Metta World Peace rejoins the Lakers

VIDEO: Metta World Peace and the Lakers are set to do it again in Kobe Bryant’s final season under contract

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Go ahead, call it a comeback for Metta World Peace with the Los Angeles Lakers. After weeks of will-he-or-won’t-they speculation about him making a return to the NBA (and the Lakers), the organization is ready to make it official by signing World Peace to a one-year deal on Thursday.

On a team with plenty of fresh faces and looking forward to the return of Kobe Bryant for what could be his final season under contract with the Lakers, the return of World Peace will add another heavy dose of spice to what should be an extremely interesting training camp.

Prized rookie D’Angelo Russell has already produced plenty of headlines of his own, based strictly on his activity since Draft night and through Summer League. And veteran center Roy Hibbert trying to find his way back to an elite level in a Lakers uniform is a journey worthy of its own reality show. The news of his signing comes after Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak suggested that it was only a “possibility” and that “nothing was imminent.”

But the Lakers must have seen something they liked from the 35-year old World Peace, who has reportedly been working out with Lakers players all summer. A 15-year veteran who has had stops with six different NBA teams, World Peace was out of the league last year, playing overseas in China and Italy.

By returning to the Lakers on this one-year deal, World Peace has a chance to ride out his career alongside Bryant. The pairing has worked before, with World Peace helping save the day in Game 7 of The Finals in 2010.

Critics will point out, and rightfully so, that was a lifetime ago in NBA years. And there are obviously some other crucial pieces (Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol, etc.) from that championship puzzle missing. The Lakers, however, are trying to scratch and claw their way back into the playoff mix in the Western Conference by any means necessary it seems.

If they believe a seasoned veteran like World Peace has enough left in him to aid that cause, then they are right to add him to their already intriguing 2015-16 mix.


  1. Jakoula says:

    Best of luck Metta World Peace. I can still remember what you and your homeboy Lamar J Odom brought to the table. We added to D-Fish, Pau & Kobe’s contributions and the results were GREAT!!! All marbles……..2010. May God bless you and Lamar as well. Welcome back and continue to work on your craft.. all the best buddy.

  2. claude says:

    wow, u guys hate Lakers so much, but ya still read about them. Just like Tupac said” They r the team that u love to hate” Haters!!!!!

  3. Larry Pilkey says:

    Sounds like a lot of sour grapes toward 2 guys that have made the league try to stop them with no success. Older and a different way to win. We’ll see. But no matter what, enjoy the last of the best

  4. MattfromHH says:

    Ron is still a great defender…… in practice with no officials. He was too slow to defend the perimeter and to little to defend the post the last time he was in the league. If the Lakers give him any burn he will be at the top of the league in fouls per minute.

    Another sign this Laker regime has no idea how to rebuild the franchise.

  5. chiefgeneralbryant says:

    Haters. He won a championship with kobe. He gonna be on the team again n play better than the last time he was a laker. He already aquainted with the team and kobe n him gonna ball this season. World peace gonna get in other players head especially LeBrons thats gonna be fun to watch n see him make lebron cry. Lol!! He been ballin in China and Italy. Got a 3 pointer and very strong and not afraid to put a hand in a players face. These youngsters will get taught. Good thing the youngsters on the lakers got an edge to be on the lakers n learn from smart veterans. #kobeworldpeace
    Kobe n World Peace had their young days now theyre more older n mature n gonna teach school the league n finish strong. A better finals with the lakers this year.

  6. Kedrick says:

    He will be cut, But while they’re at it, Smush and Kwame are available…

  7. michael says:

    Metta world peace??? really??? Lakers are starting to look kind of desperate to me

  8. Steve says:

    He is and will be Ron (all about me) Artest. Anyone who jumps into the stands to rough up a fan is not all about World Peace!
    This guy is perfect for Jack N. and the laker Team! Thats all they need is one more off the chart ego. I love it! Burn Lakers Burn!!!!

    • LAL=LOL says:

      I am really kind of enjoying this down time from constantly having this obnoxious, undeserving team in purple and gold being a contender. Although I will say I am surprised they haven’t been able to hijack another teams star player. That’s the only way the Lakers can form a title team… Stealing another teams star FA.

  9. Steve says:

    He is and will be Ron (all about me) Artest. Anyone who jumps into the stands to rough up a fan is not all about World Peace!
    This guy is perfect for Jack N. and the laker Team! Thats all they need is one more off the chart ego. I love it! Burn Lakers Burn!!!!

  10. WJS says:

    I think bringing Ron Artest back is a good idea. His jersey sells well in Compton, East LA and some of the other very nice areas of LA. Yo Yo Yo Was uuuuppp

  11. Justin says:

    Sign Bynum!!!! lol

  12. Rhedz03 says:

    World Peace is actually a good thing for Lakers…He will serve as a mentor and will help fresh faces in the locker room…Hope Lamar could get a chance too…Honestly…MWP..Lakers is your home..And so Odom…

    Mitch..pick that phone up and call Lamar like ASAP…You know lamar can really help your team…he was at his best in lakers jersey…

  13. John says:

    world peace was out of gas when he left the lakers, he really is going to be useless now.

  14. Reggohllabami says:

    So it’s made official, yet it doesn’t mean a thing. LAL will still be LOL, and if Kobe gets injured once more, IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE AND RETIRE.

    • Reggohllabami says:

      oh and for those that say I’ll miss him when he’s gone, you’re highly wrong. I’ll be VERY HAPPY to see him leave.

      • Mo says:

        That’s just anger talking. Just like when someone gets dumped in a relationship and wants to save face in front of their friends. You’ll miss him when he’s gone but don’t worry everyday it’ll get better.

  15. Feliciano says:

    This guy has a lot of experience, bad obviously and extremely good ones, so the young fellas in the Team will have Kobe and Metta as mentors…. What would they expect better … Fighting spirit and winning mind set…. It will pay off, but later….

  16. noyb says:

    First thing LAL has done right since screwing PJAX. But 2LTL2LATE

  17. J4CK Nicholson says:

    If he’s signed just to mentor the likes of Randle, Black and Upshaw then it’s a good one. But if they sign him hoping to bring back the glory days then they’re crazy. I was leaning towards signing him as a special coach for the bigs but not as an active player in the line up.

  18. Macc says:

    Metta World Peace ???? We are so excited to have you back with the lakers man !!!! Congrats

  19. EP says:

    Yeah why not bring back Lamar Odom, Metta World Peace, Antwan Jamison, Baron Davis, Gilbert Arenas, Tracy McGrady, Rashard Lewis, hell why not even bring Derek Fisher out of retirement it would save him form that terrible Knicks job,

  20. Byron Scott says:

    He probably won’t do much to help out at small forward, but he’s a great mentor for the young guys, especially Randle

  21. Patty says:


  22. harriethehawk says:

    Okay, either this Fakers project is going to work, or not. I am leaning towards not, because I can’t help but say, “why not give Lamar Odom a call and give him a 1 year contract too?” lol