Report: J.R. Smith to re-sign with Cavaliers

VIDEO: J.R. Smith lights it up from deep

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The long, strange trip that has been J.R. Smith‘s free-agent summer is over, according to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ swingman. He is returning to the Cavs, per a message he delivered on his Instagram account.

Smith’s struggles in The Finals made it unclear exactly where he stood on the priority list for the Cavaliers this summer as they tended to other free agent business, the signings of LeBron James and Kevin Love being the team’s top priorities.

But Smith explains (above) his reason for opting out of the final year of his deal to test free agency and how that played into the Cavaliers’ summer plans.

The Cavaliers have kept their core group largely intact, with Smith being one of the final pieces to be taken care of before training camp. Smith and Iman Shumpert, acquired last season in a deal with the New York Knicks, were crucial additions for the midseason roster tweaking and subsequent run to The Finals for the Cavaliers.

Smith’s new deal with the Cavaliers is for two years, $5 million for next season and a player option for the second year, per Chris Haynes of the Northeast Ohio Media Group.


  1. rob says:

    He was def worth more then 5mil a year, don’t worry J.R. that tv money coming up next

  2. Kal says:

    better than nothing?

    … i like J.R., always did, but he is unpredictable and getting older — more of just a spot-up shooter now.. they need him but this addition isn’t going to solve their problems like it did last season..

    they gotta use that Brendan Haywood trade money at some point.. gotta add somebody major to help clinch.. I’m sure they are well aware..

    also, I’d sign Tristan even if it’s just for one season.. if they win it, one season was enough..

  3. ENY Joe says:

    I love this guys skill level and athletic ability. Can he stay in the game? It will be fun to see if he explodes or implodes. Must see TV!

  4. Irfan says:

    JR Smith is an x-factor, he can be detrimental to a team, but he can also be of major benefit as well. A lot depends on his attitude, play-style and whether he’s willing to adapt to the situation at hand. He made some timely and clutch buckets in the Finals, particularly Game 5 when the series shifted back to Golden State. But that being said, he can also take ill-advised shots and resort to being too much of a volume shooter. Will be interesting to see how this season turns out for Cleveland and if they’re back in the Finals come June.

  5. mattfried says:

    his focus is a sometime thing…sharing the ball, what’s that? emotional control?–absent….all in all not a player to match with james…how about jamal crawford instead?

  6. Polak from Poland says:

    now J-Crow can join Knicks once again…

  7. DevilBorn says:

    Of course he came back to Cleveland. He found out that nobody was willing to pay him to play for them except the Cavs. So it was either return or sit out maybe the year and hope someone would take him.

  8. Deutztony says:

    Yes! I know he’ll come back. Hopefully we can bring him Jamal Crawford as well.

  9. anothercavsfan says:

    Hmm… Not gonna say he’s not worth the money but he is kind of a risk.

    Lets hope he stays focused.

  10. jb says:

    Good, now lock in TT and hopefully healthy in the business end of the season.

  11. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    I don’t want Tristan Thompson back. Even if he accepts the deal for 80 million for 5 years he will always be seen as overpaid and never lived up to his contract. this is would probably one of the worst contract in sports history if he was given the 94 million he’s asking for… He is easily replaceable.

    Just to put it into perspective, Tristan Thompson would be getting paid more than Kyrie Irving………………… let that sink in………