Report: DeAndre Jordan parts ways with agents

VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan has reportedly parted ways with his representatives at Relativity Sports

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — DeAndre Jordan‘s summer of change is not over. After causing a stir with his free agent decision to leave for Dallas only to change his mind days later and stay with the Los Angeles Clippers last month, now comes word, per Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times, that Jordan is parting ways with Dan Fegan and Jarin Akana, his representatives at Relativity Sports.

It’s the next logical step for Jordan during a summer in which he and his representatives were in the spotlight for all of the wrong reasons during the opening days of free agency.

No one wants to relive the emoji battle waged by Mavericks swingman and chief recruiter Chandler Parsons and a Clippers contingent led by All-Stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and shooting guard J.J. Redick. But Jordan was torn between his loyalty to the Clippers and the new opportunities the Mavericks presented.

Doc Rivers and the Clippers won out in the end, keeping Jordan in the fold and remaining among the Western Conference elite with a strong summer haul that also included adding Paul Pierce, Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson to their ranks.

Jordan has had three different agents in seven years and will be free to pick his next one in 15 days.


  1. JJong says:

    I think next week he will re-hire those agents again, saying that he made a mistake…. 🙂

  2. No Joke says:

    Let’s go Clips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kobefan4life says:

    Great business decision. Good Agents need to prevent PR nightmares that he had this summer. They did a horrible job at protecting Jordan’s interest and image. I don’t know why people are calling out Jordan and calling him a bum because of this smart business move. Just sounds like ignorance.

  4. johnny dawson says:

    Making free throws takes practice. My mother could do it at seventy. The more she practiced the more she made. DeAndre won’t practice. He is lazy and the Clips will never win with him on the team. They will choke together.

  5. Harriethehawk says:

    I like Shaq week. Much better than those boring old school nba games.

  6. Bob says:

    Another sign that he is just a small kid unable to grow up. Always taking the easy way, blaming others for his own shortcomings, not taking responsibility for his own decisions…just to Name a few of his issues.

    As soon as his freakish athletisism wanes people will see that there really is/was nothing more of value than that.

    I herewith predict that DeAndre Jordan will be bankrupt 5 years after retirement, at the latest.

  7. Extraorinaire says:

    He’s gotta be more professional though. He didn’t handle that situation the right way. Hope he learns from that experience. I’m sure he wouldn’t advise his kids to handle things that way. I think the whole thing was just to get attention and feel important. But in the end, glad to see the brother happy. We all make mistakes.

  8. Nick says:

    Somehow I’m not surprised that Jordan can’t make up his mind who should be his agent!

    • Harriethehawk says:

      Just like he couldn’t decide what team he wanted to play with. And he is still deciding if he likes or dislikes Cliff Paul. Lol

  9. Robobo says:

    This is like the story that will not die. Like a really bad zombie movie.

  10. parkmanor22 says:

    DeAndre Jordan is a Great Player. I am so happy DeAndre move on from his agent.

    • Daniel says:

      Great player?? Don’t think so.. Nothing more than a good rebounders. I would consider Chris Paul, MJ, Magic Johnson to name a few as great players.

    • Khafija says:

      His dumb decisions over the summer are stI’ll haunting him, that’s why he parted ways with his agents. Again, he’s taking the EASY WAY OUT

      • kobefan4life says:

        wow your comments are insane. an Agents job is to help his client in all of these situations. His Agent handled it horribly. The agent should have been able to help him make the right decision and not allow him to be high pressure sold into joining the mavs when he really wanted to stay with the clips all along. He fired his agent because he did a horrible job. Smart business move Jordan

      • Caldron Pool says:

        He parted ways with his previous agent because the agent stole money from him.