Report: Kobe medically cleared for training camp

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant is ready to add to his impressive list of career milestones

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant will be front and center when the Los Angeles Lakers open training camp in two weeks for the 2015-16 season.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ resident superstar has been medically cleared for all basketball activities, per a report from Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report.

Bryant has made it back from surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder slightly ahead of the nine-month recovery time that was initially set as his timeline. With his medical clearance, Bryant is just days away from what could be his final NBA training camp with the Lakers, and perhaps the final training camp of his career.

Three weeks ago he celebrated his first day back on the court with this Instagram post:

Being medically cleared for basketball activities, however, marks the official return from the injury that ended his 2014-15 season after just 35 games. What could be his final season with the Lakers could also wind up being his most challenging season, since the Lakers don’t project to be among the contenders for one of the eight playoff spots in the rugged Western Conference. Bryant’s career has been fueled by his doubters, so that should make for an extremely interesting journey for he and his Lakers teammates, as well as the rest of us who’ll go along for the ride.


  1. bullsfandan says:

    He is cleared to play until he gets hurt again. He just can’t stay healthy.

  2. Patty says:

    I am so Happy for Kobe. Having Kobe in the Game makes it so exciting. We need Kobe to be healthy.

  3. Jam says:

    I’m a die hard Lakers fan out here in Phoenix Az. I rep LAKERS all day every day & I can see why Kobe hv so many haters, look wht he do to teams, hv nobody else in the nba of this time & day scored more points then the BM. So keep hate’n we don’t care about it!!
    Go Lakers & do ur thang KOBE Bryant

  4. Greg Gurule says:

    Go Kobe Bryant it’s going to be a great year for you

  5. glenn says:

    u guys just jealous of kobe b happy for him an wish him the best I do kobe good luck this season bro

  6. Brian says:

    It’s amazing how bandwagon fans have so much to say about Kobe and his greatness. Let me break it down to you.
    1) Kobe thrives on proven he is the best.
    2) Kobe never seeks to join a team full of other stars; he instead embraces challenging them and beating them.
    3) Kobe never kisses up the the public of fear not being like.
    4) Fame is not a priority of Kobe’s only winning.
    5) The fact that the haters are talking about him (ball hog, not a team player etc) but yet and still a 5 time champion proves that he has at some point and time demolished your teams hopes of a championship with his unparalleled play.

    My message to all the haters “Stop hating” we all know that you fear the “Mamba.” And you should.

  7. neil mudaliar says:

    Welcome back Kobe

  8. Patricia Green says:

    So-o very glad to have you back. I pray you have an astonishing return to basketball, that your best games are ahead of you, you return to basketball as a winner,, and that you return to college to get you degree. Signed, An Admirer & Fan for Life

  9. Gary McMillion says:

    Glad to have the “Mamba” back. This will be a transitional year for you, but I ask as a life long Lakers fan, take this year to school the new ones on what it takes to be a Laker. Instill in them your work ethic and if possible, your drive for never settling for anything less than a championship. This would go a long way towards returning the Lakers to where they always strive to be, NBA Champions.

  10. Fraz says:

    I’m not a fan of Kobe Bryant…but you cannot deny the man’s skill and intensity. With that being said it is hard to see the Lakers making the playoffs in the West and unfortunately Byron Scott doesnt have the respect of Kobe to convince him to limit his minutes, and Kobe’s Killer instinct wont let him Sluff off…. so the lakers will play fast and Kobe will play 45 minutes a games and get himself injured half way through the season.

    • G Wright says:

      Wow…you could have kept that negativity to urself…Kobe was and still will be one the greatest scorers in NBA history!

  11. Sheila Bobbitt says:

    Welcome back Kobe. Can’t wait to see you smash the haters who counted you out. I got you on this end. Flipbook Kobe!!!!!!!!!!

  12. videoron says:

    He is still in the league??

  13. DeVaughn Station says:

    Let’s go Kobe and the Lakers! I’ve been down with you since day one and will till you walk away from the game. Nothin but love for you bruh. The Lakers will be the most exciting team to watch this year! ***Message to fans***
    Give the Lakers more energy this year by getting LOUD!!! Our fans are too laid back at the games, get up and get the place moving with positive energy!!!

  14. RWH says:

    Yes!!!! Who else dropped 81!!!!

  15. Tom says:

    3rd biggest ball hog of all time…

  16. purpngold says:

    First things first, with Kobe’s return the excitement is back in the NBA. Second, Lebron has no business being mentioned in the same breath as Kobe. And lastly, don’t under estimate the heart of a champion, and as long as Kobe is on the court the Lakers have a chance against any team on any given day, that’s why nba coaches fear him. GO Get’em Kobe..

  17. Berniee KING says:

    KOBE! The NBA world is very happy to have you back. The NBA is never the same without you. I repeat: The NBA is never the same without you. I Hope you come back strong, be an allstar, be an MVP(regular, all star and finals) and win your 6th ring(tying your favorite player, MJ). I wish you the best bro. I’ll see you at the championship parade next year!!!! AMEN! #seriousmode #bigkobefan

  18. Steven says:

    Having you back on the court and leading the Lakers ! Is a great thing and gives all of the hardcore Laker fans hope! Hope that with The Black Mamba on the court! We are never out of a game! Kobe I know your the last person that needs to be told! Never give up! And tell Father Time “F_ _K You!” He might catch your _ss eventually! But not yet! Beat him down until you get number 6!! May god bless you with good health and a few more years on the court!

  19. Awesome John says:

    I think this year Kobe will shock everyone with his outstanding performance.
    He is a great competitor and I think the saga is not over yet..
    He will make a fantastic comeback and freak everyone out like he has been doing all his life..
    One of the greatest players the game has ever seen, do not forget that he is a living legend..
    I know that gets some people angry but you have to give credit where credit is due the mans numbers and records speak for themselves!

  20. Clark says:

    Kobe is the G.O.A.T. No explanation necessary. Check the man’s resume and Google him.

    • videoron says:

      Kobe is the 5th greatest laker of all time. Behind magic, kareem, jerry west, gasol. Without gasol they dont win.

      • Matthew says:

        Ahahahahahaha! Stupid!
        Without Fisher they don’t win either. Maybe Kobe is 6th? Haha. Haters are dense.

      • David Andrews says:

        You have little knowledge on the history of the Lakers, obviously. No Lakers fan would ever put Pau Gasol ahead of Elgin Baylor, who is a hall of famer and a Lakers legend. Gail Goodrich, too. Gasol was definitely good, but not legendary. Kobe, on the other hand, is one of the top three basketball players of all time. Period.

  21. Al Sonic says:

    Only second to MJ.What a player. List of some greats he is better than. Drexler,Erving,Wilkens,Bird,and Magic just to name a few.

  22. Mr. Smith says:

    The NBA is not the same without the Black Mamba.
    Kobe let’s go to work.
    Welcome we have missed you.
    Kobe Kobe Kobe!!!!!

  23. Texas Proud says:

    Glad the Black Mamba is BACK🏀💃👌.
    Much Love for the MAN that carried NBA on his back for many years..Let him enjoy his comeback regardless of what happens this season, I have always enjoyed watching him wipe the floor at anyone and everyone… that ,Thought they could stop him..
    #24 ManStrong#24

  24. robb says:

    nobody is trying to push kobe out, but hey hey took 25M year and the team is an invalid rushed montage with the money left on the table for the others. so much politically correct lol, but look at the lakers, seriously. obsolet, no perspective of anything.

    I mean, this is good for kobe, rehab and pushing limits at an advanced age, but for me this move is paid with the team’ blood. the team grounded. it’s nice to see him play, but at this cost ? and the consequences for the team, smh.
    when kobe took that deal, he lost all my respect.
    when the tyranic milf is in deny thinking she is still a 19 year old girl…

  25. J4CK Nicholson says:

    As a Lakers fan, it’s time for Kobe to change his game from a dominant, one man army to a mentor, 15 minutes a game guy. There will be lots of losses and growing pains but sometimes you have to look further and beyond. By doing that he’s not interfering the growth of their rookies, and who knows their bad record might yield another #2, or #1 pick?

  26. Miguel says:

    Do your thing Kobe wish u the best of luck lol

  27. ShooterbyNight says:

    Karlos, my friend…How old are you? Kobe never rode Shaq’s coat tail. In fact, they support each other..One of the best one two punch teammates that I ever saw play togehter, as it pertains to dominance. Shaq being dominant in the paint and Koe dominating the perimeter. Every great player had other great player to win a championship. Magic had Kareem, Wlorthy. MJ had Scottie, Rodman. Lebron had DWade,Bosh. Don’t tarnish someones legacy because you don’t understand GREATNESS!

  28. steven says:

    well am here at the bahamas we talk about kobe every day first we like LAKERS . Second we love kobe ,
    kobe let’s GO!

  29. BULLS4life says:

    happy Kobe is back 1 of the best ever no doubt but i dont think he has the necessary tools around him right now to make the play the playoffs in the hard core and rugged western division but i would love to see him go out atop the west (losing to my Bulls lol) but still i love Kobe game and grit he has displayed a toughness that few nba players still have hope he has a great season GO Black Mamba

  30. harriethehawk says:

    Kobe may be back, but not to a winning team. The Fakers stink.

  31. Someone says:

    What a day! Phil’s birthday, Pau carrying Spain to Eurobasket Final, and now Kobe is medically cleared. Kinda feels good

  32. NBA Fan says:

    Man I can’t wait to see the Lakers and Kobe Bryant play

  33. Ray says: use to be my favorite site to check in on basketball, but everytime i look up these guys are doin a disjustice to kobe’s legacy and impact on the game. Respect who he is and Acknowledge his greatness this year. Honor this man by highlighting his greatest games throughout the season. Give him a 24hr block to show his 24 greatest performances..they not hard to find. His 9 straight 40+ in 03.. all 5 of his 60pt games, his 55 against Jordan, his game in N.O which was the 1st game after Katrina, his 2 incredible 3’s game in 04 to win the division, his 1st all star game, his torn achilles game, his 24pts in the 4th qtr vs T-mac and the magic with a seperated shoulder, his “amnesty that” Game, his “He can’t gaurd me” Game, his dunk on the brooklyn nets game in 2013, his game 4 in the Finals “shaq fouled out game”, his 48pt 15 reb game against the kings, his 50pts against the clippers game, and his in your face 3 times vs lebron james game, and all 3 of his 30 points in a quater games… THAT’S JUST TO NAME A FEW!!!!!! Respect This Man! Much Love Mamba! Much Love to The Bean

  34. Louis says:

    These writers have been trying to push kobe out the door for the last 5 yrs now… cant believe the stupidity of people who think this is kobes last year… first it was michael has 6 kobe has 3, disrespect. He gets 4 and then they say, well the first 3 was shaq, he got and they wanna somehow bring lebron into the picture. dear writers, as much as you hate to hear this, kobe’s not leaving until he gets 7. Nuthin matters but championship 6 and 7… when u look up and see kobe in his 24th year, maybe then you’ll respect him for what he truly symbolizes. STRENGTH AND PERSEVERENCE!

    • dd def says:

      dude he said this is probably his last year. it’s not disrespectful to say a guy might be retiring soon at any rate. you need to chill, think, read, watch, pay attention, but i must emphasize think

    • Reggohllabami says:

      @Louis- what a DELUSIONAL Kobe fan you are. he’s certainly NOT getting 7 rings. He’s not even gonna reach 6. Face reality and the fact that one more injury towards him and it’s likely over. Today’s Lakers stink and I don’t see them doing any good for next couple of years which by then I’d be shocked if Kobe is still playing at that time.

    • Karlos says:

      He’ll have to ride someone’s coat tails as he did Shaq’s in the first 3 to even have a sniff of a 6th. Maybe he can carry Lebron’s bag or keep a dry towel for Steph.

  35. michael says:

    Kobe in his hay day could not take this current Lakers team to the playoffs…they barely made it with a healthy Kobe and dwight howard and the western conference is far tougher now than a couple years ago…good luck in the lottery boys

  36. michael says:

    The mamba is back!!!! that being said, lakers have no chance of making the playoffs. Sorry Lakers fans

  37. dd def says:

    Kobe, please just make sure you’re healthy for your trip to Portland on 11/28. as a devout Blazers fan it’s been a thrill to “hate” you all these years. couldn’t ask for a better villain to our organization and it will probably be my last chance to see you play here. so please PLEASE be healthy.

  38. Richard says:

    Lakers will make it for the playoffs and I promise one hundred percent guaranteed. God bless Lakers and the best NBA player ever Koby Bryant

  39. Jay says:

    Can’t wait to see Kobe back in the court!!!

  40. augie casarrez says:

    I think the Lakers can be a surprise in the Western Div. if they play fast, as do the GS Warriors and other teams that were doing the same. Playing fast means moving the ball as quickly as possible after grabbing a defensive rebound and running down court to put pressure on the opposition before they set up. They have young nucleus number of young players now that can do that. The older players can follow behind at times for help. They will not be competitive if they slow it down. Are you listening Lakers Staff, coaches, and management?

  41. Mike says:

    “nine-moth recovery”

    Do you guys even read these stories?

  42. Jai says:


    • Flores3 says:

      Do you guys know you are talking about the most competitive active player in the nba. As long as he is healthy and gets a collective effort from his team they will make the playoffs and some. I do see him getting another ring or two in the next 3 years. You don’t need to have the best players in your team they just need to be hungry for championship and I believe they are.