Hang Time Podcast (Episode 207) Featuring Brad Turner

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The flood of memories that Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant produced in their eight seasons together with the Los Angeles Lakers could fill five or six books, serve as the origin story for nearly as many movies or after school specials and keep your mind twisting and turning about “What might have been?” for a lifetime.

The greatest reality show ever told is how folks describe it now, a daily soap opera with all of the drama (on and off the court) that anyone could ask for. And it was groundbreaking stuff, ahead of its time even, given that this all played out long before social media became a part of our everyday lives.

Broderick (you might know him as Brad or BT) Turner of The Los Angeles Times was there before, during and after every second of it and is still chronicling the daily happenings of what goes on in and around LA’s basketball scene. And that includes keeping a watchful eye on DeAndre Jordan, Doc Rivers, Chris and Cliff Paul, Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce, Lance Stephenson, Josh Smith and the rest of the Los Angeles Clippers, the latest and greatest hoops reality show to hit town.

We dive back into the Shaq-Kobe drama and all the people impacted by it (from Magic Johnson, Jerry West and Dr. Jerry Buss to their teammates and the fans who witnessed it and still discuss to this day), discuss DeAndre’s crazy summer and look ahead at what’s to come in LA and elsewhere around the league after a month-long hiatus from the booth (Lang’s still at the beach and Rick is all over the place, as always).

But with just weeks before teams show up for the start of training camp, it’s also time to start assessing the 2015-16 season and how the pecking order will break down on each side of the conference divide.

As always, we dive in on Episode 207 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times …


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VIDEO: An emoji battle over the services of DeAndre Jordan broke out during free agency, a battle ultimately won by the Clippers


  1. L A Norm says:

    LAKERS will rise to the top again step aside Clippers and continue to live in OUR shadow. And to all you Laker haters just remember this : 16 Titles who else can say that besides BOSTON ?

  2. NBAFAN says:

    Too all you jealous Laker haters out there “WE WILL RISE AGAIN AND SOONER THAN YOU THINK”

  3. Mark from Bayarea says:

    Only if Kobe could cope with Shaq, they could dominate 10 years…

  4. zulu says:

    Glad you guys are back and with a solid program. Kicking it with some excellent commentary from the B.T.Express….

  5. The Other Guy says:

    This Shaq and Kobe routine has always been given far more media publicity than it deserves. Typical Lakers over-hype.

    • al selph says:

      look…. we Lakers fans are grieving over here ok? WE ARE HURT! So shut up and leave us alone. seriously. anything about kobe and shaq is not over-hyped you dope.