Hang Time Podcast (Episode 211) Featuring K.C. Johnson and Marc D’Amico

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — In a city as passionate about its team as Chicago Bulls fans are, and have been for years, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to make sense of what has become of Derrick Rose. The youngest winner of the NBA’s most coveted individual honor, Rose has found himself at the center of yet another loyalty-splitting situation in the Windy City and beyond.

And it has little to do with his latest injury setback, a broken orbital bone broken in the first training camp practice Tuesday, an injury that required surgery today and will sideline him for two weeks (according to the Bulls). It was Rose’s words a day earlier, during Media Day, that produced mass head scratching. He didn’t speak about winning championships and representing his city, themes that had previously been at the center of any public comments in that setting.

Instead spoke of being focused on free agency two years from now and how he’ll cash in on all of the lucrative contracts being dished out around the league and securing his family’s financial future for generations to come.

It makes sense for a superstar who has played in just 100 regular season games since winning the KIA MVP after the 2010-11 season, due to knee injuries, to take that big picture perspective on things. But it also serves as yet another reason for some to doubt whether Rose is focused on winning at all costs.

We kick off Episode 211 of The Hang Time Podcast talking Rose and all of the associated drama with K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. Matt D’Amico, Director of digital content and team reporter for the Boston Celtics also joins us to discuss the prospects for Brad Stevens and his crew this season.

You get all of that and more on Episode 211 of The Hang Time Podcast featuring K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune and Marc D’Amico of the Boston Celtics ...


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VIDEO: Derrick Rose speaks his mind at Media Day in Chicago. He suffered a broken left orbital bone in the Bulls’ first training camp practice a day later and will be sidelined for two weeks after surgery


  1. JohnBo says:

    If the Bulls give ROse over 30 mill per year (Anthony Davis type contract) theyd be foolish. Simple as that. He’s no longer worth that amount…imho. If he puts up two great years…then i wouldnt be mad at a tad bit over 20. But 30-40…nah!! If they feel as if he’ll leave after two years…then they need to trade him.

  2. mitt says:

    I totally agree with the1st comment. He is a good player but still has no common sense in front of the media. He isn’t the only player that thinks out loud, but you can damage your career with what you say in the nba.

  3. He said what? says:

    Derrick Rose needs to figure out the things one should think and the things one should say and know the difference. I’m sure every player in camp, or ever, has thought exactly what he said, but the major difference is they know enough to keep their mouths shut. Derrick, this shows where your focus and attention lies. He has made comments like this before re: coming back to soon and impacting on his ability to earn down the road. Especially when you weigh the amount of time he has played and the money that has been committed to him to date by the Bulls. Some of these guys need a good injection of perspective, as they appear to have lost theirs.

  4. OKC Since fan( 08) says:

    As a player I still like D-rose and still hope he has some good years left, but who ever is giving him pr advice needs to be fired…Derrick rose should focus on winning/staying on the court I’m sure his Adidas deal he has previously signed,his rookie deal and the 5 year / $94,314,380 will cover him for life.He has played 100 reg season over the life of the contract so far that is 100/246(not including the playoffs he missed/played) , if anything he owes the bulls money for not playing and shouldn’t even be thinking about the next contract SMH….