Hang Time Road Trip: Hollywood Shuffle


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By Lang Whitaker

Los Angeles — It wouldn’t be a road trip without some detours along the way. But hitting that literal detour around midnight? Nobody saw that coming.

Getting from Oakland to Los Angeles should be, in theory at least, a simple proposition. You can take the 101, or the 5, or whatever it takes to head south.

But yesterday on the Hang Time Road Trip 2, after we finished up at 2K Sports and made a brief stop in San Jose, we piled in the bus and pointed south down the 101 to check out some of those scenic views California is so famous for displaying. Once the sun set, we switched over to the 5, for a more direct route.

And then Mother Nature said, Hang Time? Hang on.

Serious mudslides closed off interstate access, meaning we got hit with u-turn and briefly stopped near Bakersfield while we figured out what to do. Luckily, we got plenty of free traffic advice at a McDonald’s from fellow road warriors who were also stuck.

After a few moments that felt like an episode of “The Californians” on “Saturday Night Live” — “What you should do is take the 5 up north to the 46, then cut over to the 101, then…” — we saddled up and reconfigured our route.

We ended up arriving in Los Angeles just as the sun was coming up, and after catching a few minutes of shut eye, showed up in El Segundo at the Los Angeles Lakers practice facility.

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It was a homecoming of sorts for our own Rick Fox, who is at least partially responsible for a couple of those championship banners hanging on the walls. And in order to get a grip on what the future holds for this Lakers franchise, coach Byron Scott and rookie sensation D’Angelo Russell hopped on the bus to talk about the future of the Lake Show with us.

It’s been a long few days, but we made it. Now if only we knew someone who could show us around Hollywood… oh wait, I think I might know just the guy!

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  1. purpngold says:

    I think the Lakers will surprise a lot of people this year. The West is tough, but as long as Kobe is in the fold the Lakers have a shot at making the playoffs. How many teams can say they have the best player of a generation leading their team. Competitively and mentally there is no one in this league that comes close. Health is the key. LETS GO LAKERS!