Hang Time Podcast (Episode 210) Featuring Matt D’Agostino

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Comparing players and eras is always a risky proposition, given that everyone comes to the debate with their own perspective.

That’s why we’re extremely careful around here when it comes to connecting the dots between players with similar profiles but wildly different bodies of work. So just because Larry Johnson and Anthony Bennett were No. 1 overall Draft picks (generations apart, mind you) as undersized power forwards from UNLV, does not make them comparable on any level as NBA players.

Phil Jackson compared prized Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis to Shawn Bradley, a rather unfair comparison in the eyes of many. Time will tell if Porzingis is ready to assist Carmelo Anthony in the resurrection of the Knicks or if he’ll struggle as a rookie in the same ways that Bennett did in Cleveland.

But it’s another situation that requires time to resolve, time that Bennett will attest few players have in today’s NBA. We talk all of this and much more on Episode 210 of The Hang Time Podcast featuring NBA.com’s FanDuel guru Matt D’Agostino ...


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VIDEO: Will Kristaps Porzingis go the way of Anthony Bennett and struggle in his adjustment to the NBA or be an impact rookie for the New York Knicks this season?


  1. Red says:

    Carmelo loves the life in New York, with the good contract and salary he have, he’s not in a slight interested in a ring. I’m so glad he didn’t join the Rockets. Not mad at him it’s all business.

  2. Unkaned says:

    Poringus was a smart long-term pick, and the Knicks are going nowhere this year anyway. With maybe the development of him and one more guy, plus Carmelo, if they win say 48 games in the East (not impossible), they have a chance to add a great player next year, and if so, I can see Kobe jumping ship to boost them off the bench. So while they’re nowhere hear a championship team in any future I see, they could be a top 8 team the following year and at least give their fans some enjoyable basketball. But they’re far, far away from accomplishing anything really meaningful and by the time they do, Carmello will be on the down side. (But as the missing piece to a potential champion team with him added (Chicago? New Orleans?), I can see him getting traded for some good building stuff (younger players and draft picks). Chicago won’t part with much for an older, highly-paid start in his twilight years. The these four-way trades can deliver some unusual things. Otherwise, atter the next year, if nothing happening, Phll will finally marry Jeanie Buss and life will go on.

  3. Trace says:

    Phil Jackson does not really believe KP is another Shawn Bradley. This man drafted this kid as the centerpiece of his legacy going forward. There’s no way he would stake his reputation on a kid if he didn’t really believe the kid has a chance to be a star!!! Don’t get it twisted. That Bradley comment was for the kid to be motivated by the comparison. He knows the kid has pride and would not like to be thought of that way. Just Phil being Phil.

  4. Pat says:

    Even the great Patrick Ewing was thin like a cigarette paper in his early NBA years. Work out and practice made him the great player we like to watch