold up, for the Reggie Jackson signing and letting Monrroe leave without a fight, is high up the list.

  8. WarriorSinceBirth says:

    ……..DeMarcus Cousins ………..

  9. taekayo says:

    DAVIS has the physique and the set of skills that can change the landscape of the league in the next era (among with the likes of Magic, MJ, Shaq, TD, LBJ etc). He is among the rare bleed of athletes seem were born just to play basketball. As for Drummond, he is that old school C that the NBA has lost (with TD as the last remnant) back in the 90’s. I do hope Stan would fully utilize him even in this era of small-ball. If he survives playing against teams who want to play small, Drummond might end up having career defensive numbers in line with Wilt and Russel.

  10. WANTED says:

    I am a fan of the Pistons, but ANDRE is short in comparison.
    But if you redo the 2011 draft, it may go (1) Davis (2) Drummond (or at least higher than his former no.7)

  11. dustydreamnz says:

    Davis for me but Drummond is improving a lot and has had more help from his team mates. It shows there’s still a place for dominant big men in the NBA, even more so when teams go small.

  12. Drummond. All the way.

  13. DTM says:

    Anthony Davis for sure. He is starting to turn things it around and he led the NBA in PER last year. Mike: No one is “trying to mold Anthony Davis into a star”. He is already a star.

  14. Zulaa says:

    Important thing is who affects their Team’s success!! That would be Drummond!! this year and in the future guys!! because he is too big of a problem for other teams to contain and worry about!! he is not really skilled player right now but he has special gift from above hehe and he is working on it to improve it! that is scarry!! that is why Stan Van Gandy knew they won’t need Josh and Monroe!! as long as Stan and AD stick together he will win more Championships than Anthony Davis!!
    I Guaransheeed!!! Pistons fan since 1997 from Mongolia (Genghis Khan) hehe chao

  15. Mike says:

    I’m not following no bandwagon that everybody’s trying to mold Anthony Davis into being a star I’m not with that my choice is Drummond

  16. Det says:

    Tired of people sayin Davis is a center he is a power forward but Ima take Drummond been a big fan nd I’m from Detroit so…go Pistons

  17. weeklysportsworld says:

    Right now, it’s hard to not pick against Andre Drummond! The dude is a 20-20 machine! But, I do not see him holding this type of play throughout a 82 game season. I also see Anthony Davis picking up the pace and showing the NBA why he was an MVP candidate last year and why he is the future of the NBA!

    So overall, right now I pick Drummond, but I see Davis outperforming him by the end of the season.

  18. Robert says:

    I wonder why this Sekou i d i o t still writes at He knows nothing about basketball.

  19. Tim says:

    I am a big fan of the center that can finish with authority and have a sweet post game too. Drummond may be the jelly in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but Anthony Davis is the Elvis version with sliced bananas. His game is much more than a center, but the evolution of what the ultimate all-around athlete looks like.