Spain And France Still Battling … On Twitter!

VIDEO: Spain and France served up an instant classic in Thursday’s EuroBasket semifinal

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Apparently, an overtime thriller in a EuroBasket semifinal wasn’t enough for certain members of the Spanish and French national teams. Hours after Pau Gasol led Spain to a rousing comeback win over Nic Batum, Tony Parker and the host nation team, members of their respective camps turned to Twitter to continue the fight after Thursday’s game.

Both Ricky Rubio and Rudy Gobert lobbed shots (nothing vicious) back and forth in an intense rivalry that stretches back years, highlighted in the last year by a French upset of Spain on their home soil in last year’s FIBA World Cup and now Spain’s return of serve today.

Spain locked up their spot in next summer’s Rio Olympics with the win. France will have to earn a spot in a FIBA qualifying tournament in 2016. In the meantime, we need the players on both sides to, uh … keep it classy.



  1. Jota Sweden says:

    Julien-HK, only 18 FT for Gasol was not too much… we have to think att this is basket and not rugby and french team was not sister of mercy. And another thing, what would do Batum med 18 FT? 0/18? See you in Rio… (or not).

  2. bullsfandan says:

    Great win by team Spain! Pau your the man! 40 points! Your the Eurobasket MVP! Now go for the Gold! Go Bulls! Go Spain! #TeamSpain #Bulls #SeeRed

  3. Scott JAMES fool says:

    Pau is awesome!!!!
    Hope he can stay healthy this season.
    Pau come back to the Lakers. …..PLEASE

  4. European says:

    Didn’t like all those foul calls either, but.. The way Gasol took over….. That was crazy to watch… 40points in a semi-final!!

    • Julien-HK says:

      Yes Pau Gasol was amazing… but pushing down Lauvergne in the paint to get the offensive rebound with no call for a easy dunk and +3… every single player can do it… even Kurt Rambis (who I repect still)… 18FT for Gasol more than all French team… a joke…

      • alex says:

        See you ( or not ) in Rio Julien-HK.

        You could blame Collet for not ordering double teams on Gasol.
        Gobert was lucky to be given such a 1on1 lesson for free yesterday.
        He is young and a great athlete. With half the skills that Gasol has ,Gobert would be a top center in both the NBA and FIBA ( sure he wil be one of them in few years )