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Morris ready to leave Phoenix | Beal, Wizards still not close on extension | Heat could have hard time keeping Whiteside | Prokhorov to buy rest of Nets, Barclays

No. 1: Morris ready to leave Phoenix — It’s been a few weeks since Markieff Morris said that he wouldn’t be in Phoenix much longer, possibly traded by the start of training camp. The Suns have stood pat since then, but Morris hasn’t backed down. On Thursday night, he reiterated his stance on twitter…

Morris’ contract extension (four years, $32 million) kicks in this season. The Suns traded his brother Marcus to Detroit in July, when they were looking to clear cap space for free agents. They added Tyson Chandler, but struck out on LaMarcus Aldridge.


No. 2: Beal, Wizards still not close on extensionAnthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, the No. 1 and No. 2 picks of the 2012 Draft, have signed contract extensions that have them under contract through the 2020-21 and ’19-20 seasons, respectively. There are still almost two months for ’12 draftees to sign extensions, but one might not get done for No. 3 pick Bradley Beal if he’s looking for the max (about $120 million over five years), because the Wizards will want to maintain flexibility for next summer, when a certain D.C. native will be a free agent. J. Michael of CSN has the latest on where Beal and the Wizards stand…

While talks remain open, was told, there hasn’t been any movement. Beal, who believes he’s worth a max deal, just returned from Taiwan and president Ernie Grunfeld had been on vacation.

The lack of reaching a compromise isn’t an indication of any greater problems, but the Wizards aren’t in a position in which they must commit to a four-year deal fully guaranteed right now with so many moving parts ahead in free agency in the summer of 2016.

If a move is going to be made, it appears it would have to come from Beal to make a deal happen.


No. 3: Heat could have hard time keeping WhitesideThe Miami Heat have changed the terms of Hassan Whiteside‘s contract, which now gives him a fully guaranteed $981,348 salary for 2014-15, rather than partial guarantees until Dec. 1. If Whiteside continues to play as well as he did at times last season, that 981K is a bargain. But a strong season for Whiteside could make it difficult for the Heat to retain him next summer, as the South Florida Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman explains…

The change of the 2015-16 terms does not ease the Heat’s tenuous status with Whiteside going forward.

With Whiteside to fall short of full Bird Rights due to only a two-year tenure with the team, the Heat still will have to create salary-cap space to re-sign him next summer. The only way for the Heat to go over the 2016-17 salary cap to re-sign Whiteside would be if he would sign for the average salary as part of his Early Bird Rights, a figure of less than $10 million, one expected to be far below his market value.


No. 4: Prokhorov to buy rest of Nets, Barclays — Earlier this year, there were stories that Mikhail Prokhorov could be selling his share of the Brooklyn Nets. Now, Prokhorov is on the brink of going all-in on both the Nets and their arena, as the New York Post reports…

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov is nearing a deal to buy all of the Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets from Bruce Ratner’s Forest City Enterprises, The Post has learned.

Prokhorov has been in talks to buy the 55 percent of the arena and 20 percent of the NBA team he does not already own. Under the deal being discussed, he would kick in little cash beyond forgiving the roughly $31 million Forest City owes him to cover team losses, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

Mitch Abramson of the New York Daily News says there’s still issues to be addressed before the deal is done

But, according to three high-ranking officials with both the Nets, Prokhorov and Forest City, the deal with Forest City Enterprise isn’t close to completion and won’t be done for perhaps another month.

“I don’t see this deal getting done probably for maybe the better part of three to four weeks,” one source told the Daily News. “There’s just a lot of issues that remain before we’re even close to being a done deal. It’s a complicated deal and it just takes time. But nothing is imminent.”

The source did say that both Prokhorov and Forest City are “motivated” to reach an agreement and the likelihood was still good the transaction happens.

But the deal won’t occur before a Sept. 8 deadline set by Prokhorov’s private investment firm, Onexim Group, for Forest City to pay back $6 million in debt, the sources all agreed.


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  1. bayaraa says:

    Markief Morris should go to LA.Lakers. waive Sacre

  2. Arran Moses you clearly are a band wagon fan who doesn’t know much about the game. “After all the teams doubted him ” Whiteside only played with the Kings then the d league. I was praising the guy in his rookie year even without getting minutes. Child please.

    • Arran Moses says:

      I am NOT a bandwagon fan. If the Kings didn’t doubt Whiteside then why exactly would they play him under 40 games for 2 seasons. They doubted him. Nobody called him up and gave him a shot to play besides the Heat. The Grizzlies gave him less than 2 days. They made him feel like Luke Ridnour. The King’s lose out big time because they barely gave him a chance. And to educate you a bit more, “your guy” played several seasons overseas with China and Lebanon. Been a Heat fan for as long as I can remember. However, I’m apparently a bandwagon fan.

  3. Janice says:

    Whiteside should stay one year for less than 10 million and then he will have the bird rights. Loyalty should count for something. No one gave him a chance, but the heat. Don’t let money take you away from a good situation. In time you will get paid. Remember Ike Austin, He ran after money and his career did not last. Miami asked him to do one more year. Don’t be greedy.

  4. harriethehawk says:

    Send Morris to the Angry Ants. He’s not all that anyway. I won’t miss him if he decides to not show up for practice or the games.

  5. Arran Moses says:

    No way Whiteside leaves Heat Nation.

    • Denholm says:

      until someone offers him more money.

      • Arran Moses says:

        Loyalty over Royalty. Wade’s example of this concept will translate over to Whiteside. Whiteside will give Miami a hometown discount. They gave him his first chance to prove himself in the big league after every other team doubted him. They gave him the chance to prove all of the doubters wrong.

  6. dustydreamnz says:

    The Suns need to trade Markeiff Morris before he wrecks their season in my opinion.

  7. M. Dalgart says:

    Markieff Morris Contract is still valid, Phoenix Suns would fine him, for every Day starting Middle of Sept. that he misses Practices and games. Phoenix SUNS, like any other Professional Team, do not have to “Prepare” any player ahead of time, if they decide to Trade Players, as done with his Twin Brother. Taking a cut in pay, was your decision, to keep both Brothers on same team. Look at Goric in Miami. He wanted his brother Zoric there as well, yet they too, still traded him.
    Teams do not have any other obligation, than to honor Contracts written, yet they can still Trade as their discretion.
    Lets face it, most Professional Players are making an obscene Salary. Like they say, a Players Value, is as much as his Agent can get him…

  8. I’m a Wizard’s fan (shudder) but Bradley Beal hasn’t come close to showing he’s a max-level guy. He shows flashes that indicate he can get there, but with injuries and the like, he hasn’t been consistent enough to warrant going all-in for. He’s the 2 guard, and last year they had to rely on ancient Paul Pierce in the playoffs because the Wiz had no other reliable knock-down shooters. Sorry, Brad, I’m not seeing you here much longer if you want $20M+ per year.

  9. Roger Tornga says:

    Is there any protection through the union for the Morris brothers, since they took less money from Phoenix in exchange for both staying on the same team? Now Phoenix doesn’t uphold their end of the agreement. Seems like Keef could get out of the deal with some help from Michelle Roberts.

    • dd def says:

      if they had a no-trade clause then yes, but my understanding is they were given a lump some to split between themselves and were never promised that they’d remain on the same team. dude just needs to man up, do his wonderfully amazing job that they all get grossly over payed to do, and quit being a whiny little baby

      • M. Dalgart says:

        You’re absolutely correct. Morris Brothers as any NBA Player now, there’s No-Trade clause anymore, since Magic, Bird, Jordan era. No Longer will NBA Teams implement this No-Trade rule, due to all the trades taking place, it’s not advantages anymore…

      • Roger Tornga says:

        NO matter what players get paid, they still have the same feelings someone does that’s at our pay level. I think its really short sighted on the part of Phoenix management to not weigh the affect of trading one brother and the resultant bitterness of the remaining brother. Even Daryl Morey in Houston discusses personnel moves with his players before jumping. He doesn’t always take their advice, but at least it prepares them for the possible moves and they get a chance to see management’s perspectives. This possible estrangement between player and team could have been handled in a way to soften the blow. If they think he’s worth $8 Mil per year for the next four years, why jeopardize their investment and fail to help him buy in to the plan they have for winning?