Blogtable: Best offensive rebounder in NBA today?

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VIDEOMoses Malone’s 30-point, 30-rebound game from 1982 vs. Seattle

> Moses Malone is the NBA’s all-time leader in offensive rebounds, but who is the best offensive rebounder in the NBA right now, today?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comWhen Detroit’s Andre Drummond grabbed 440 offensive rebounds in 2013-14, he was the first player with more than 400 in a season in 16 years (Jayson Williams had 443 in 1997-98). Drummond had 33 percent more than the No. 2 man, DeAndre Jordan. Then last season, Drummond grabbed 437, topping runner-up Jordan by 40. So with all due respect to the Clippers center and to wily Zach Randolph in Memphis, the easy answer here is Drummond.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Andre Drummond. More than five per game last season? That’s how to make a big contribution on offense while not having much of an offensive game, or at least a traditional offensive game.

Shaun Powell, After watching him rip through the playoffs last season I’m tempted to nominate Tristan Thompson. He goes for more second helpings than you at Thanksgiving. But the premier offensive rebounder is Andre Drummond, and he’s still learning how to play the game. Imagine what happens when he develops a post move or a mid-range shot. Until then, the offensive glass is what he does very well, better than most.

John Schuhmann, Andre Drummond was the league leader in offensive rebounding percentage last season, but DeAndre Jordan was second while playing for a coach — Doc Rivers — who doesn’t want to sacrifice transition defense for offensive boards. No team allowed a lower percentage of their opponents’ shots in the first six seconds of the shot clock than the Clippers, who ranked 28th in offensive rebounding percentage as a team. With that context, the case could be made that Jordan is the better offensive rebounder among two similarly long and bouncy bigs.

Sekou Smith, Andre Drummond‘s the only player in the league to average more than five offensive rebounds per game last season, so he has to get the nod. But I love watching DeAndre Jordan (4.8 offensive rpg and a league-leading 15 rpg last season) do his work around the rim for the Los Angeles Clippers. He’s huge, like Drummond, and uses every bit of his size and athleticism to his advantage on the boards. He does it with more flair than Drummond and does it in a dominant fashion on a team where he’s never really been featured on that end of the floor.

Ian Thomsen, Andre Drummond dominated during the regular season, but the big man who made you think of offensive rebounding as a weapon last year was Tristan Thompson. As the Cavaliers’ scorers went down during the playoffs, Thompson tirelessly created second-chances while helping to drive his team within reach of the championship.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogBy all the stats, Detroit’s Andre Drummond is pretty effective, by a pretty healthy margin, with DeAndre Jordan not far off. But fresh in my mind is the work Tristan Thompson did during the NBA Finals. We always hear from coaches that rebounding is mostly about effort over anything else, and I thought Thompson showed that during The Finals.


  1. Ron says:

    DeAndre Jordan, can’t make a free throw, in the 4th quarter its hack Jordon time and he hurts his team more then he helps it so over all, I think he is over payed and should have been dumped by his team mates.

  2. Tony Trierweiler says:

    Hello! Hasaan Whiteside! This dude had his coming out part against Deandre Jordan and the Clippers. Im not saying he’s the best but the kid deserves credit when credit is deserved!

  3. jdub455 says:

    tristan thompson no doubt… he even did it when it most mattered, in the NBA finals

  4. mezstah says:

    The 60s were overrated the average team scored like 118 points per game on a lower FG% off course there were many rebound chances.

  5. robb says:

    rodman best ever, rebounding GOAT. wilt is ok but rod took the rebounds in the face of grown big modern guys, wilt was a giant competing against tiny short skinny boys, wnba girls are more athletic..(100 points, lol, i can also put 100 points against my 7 year old nephews, and i can take 50 rebounds on them easy)
    anyways, opinion

  6. Andre Drummond now, but Tristan Thompson will take that crown as he continues to get older/play in the NBA.

  7. Drew says:

    To decide on who is the best offensive rebounder, you have to statistically normalize to a percentage.

    If Detroit missed more shots creating more opportunities for Drummond, then he would have more opportunities than a better shooting team.

    Can you compare the teams with the highest percentage of offensive boards and also look at the team’s shooting percentage.

    Do they rebound more because they miss more shots?
    Do they rebound less because they make more shots?

  8. Edward Diener says:

    The only reason why Moses Malone ( RIP ) is the all-time leader in offensive rebounds is because rebounds were not recorded before 1973. Chamberlain and Russell would be the all-time leaders in rebounds, offensive rebounds, and defensive rebounds if they were recorded prior to 1973. No one else would even be close.