Blogtable: 2015-16 All-Bench Team

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> Finals MVP Andre Iguodala will come off the bench again next season for the Warriors. So give me your 2015-16 All NBA Bench Team.

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comIguodala is a starter on any All-Bench team, so to speak. The reigning Sixth Man winner, Lou Williams, still merits a spot despite switching teams (Toronto to Lakers). Boston’s Isaiah Thomas finished second and seems a perfect instant-offense option to solidify his role. It’s a little more crowded now on the Clippers’ depth chart, but Jamal Crawford knows how to make an impact in whatever minutes he gets. Then I’ll take Chicago’s Taj Gibson, who was a Sixth Man favorite for a lot of us a couple season ago before post-contract extension pressure and injuries knocked him off track.

Fran Blinebury,

G – Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams
F – Taj Gibson, David West
CBoris Diaw

Shaun Powell, NBA.comIguodala, Lou Williams, Jamal Crawford, Isaiah Thomas, Tristan Thompson. All had major roles with their teams, and in the case of Thompson, he got better once elevated to the starting lineup once Kevin Love was done. Still stunned that the Suns gave up on Thomas, who has a very team-friendly contract and gets buckets.

John Schuhmann,

Point guardIsaiah Thomas (the only above-average offensive player on the Celtics)

WingsCorey Brewer (important role player for Houston) and Andre Iguodala (still one of the most complete players in the league)

Bigs – Ryan Anderson (should flourish — offensively, at least — in Alvin Gentry‘s system) and Tristan Thompson (eater of glass)

Sekou Smith, NBA.comAndre Iguodala headlines the 2015-16 All- NBA Bench Team and is joined by Tristan Thompson of Cleveland, Jamal Crawford of the Clippers, David West of San Antonio and Lou Williams of the Lakers. They could all be starters somewhere, but they’ll serve as super subs for their respective teams. And if Thompson continues the work we saw from him in the playoffs, he might be my frontrunner for Sixth Man of the Year on a loaded Cleveland squad that deploys a healthy Kevin Love as its starting power forward.

Ian Thomsen, Lance Stephenson is listed by the Clippers as a guard, but he’ll be spending a lot of time at forward when they go small:

C – Steven Adams, Thunder
F – Tristan Thompson, Cavaliers
F – Lance Stephenson, Clippers
G – Andre Iguodala, Warriors
G – Isaiah Thomas, Celtics

Lang Whitaker,’s All-Ball BlogWell, Iguodala is on there, for starters. (OK, not for starters, but you know what I mean.) Manu Ginobili should always be in any conversation about the best bench players. I’ll also go with Ty Lawson in Houston, Tristan Thompson in Cleveland, and I’m not sure who else is coming off the bench for the Clippers, but Jamal Crawford is a perennial Sixth Man of the Year contender, to me.


  1. Othman Hawasly says:

    I think the best All-NBA Bench team would be:

    G- Lou Williams #Lakers
    G- Jamal Crawford #Clippers
    F- Andre Iguodala #Warriors
    F- Tristan Thompson #Cavs
    C- Taj Gibson #Bulls

  2. Rouldy says:

    My all bench team for 2015 -2016 NBA season. It’s a very tough one.

    C-David West (Spurs )
    F-Tristan Thompson (Cavs)
    F-Andre Iguodala (Warriors)
    G-Manu Ginobilli (Spurs)
    G-Jason Terry (Rockets)

  3. hsgsfsfg says:

    my take on 2015 all bench team:

    C – Boris Diaw
    PF – Josh Smith
    SF – Andre Iguodala
    SG – Jamal Crawford
    PG – Jarrett Jack

  4. OverseasNBAFan says:

    -If the Rockets are smart enough (questionable) and Lawson can swallow his ego (who knows). Then yeah he should come off the bench as most smart writers are saying, Beverly is a defensive ace in the backcourt he covers up Harden’s flaws. They will then have veteran leadership and an elite ball-handler running the offensive of the second unit.
    -Iggy will most likely still come off the bench for GSW and be fresh for another deep playoff run, its part of the reason that team was so healthy last season.
    All Bench (small-ball) team:
    G- Isaiah Thomas
    G – Lou Williams
    F – Jamal Crawford
    F – Andre Iguodala
    F- Tristan Thompson
    6th man- Manu Ginobili

  5. Lance S. ????? How the mighty have fallen.

    • Rob Wilks says:

      Leaving Indiana was the stupidest move he couldve ever done. Players like him/lin etc prove that phases can happen in the NBA and every runt of the litter can have their day

  6. Don don says:

    of course jamal crawford plus j.r smith, now you have to go with josh smith, and matt barnes and andre igoudala, all who were starters at one point and still could be in this league today

  7. Kristian says:

    I don’t get it, why is everyone listing Isiah Thomas in? he was a great off the bench guy for phoenix last year, but isn’t he a starter in the celtic team??

  8. Trelos says:

    Coming off the bench, and being a bench player are not really the same thing…

    If you come off the bench, but average 30+mpg you are not really a bench player.

  9. harriethehawk says:

    Lou Williams, Dennis Shroeder, Steven Adams, Josh Smith, and Tristan Thompson.

  10. GNAP says:

    Isiah Thomas
    Lou Williams
    Taj Gibson
    Tristan Thompson

    sixth man of sixth men, J-Crossover

    • Not quite says:

      C: Adams (OKC)
      PF: Tristan Thompson (Cavs)
      SF: Taj Gibson (Bulls)
      SG: Iggy (GSW)
      PG: Williams (Lakers)

      That team would give some very good, current NBA starting lineups a run for their money.

  11. Kello says:

    Well, following Iggy´s preformance in the playoffs, do you think, he will be a bench player? I don´t. He will replace Harrison Barnes in the starting lineup – just wait and see! Secondly what about Taj Gibson? Maybe we will see the Bulls starting 5 as following; PG: D-Rose, SG: Jimmy Butler, SF: Pau Gasol, PF: Taj Gibson, C: Joakim Noah. Now that´s defense & offense in one packace. And to finish off, the sixth man award 2015-16 – goes to: TRISTAN “REBOUND” THOMPSON, it´s time to shine and become an all-star player.

  12. Justin says:

    No votes for Josh Smith? Unless Doc Rivers decides to play him primarily at small forward (which he is too smart to do) Josh Smith will be a mad dog coming off the bench! While it is probably not too likely for Lawson to come off the bench, it would be most beneficial for the team if he did so he could run the offense while “The Beard” is getting his rest – as long as he is able to keep his ego in check and fight hard coming off the hardwood. He would still likely get 30+ minutes a game and share some game time with the MVP candidate clad in crimson.

  13. MPJ 30 says:

    Ok… tell me on what planet does Ty Lawson go behind Patrick Beverly. You don’t know what your talking about

  14. jake s. says:

    Beverly always should have come off the bench. It is a little misplaced to say Lawson might but lets not behead him over it

  15. jimjule says:

    David West should be considered for the Spurs and look out for a sleeper teammate in Ray McCallum, recently acquired via trade. Parker will get less playing time in order to be ready for the playoffs and Pop will want McCallum to be the backup point. Mills is the right size for the point position, but he is a shoot first and ask questions later type who plays like a shooting guard. I was also impressed with Jonathon Simmons in SL play. He is very aggressive and takes it to the hole with authority, something Green, the three point shooter, doesn’t do so well. The Spurs lost some good players, but I think they replaced the losses with even better players. Popovich goes at least ten deep in his rotations during the regular season and with the addition of Boban the Barbarian, (7’3″) Mojanovic maybe even further this season. The Spurs and Clippers have come out stronger after the summer activity. Along with Golden State, Oklahoma, Memphis and Houston the West will be a knock down drag out battle in 2015-16. New Orleans, Utah and Phoenix will battle it out for the remaining playoff spots. Injuries probably will be the big deciding factor.

  16. Foo says:

    Is this guy Lang Whitaker really this ignorant? Ty Lawson will come off the bench? You gotta be a fool to think he will be coming off the bench. Also you haven’t watch basketball in like 4 years have you? Ginobili was terrible last year and he barely got anything left in the tank. You are an idiot if you put him over Crawford, Isaah, Lou or iguidola.

    • teg says:

      while it’s true Ginobili has struggled last year, you must haven’t been watching yourself if you mention the 3 years before last season. and I think he does has something left, not athletic wise but mental. you’re just a bigger idiot, Foo. (or wait, let me add an L and call you a FOOL)
      you better be smarter next time when you comment if you don’t want replies like this again.

  17. gary says:

    I think Crawford is one of the best or has been but what effect has the offseason had on Crawford = used as trade bait – talk of how all new signies will replace him ?? not mentioned as as key for the clips – it may be best he is traded to the cavs where he would be wanted. what do you think??

  18. Mitra says:

    I agree with Lang Whitaker.

    • wizinjsh says:

      Whats to agree. Ty Lawson is a bench player? Since when?!?

      Same goes for Ian Thomsen where Lance is SF but Iguodala is not.

      • IndyFan says:

        Well, he’s going to be a bench player next season in Houston, behind Patrick Beverly. It says 2015-2016 at the top of the article