Another team for Tayshaun

The last time Flip Saunders coached Tayshaun Prince, the team went deep into the playoffs. Well, that’s unlikely to happen this time.

Still, Saunders felt the Timberwolves needed an extra infusion of veteran leadership, and so the reunion will happen this season. Marc Spears of Yahoo! reports Prince, 35, will get the veteran’s minimum to help show the young Wolves how to navigate the choppy waters of the Western Conference.

Prince was a member of those Detroit Pistons teams in the early part of the decade that had a string of decent runs in the East. He won a title in Detroit but that was with Larry Brown. Under Saunders for three seasons, the Pistons continued to win but never reached the NBA Finals again, and soon the team grew old.

The Wolves represent Prince’s fourth team in a little over a year, following stints in Memphis, Detroit and Boston. The Wolves now have 17 players with some sort of guarantee, which means the Pistons will likely make another deal or two before the season.



  1. Lucas says:

    Nice pickup for wolves, I’m happy for them and what they’re doing though admittedly bummed as I’d hoped my cavs could’ve signed him to alternate with Jefferson. I think that 1-2 combo along with maybe Jr, mo and tt would’ve been nice. Hope we can get dorrell wright, or rasual butler for insurance. Anyone that can effectively play the 2-3

  2. William says:

    Good move. Tayshaun Prince is not only a veteran serviceable player, he brings a wealth of experience to a very young team that can only help them in their efforts to learn the basics of and how to win in the NBA. Additionally, Prince is a proven player
    who seems to make each team he joins just a little bit better.


  3. aaron says:

    go tayshawn can’t wait to see how far he and the t wolves are gonna go

  4. OldKGfan says:

    Great pick up! This team could win 45 games this year, but it will take 50 wins to make the playoffs in the West. T’wolves fans should be optimistic.

    • schmeveland_schmavaliers says:

      P.s. 35 wins is a stretch for the wolves

      • schmeveland_schmavaliers says:

        It truely just sunk in with what you said…….45?!……i potentially derped with saying 35 you just derped extreeeeemely hard.

  5. harriethehawk says:

    Good deal.

  6. dustydreamnz says:

    This Prince has changed teams about as much as that Prince has changed names.

  7. this move is gonna put the wolves over the top for suuure

  8. This move is gonna put the wolves over the top for suuurre