Curry: ‘Free agency isn’t appealing’

With the MVP trophy in one hand and a huge piece of the 2015 NBA championship in the other, Stephen Curry doesn’t exactly have to look beyond his backyard for professional satisfaction.

With his image staring off TV screens, magazine pages and 10-story video boards in Times Square, he doesn’t need to fly the coop to cash in on earning potential either.

So never mind that he’ll be the fifth-highest paid player on the Golden State team in 2015-16 and never mind that the salary cap is expected to go through the roof over the next two seasons due to the influx of whopping TV money. Curry, the bargain of the league at just over $11 million for next season, says he’s quite happy in the Warriors brotherhood and doesn’t plan on becoming the focus of a wild bidding war when he can become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2017.

In an interview with Jimmy Spencer of The Sporting News on Monday in San Francisco, Curry said the idea of even becoming a free agent isn’t something he’s considering:

“As I am thinking right now, free agency isn’t really appealing to me because I love where I’m at, love the organization I’m playing for, and the Bay Area is home for me and my family,” Curry said.

Curry becomes an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2017 unless he works out an extension with Golden State before then. He remains an absolute bargain for the champion Warriors after signing a four-year, $44 million deal in October 2012 that will pay him $11.3 million this upcoming 2015-16 season and $12.1 million in 2016-17.

“It helps being world champs and you want to continue to build the momentum that we’ve established and I hope to have a huge part of that in the long term,” Curry said in an interview at a golf event to promote Degree Men. “But I think the best approach for me is to try and stay as in the moment as possible.

“Everybody in this league is going to have many decisions to make, and you’ll be in a lot of different situations throughout your career, so in order to enjoy the ride, you kind of have to not get too ahead of yourself and just stay in the moment.”


  1. Mark from Bayarea says:

    To Marc who is criticizing Curry about he having a rich daddy,
    Everyone loves money.
    Look at LeBron James!! He is richest NBA player and he wants more money by exploring free-agency every year!!
    Do you think Curry gave up money because he has been rich?
    You just make me laugh!!
    Go to Wall Street!!
    These kids working at Wall Street grew up in rich families and went to IVY League schools.
    It seems they have everything in their lives, but still chasing money after money!!
    It is not all about money in Curry’s case, and you cannot discredit this guy for growing up under rich dad.
    Everyone wants more money whether He/She is rich or poor.
    Curry is actualizing his life by believing himself and valuing intangible in his life.
    If you were born rich, you wouldn’t even try as hard as Curry.
    He overcame his physical lacking in this league to become great MVP, great CHAMPION.

    • Mark from Bayarea says:

      In addition, Curry had been injured for couple years because of bad ankle, and GSW treated him well.
      In return, Curry did the favor by signing long-term deal with GSW with lesser money.
      This is what we call beautiful relationship!

  2. BlackMagic says:

    Lol if Lebron said this everyone will be hating

  3. robbie says:

    hell yeah little mvp don’t lose your time with the loosers, at the end of your contract you’ll have 29 teams ready to trade, liberate space, and give you the max.
    (jr smith actually thought this lol but for you no worries right)

  4. Marc says:

    This really isn’t a touch call for him. He has been rich his whole life, so money isn’t the same driver for him as others. He plays for a team where he doesn’ have to be the best player on the court every night to win (see the NBA finals). He has a great coach. And he even though he doesn’t have to shoulder the load he’ll still have shots at MVP awards as long as his team is this good. I like Curry, but I think he is the best player on the best team, more so than best player in the league. So really this is the best place for him. Also, he lives in the Bay Area. That couldn’t hurt either.

  5. raymond says:

    I’m not a warrior fan and not really a curry fan but I have a lot of respect for this kid tremendous kid God bless him always and his family

  6. PJSEE says:

    Curry is the face of the NBA. And why wouldnt he not be… he doesnt think like many of the NBA players where money is all it’s about. Very humble and wise beyond others. his dad taught him well.

    • Marc says:

      Curry has been rich his whole life, his team is deep, and he is in California. It’s easy to not think like other players under those circumstances

  7. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    2017, this brother about to get paid, best player in the league MVP..

  8. noyb says:

    Smart stars know the big money is endorsements. Keep your salary in check, let the team use the extra cash to surround you with more stars, win more titles, the endorsement river of cash flows on…

  9. Nick says:

    I love this kid. He’s wise beyond his years. God bless you, Curry!

  10. PJ says:

    Love Curry!!! I see a San Antonioesque franchise brewing. One little correction though, GS Warriors are not WORLD Champion, they are NBA Champions, the US is the World Champion since they won the World Cup. The NBA is the greatest league in the world but to be a World Champion you have to beat teams of the World. It would be cool if the champions from the different leagues in the World played each other.

  11. TheKush says:

    I hope Steph Curry’s Daddy talks to that boy in 2017. Life is short, injuries can happen at anytime when you have a world renowned talent make those corporate monkeys pay for it!

  12. Huglife says:

    That’s an old school player right there. His Dad raised him well. It takes the mind of a millionaire to realized that when you make millions a year investing roughly 10-15% takes care of you and your entire family for life. Let’s not forget that with all of the endorsements Steph makes twice what his salary suggests. In this day and age of convertible Ferraris and fur coats most of these baller athletes are pissing their money away like its going out of style and they need more than they could ever possibly make to keep up with their tremendously vapid egos.

    Curry for President!!

  13. juancho says:

    my idol curry 4ever,,,, loose or win curry & golden state warriors

  14. berdugo says:

    Some players play basketball for the lifestyle and not for the sport.

  15. Amir says:

    Curry the torch!!!!

  16. Mark from Bayarea says:

    He is definately my hero.
    He brought us the Championship, and we won’t forget his name forever.

  17. Mike says:

    Money isn’t everything. Curry has the LIFE right now. A beautiful family, his health, the support of millions of fans, and an NBA title. The Warriors will take care of Curry when the time comes.

  18. davonm says:

    lol now that was funny

  19. Neji Hyuga says:

    or until they start losing….

  20. dd def says:

    sorry 19 other teams, this kid don’t seem like the type to leave. he’ll be GSW for life