China earns Olympic bid

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — China won its 16th FIBA Asia title and is heading to the Olympics for the ninth straight time, thanks to a 78-67 victory over the Philippines on Saturday. China is the ninth team to secure a trip to Rio next summer.


After a hot start from the Philippines, China took control in the second quarter, led by as many as 16 points, and held on for a 11-point victory to wrap up FIBA action for the summer. Yi Jianlian had 11 points and 15 rebounds for China, while Andray Blatche finished with 17 points and five boards for the Philippines.

The Philippines’ Olympic dream isn’t completely dead. They will play in one of the three qualifying tournaments next July, where the final three bids will be earned. But they would have a hard time beating any team from Europe or the Americas.


FIBA will determine which three teams host the three qualifying tournaments and which three get the wildcard spots. The Toronto Star reported earlier this week that Canada has decided not to make a bid to be a host.


  1. ivyleague says:

    the most terrible officials i have ever seen.. and to think it was a championship game for the OLYMPICS.. really fiba?

  2. Jaydan says:

    Worst Fiba championship game ever…..

  3. Pretenders says:

    This Chinese Teams are bunch of pretenders. They may be good in Asia but……wait…just in Asia!
    Like their products, their game is fake. A college Team in the US NCAA can beat this chinese trash team.

  4. China Loves Fake says:

    How to describe chinese basketball = substandard and fake! LOL

  5. The Truth says:

    Philippines had a cold shooting night but if they were hot like they way they played Iran and Japan they could have beaten China. Well uhmm China? nobody cares about their game anyway. Last time they played international was in London Olympics, they went home winless. This game had a poor officiating, this was decided whos country has the money.

  6. Red says:

    Not only the calls was too in favor of the host team China but the fans are extremely rude throwing bottles at the Philippine squad.

  7. Kobe@Manila says:

    As expected.. Even the NBA can not beat the a team with 8 people playing against 5..

  8. manny says:

    China vs Philippines was decided by the referees. To see it, watch the replay and you be the judge

    • FIBA101 says:

      purely POOR OFFICIATING! of Course it’s in CHINA. It’s made in China. FAKE. Shame on FIBA for unethical, unprofessional and incompetent referees and official. THE POWER OF MONEY EH? SHAME!