NBA Fan Night Tournament … #NBABEST



The best there ever was.

It’s an amazing distinction, one that can be argued for eternity when it comes to NBA champions, given that being the best in any given season in the best basketball league on the planet automatically qualifies a team for the best ever conversation.

Well, theoretically, of course.

There is no way to accurately compare champions from one era to the next. It’s a subjective endeavor, no matter what sort of data you bring to the party.

So do you go with the 1985 Los Angeles Lakers or the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers? The 1986 Boston Celtics or the 1989 Detroit Pistons? The 1972 Lakers or the 1977 Portland Trail Blazers?

What about the 1992 Chicago Bulls or the 1996 Bulls? Or perhaps you’re a believer in the 2001 Lakers or the 2003 San Antonio Spurs?

Those are just some of your choices in settling this age-old debate that will be addressed this season with NBA TV’s Fan Night #NBABEST Tournament. The bracket (above) is set.

The matchups are broken down by decade, the 16-best championship teams from bygone eras (we stopped at 2010, so there’s 2012 or ’13 Heat, no 2014 Spurs or the reigning Champion Golden State Warriors … sorry LeBron James and Stephen Curry) battling it out for top honors.

We start things today with the 2006 Miami Heat against the 2008 Celtics. Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal going head-to-head with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and the “Big 3” Celtics. Pat Riley matching wits against Doc Rivers.

Yes, the possibilities are endless.

Join the conversation on who would win via social media (Tweet @NBATV #NBABEST1 for the 2006 Heat or #NBABEST2 for the 2008 Celtics). The results will be announced during NBA TV’s postgame coverage of tonight’s Fan Night game between the Heat and Atlanta Hawks from Miami with TNT’s and NBA TV’s Ernie Johnson, Greg Anthony and Chris Webber (7:30 p.m. ET, NBA TV).



  1. LMS says:

    It’s annoying to keep on reading those comments who were posted by stupid people who didn’t read the description above. Wait for 2020 before you suggest the heat and warriors lol

  2. Indiana's own Larry Legend Bird says:

    96 Bulls would beat all these teams.

  3. Indiana'sOwnLarryBird says:

    Half of these teams are overrated, Were’s the 93, 94 Rockets ? 99 Spurs really ? why do we have the 92 Bulls playing the 96 Bulls ? The 96 Bulls are the greatest team ever and had the GOAT, nobody is beating Jordan..

  4. Harold Peagler says:

    See How you do the pistons really all three times they won they dominated this is proof they they are not loved in the league cause they are a 5 man team not a one man show.

  5. Miles says:

    Hands Down, the 1983 Philly 76ers. They sweep one of the best Lakers Teams of all time.
    The Starting Five:
    @5-Moses Malone (rest in peace)
    @3-Julians “DrJ” Erving,
    @2Andrew Toney,
    @1-Mo Cheeks,
    @4- Marc Lavaroni

  6. Don says:

    How does the 1987 Lakers team not make it on this list???? Always in the discussions when talking about best team ever. But they put the ’85 team on there?? That team was not better than the ’87 team.

  7. Zaid says:

    I think that the 2015 76ers should be there. LOL

  8. Not a bball expert says:

    I think it it would be the 1985 Lakes vs 1992 Bulls.

  9. Scott says:

    Bill Russell has 11 rings, Auerbach on the bench. Coaching is a huge part of winning a championship and not 1 team on this list. Am I missing something?

  10. edmund diaz says:

    2016 Cleveland Cavaliers

  11. Faus says:

    Where’s the 2004 Pistons? They should be there, they beat the Lakers in the Finals 4-1 even the Lakers had 4 future HOFs at that time.

  12. theredmanizer says:

    probably its the 96 bulls…no contest! that team was the best ever. not a kobe fan, thou its because of shaq, we should take a look at the 2001 Lakers. They were 15-1 in the playoffs/finals. just saying.

  13. Richard says:

    Why only starting in the 70’s, surely a Celtics team or 76ers champion team from the 60’s is in the mix for consideration above some of those mentioned.

  14. Fungila says:

    1989 Pistons over the Mikan’s Lakers or the Russell-Cousy’s Celtics ??? Sekou are you drunk ???

  15. freeze3000 says:

    This is ridiculous. The current Warriors are the greatest the NBA has ever seen, by a really way. MJ’s memory will be dust in five years and Curry is the new standard – not Kobe, not LeBron – sorry.

  16. David says:

    Cutoff to leave out the warriors?! It’s a tournament of teams of decades past and this decade isn’t over, or did you just not actually read the article and blindly comment. You should feel lucky they did cut off because the 2013-2014 Spurs would have swept the Warriors out of this tourney so badly GS would have just forfeit game 4.

  17. Omer says:

    1964-65 Celtics?!?!?! Just the greatest season of the most dominant team EVER…

  18. Tre says:

    1986 Celtics or 1972 Lakers.

    You dropped the ball by not adding the ’64 Celtics or the ’67 Sixers, though.

    But I’m gonna have to go with the ’72 Lakers. Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, & Happy Harriston? Sharman as coach?
    It’s game-time, fellas.

  19. khawaja says:

    What about the 2010 -2011 Mavericks:

    They defeated the lakers (kobe in his prime going for 3 peat), OKC (Durant, Westbrook, and Harden in prime), Heat (Lebron, Wade and Bosh in their prime). This bracket is bias.

    The 2010-11 Mavs would overcome and defeat all the teams mentioned.

  20. asherman925 says:

    Why did you stop at 2010? The 67-win 2015 Warriors were statistically a top 10 team in almost every category there is. It is ridiculous to make an arbitrary cut-off in order to leave them out of the conversation.

  21. xoxo says:

    its funny they matched up 1992 and 1996 bulls at round 1 of this nba best playoff. 🙂

  22. Bulls All The Way says:

    The only correct answer for the The Finals from the selection you posted is

    1992 Bulls V 1996 Bulls.

  23. Antonio Perez says:

    they are all great teams no doubt about it and they can easily beat each other any day , but if we go by numbers the 1996 Chicago bulls holds the record as the best team ever 72-10 , some will that just because they won that many games , it doesn’t mean that they are the best ever , we will never really know because they can’t play each other now , we can only especulate , a tournament with those teams would make the nba all star game look like amateurs , specially that they don’t play D in the all star game.

  24. mark umlauf says:

    Best of All Time? 1987 Lakers!!! cant believe the “experts” missed it. 1999 Spurs? gimme a break.
    1989 Pistons? beat the Lakers without Magic and Byron Scott. OVER-RATED!!
    thanks for the opportunity. Let the tournament begin…

  25. Randall says:

    2014 Spurs should be up there

  26. Kirk Perry says:

    2008 Celtics