Report: Bennett’s next stop is home

Former No. 1 pick is likely headed back to his hometown of Toronto.

Former No. 1 pick is likely headed back to his hometown of Toronto.

Well, that was quick.

After being released by the Timberwolves via buyout, Anthony Bennett will sign with the Raptors now that he has cleared waivers, according to ESPN’s John Goodman. If so, he’ll boomerang back to Canada, his homeland, and maybe a friendlier team with the Raptors than he had in Minnesota and Cleveland.

Yes, we say “maybe” because while the Raptors are providing a cushion for the former No. 1 overall pick, playing time is hardly guaranteed. Toronto this summer acquired power forward Bismack Biyombo and signed free agent small forward DeMarre Carroll. There’s also Patrick Patterson, and besides, the Raptors are a win-now team, meaning they’re more likely to put a premium on players who can produce right away, rather than try to develop players for the future.

Clearly, Bennett’s value lies in the future, even though he was drafted two years ago. He’s still trying to find his fit in the NBA and labors as an undersized power forward. However, this is a no-lose situation for Toronto. Maybe the change of scenery and familiarity of home will benefit Bennett, who plays on Canada’s emerging national team, and he also came cheap.

Only the 76ers and Blazers had the cap room for Bennett’s $5.8 million salary but neither team bit. That allowed Bennett to go elsewhere. His buyout from Minnesota was roughly $3.6 million and he’ll likely sign with the Raptors for just under $1 million this season. He’s the only No. 1 overall pick to fail to reach the fourth year of his rookie deal.



  1. twig says:

    yeah this would ba a nice fit especially w/ the addition of corey joseph this will be good move at least they both play for the canadaian team hopefully it will give the extra push that he needs.

  2. Nate says:

    How you expect someone to develop when he has no experience in college? 1 year is not enough for some people….he left college to chase them millions and his skills are not even good. He is tall, strong and can dunk…thats all he can do…I personally hate seeing players go to the league early and be busts…But they asked for it when they left school early….they though they were doing the moses malone, kobe, lebron thing….it doesn’t work for everyone!!

  3. colt13 says:

    Whiteside is a great example. A guy just like Bennett that played 1 yr of college ball at a mid major and needs time to adjust. This would be his senior season at UNLV.

  4. Great pick up for the Raptors. Bennett has talent ( had a nice summer ) and might start showing some of his promise with this change of scenary.

  5. matt anderson says:

    If he can develop a 3 pt shot he can be used as a 3 or a 4

  6. Jason Vibrant says:

    Good news for Bennett and the Raptors! Bennett can do so much! It’ time to make it happen big guy!

  7. Robert says:

    I think he is a great pick for raps. He is young (only 22) and he came super cheap (around 1 million). Was he a bust as a No. 1 pick? Yes. Is he an excellent player for 1 million? absolutely. In today’s NBA with that money you can only get a bench warmer rookie. I hope that he finds his inner desire to be a great player and after observing this league for the past 15 years, I know he can make his way to be a starter with some hard work and focus. Focus on rebounding, hustle plays and defense and sky is the limit. Good Luck Anthony, its time for you to give it your all. I believe in you

  8. Nick says:

    He’ll show a good game. I’m sure. Sites like bet4rate writes about it too.

  9. bigluke says:

    Welcome home big fella!!

  10. Rhedz03 says:

    I would have picked AB 3 at best and not lower than 11…He needs to be in a team where he is needed the most…He got potential…He can be an all star…He had that opportunity back in Cleveland but sadly he was not able to grab it. He had his time with the wolves but it did not worked out for there him either. This is his last shot..This coming season he must prove everyone wrong…He needs to step up more than he ever did in his whole life…He needs to prove the world that he is truly deserving of a 1st round draft pick…He can do it but its gonna take double the hard work and effort…

    If he can work more on his outside shooting, rebounding and just being more active on the defensive end then surely he will get the time.

  11. Sing says:

    If he have been picked at around the second half of the first round pick, no one would care how he play right now. It was a mistake for Cleveland to make him the #1. He didn’t asked for it. Again, if he have been picked, like #19 or something like that. Everybody and the NBA would look at him differently.

  12. Harry says:

    No one cares. The entire nation rules for Blue Jays now.

  13. robb says:

    whiteside is not a good example, lack of respect+instable mentaly, he will stay right where he is now, brawling because he doesn’t like the face of a guy who took a rebound on him, or blocked his shot. he is a –
    Bennett have a lot more potential, good mind and good worker. he wiill always be a +

  14. Dave Milsom says:

    A very good pick up for the Raptors. Bennett has worked hard on his conditioning and this will greatly help his improvement.
    Looked good for Canada at times this summer. Still young and has strong future if handled right.

  15. rjsl says:

    he s a good fit for the raptors. good luck AB.

  16. harriethehawk says:

    Best wishes. There is no place like home. Right Kevin Durant?

  17. dustydreamnz says:

    I wouldn’t be writing him off yet though never thought he should have been top pick at the time.

  18. jumpmang23 says:

    Your home now AB! your home now… #WTN

  19. sisask says:

    Big men need more time…..Take Whiteside for example. Don’t count him out just yet. Antwan Jamison type of player – give him time he will blossom. The dude just needs playtime and patience – far fetched in NBA tho.