Trick or treat: Is MVP Curry even better?

VIDEO: Curry delights with 53 in Warriors’ Halloween win

Is it too early to think about it? Is it too crazy to consider?

Is there a level above MVP?

Here was a scary thought for Halloween: Is Steph Curry better?

Three games into the 2015-16 season and Curry is turning the NBA into his personal playground.

Saturday night he went off for 53 points, one below his career high, in leading a 134-120 Warriors win at New Orleans.

It’s no longer the things that Curry does that make you shake your head, but the ease with which he does them.

Case in point: turning a close game with the Pelicans into a rout with a 28-point third quarter all by himself.

Curry made 17 of 27 shots on the night, was 8-for-14 from behind the 3-point line and with all that, maybe his most dazzling play was an over-the-shoulder pass to a cutting Harrison Barnes that produced a dunk.

The brilliance is in the efficiency and the ability to create for his teammates. Curry also had nine assists, four steals and takes care of the basketball as if it were a priceless vase.

How do you defend Curry? How do you even slow him up? He doesn’t need a lot of space or opportunity.

Curry is expanding the game to practically every square inch of the floor, forcing defenses to pick him up before he gets across mid-court to deny him the ball. But even then, he cuts and darts and lets the ball find him and it usually does. Then he’s fearless.

As 13-year veteran Rick Fox said on NBA TV, “He makes shots from places on the floor that we never even dared to take.”

Through three games, Curry is averaging 39.3 points and 7.3 assists, shooting 58.8 percent from the field, 48.6 on 3-pointers and the defending champs are cruising at 3-0.

“Every year you get smarter, get more experience, you see things better,” Curry said Friday night in Houston. “If that means it slows things down, yeah a little bit.

“It’s about staying within yourself, making smart plays, trusting your teammates to make smart plays and just being confident and aggressive. The best players in this league learn a little bit every year how to get better, more efficient.”

So is it too early? Is too crazy to consider?

Is Steph Curry actually better this season?

You tell your lying eyes it’s not possible.


  1. Lenworth Harrison says:

    This is what I expected last year from Curry because I know what he can do: but was held back to rest-up.
    No one look at the FACT that Jordan, Kobe, or any other super star ever rested so long in the fourth quarter and he already scored 30 to 40 point. LET THE MAN PLAY!!! I want to see him score 80 point in a game this year. Let the man Play, we are seeing a historical moment, let see Stephen Curry unleashed, like Kobe was, and take out the mercy rule for a few games this season, and let him do his thing, and give us something to talk about for years. The whole NBA is going to another level, with this kind of talent: LET THE MAN PLAY!!!!!!!

  2. bu says:

    sorry folks, what you are witnessing is the greatest hoax of all time by NBA commissioner Silver. He simply broadcast the “virtual NBA” video game & fooled everyone. How else can somebody shoot like that?

    the only thing I have to say is, last playoff Curry hasn’t faced any top backcourt defender, nor top defensive teams. Yes, they beat those teams who beats the best defensive teams. But would Curry have a field day against top defensive dogs in the league, and also, forced to play defense on elite offensive guards?

    I still think he & the Warriors still has to really proof themselves in this yr’s playoffs.

    • Bakerman says:

      Everyone talks about the playoffs…but what about the regular season 67-15… #1 on offense and defense ALL YEAR. Haha sounds foolish. Can’t control who loses and who wins during the playoffs. I’ve never heard any other NBA team be penalized for beating who simply advanced. Lol

  3. Russell Westbrook can stop him.

    • Mizzle says:

      Except last year when Steph killed Russ every game he Russ played in…. Russ cant stop Steph… But Steph cant stop Russ either… But Klay can make Russ work harder… We got this on lock fam.

  4. Matt says:

    Didn’t watch the game but bros…the final score was 130 something – 120…no overtime…like seriously? Did either team even play defense?

  5. Scisca says:

    Is he going to enter the elite 60-50-90 club this year?

  6. Franklin Barfield says:

    The simple answer is: Yes. It is the greatest show since Michael Jordan roamed and dominated NBA floors.

  7. jackie levy says:

    curry does not take what he is given, he takes what he wants

  8. Plain Wrap fan says:

    He is better. It’s like last year he was doing these amazing things and he comes in this year KNOWING he can do them. The confidence this guy has in his shot and his team mates is astonishing.

  9. Rashidzeye says:

    Best player in the game right now and its not even close.

  10. mark says:

    What’s funny is that in the many 2015-16 awards predictions I read, not a single person predicted Curry to repeat as MVP, and very few picked the Warriors to repeat as champions. Even after last season, they’re underdogs, and I think the whole team, and Curry in particular, are playing with a bit of a chip on their shoulder because of that.

  11. Tucker says:

    Would it kill you guys to proof read a single one of your articles?

    “You tell you’re lying eyes it’s not possible.”

    “..and takes care of the basketball as if were a priceless vase.”

    I see this in almost every single one of every NBA contributor’s articles. Read your articles back to yourself at least once before publishing it. I only had to read it once to catch both mistakes, and I’m not even a writer.

  12. johnnytc1 says:

    What an MVP! Humble, very appreciative, well grounded, level headed, did i say humble? What a breath of fresh air compared to the antics of the king. SC is a great spokesman and example for the NBA and young kids. No commercials, no throwing powder in the air, no celebration dances even though he has reason to celebrate… Keep going SC you make the NBA great to watch!

  13. Doyle Davis says:

    Curry has a great disrespect for the impossible!!!!!!!!!

  14. Lionel says:

    In the 80’s there was Maradona and Jordan, the gods of their sports for their generation, the new millennium saw the coming of two new gods, Lionel Messi and Stephen Curry.
    The two have so much in common, they brought to their sport a magic that nobody ever did before.
    Looking those two play really gives you a taste of what “divine” means.
    They are the 2 greatest artists in the world of this era!

  15. timpson says:

    He’s taking what the defense giving him and I think his game is opening up.

  16. timpson says:

    Not gonna say better maybe he’s just opening up more and taking what the defense gives him.

  17. this is how you slow him down… c’mon, please stop.

    • Franklin Barfield says:

      Not this year. As for last year… who won MVP? Who’s team won the championship? People said the same things about AD vs Curry going into the first two meetings this season. How did that turn out?