Blogtable: First woman coach or president?

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> What will we see first: a woman in an NBA head coach’s office, or a woman in the oval office?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comThis question risks getting political, which would violate the Michael Jordan rule of sports — that is, Democrats and Republicans both spend money on the NBA — so it serves no good purpose alienating either. From a simple timeline standpoint, if there’s no woman in the White House by January 2017, it probably wouldn’t happen until January 2021 at the earliest — by which time Becky Hammon or someone else certainly would have been hired (and, demonstrating true equality in that profession, maybe even fired by then too). My one hope is that, whichever happens first, it happens because of merit, not symbolism.

Fran Blinebury, How about we just vote Becky Hammon president and let her appoint Gregg Popovich as Secretary of Snarling?  I’m going with the Oval Office.

Scott Howard-Cooper,

Shaun Powell, NBA.comI like Hillary Clinton’s chances better than Becky Hammon’s. And speaking of Hammon, I want to see her on the bench one day soon, but would hate if she’s rushed along just for the sake of making history. Hammon has only been an assistant coach for one season and doesn’t even sit next to Popovich on the Spurs’ bench yet. By comparison, Mike Budenholzer spent 16 years on the Spurs’ bench before taking the Hawks’ job (and winning Coach of the Year).

John Schuhmann, A Spurs assistant coach doesn’t need to be in the chair next to Gregg Popovich to get poached by another team (see Jacque Vaughn to Orlando), and Becky Hammon’s Summer League experience definitely accelerates her progress toward a head coaching job. But I’ll still go with the Oval Office, because there’s a decent chance of happening in January of 2017.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comIt pains me that this question still needs to be asked in 2015. Seriously. They are both long overdue. But I’m going with the Oval Office, mostly because of the competency of the candidate already neck-deep in the race. The fact is, any knuckledragger still underestimating the ability of someone of any gender, race, creed or color to do the job needs to be voted off the island. I’ve listened for days now about people worrying that a female coach might not be able to connect in a NBA locker room and struggling to garner respect from her potential peers and others. It’s garbage. Every coach is going to face that challenge at one time or another. And while we’re on the subject, no woman will be able to prove those foolish theories wrong until someone in the decision-making ranks musters the courage to give her the shot. Just saying.

Ian Thomsen, Right now you have to say that Hillary Clinton is closer to her goal than Becky Hammon is to hers — but someday there will be women in both chairs.

Lang Whitaker,’s All-Ball BlogEither way, I think we’re going to see one of these happen soon. Forced to choose, my guess is we get a woman president first, maybe even next year. Becky Hammon obviously proved her worth as an NBA coach, but winning a Summer League title isn’t an automatic guarantee of success as an NBA coach, or even a direct ticket to a head coaching gig. Although put to a public vote, I suspect there are a few fanbases that might vote to give Hammon a chance immediately.


  1. sports fan says:

    If Becky Hammon coaches summer league again next year & does well, and then moves up to sit next to Popp for the ’16-’17 season, and coaches summer league again then she could possibly be ready for a head coaching job somewhere in the league for the ’17-’18 season. So I’d say in 2 years is the soonest she could be an nba head coach. More realistically it’d probably be at least another 5 years. If it took Budenholzer 16 years to get a head coaching job & Hammon sticks around just as long then she can get an offer as well. She’ll be a head coach sooner or later and so far it seems there is no other woman on the horizon for the nba.

  2. harriethehawk says:

    Female bloggers will come before a president or coach.

  3. Becky for President ! says:

    If we put Becky in the oval office Fran, the Russo-American strife will end immediately, thats for sure.

    • Ismael says:

      With the economy of nba and strategic teams like the Spurs able to form teams 15 deep can you media guys get Silver to do away with the inactive player rule?! Let there be 15 active nightly!

  4. Allie says:

    There is something very patriarchal and condescending about asking this question in the first place, then having an all-male panel of bloggers weigh in with responses. I’m sure the question was posed (and responded to) with supportive and progressive intentions, but Sekou Smith was the only blogger who had an appropriate reaction to this nonsense Blogtable question. Instead of having a bunch of men weigh in on this issue, why not break the weekly Blogtable mold and invite a female blogger to contribute?

    Until then…Good on you, Sekou!

    • TL says:

      what will see first: a female NBA blogger, a woman in an NBA head coach’s office, or a woman in the oval office?