Andrea Bargnani is still in the NBA

VIDEO: Video: Nets coach Lionel Hollins discusses this year’s team

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Brooklyn Nets announced Sunday evening that they have agreed to terms with free agent Andrea Bargnani on a contract. Multiple reports say that the deal was for the veteran’s minimum (about $1.4 million for a player with nine years of experience), with a player option for 2016-17.

It seems like a low-risk move by the Nets, who apparently stole Bargnani from the Sacramento Kings, who had offered him more than the minimum. But at this point in his career, it’s unclear what Bargnani has to offer any team who dares to pay him anything.

Bargnani has long been a bad defender. Of 386 players who have logged at least 5,000 minutes in the nine years since Bargnani came into the league, only three – Ryan Gomes (108.9), Hakim Warrick (108.9) and Charlie Villanueva (109.5) – have had a higher on-court DefRtg (the number of points a player’s team allows per 100 possessions) than Bargnani (108.8).

He’s not a good (or willing) passer; His assist rate (7.4 assists per 100 possessions used) ranks 351st among those 386 players. And he’s a terrible rebounder for his size; he’s grabbed less than 10 percent of available rebounds when he’s been on the floor.

Bargnani is supposed to be a shooter and a floor spacer. But he has shot just 30 percent from 3-point range over the last four seasons.

He did shoot 37 percent from beyond the arc with the Knicks last season, but that was on just 41 attempts. And that’s the real issue. Bargnani doesn’t shoot many threes (or really space the floor) anymore.

In his first four seasons in the league, Bargnani took about one mid-range shot (between the paint and the 3-point line) for every 3-pointer. But over the last five seasons, his mid-range-to-threes rate has doubled.


Bargnani is a decent mid-range shooter. But even over the last five years, his mid-range shots (43.3 percent, 0.87 points per shot) haven’t been worth as much as his threes (31.8 percent, 0.95 points per shot).

Bargnani doesn’t shoot well or often in the paint. And if he fancies himself a shooter and/or a floor spacer, he can’t be taking twice as many mid-range shots as 3-pointers. Last year’s rate of more than 4-to-1 is just awful.

Speaking of awful, last year’s Knicks went 17-65. And they were at their worst, getting outscored by 17.5 points per 100 possessions (16.5 points per 48 minutes), when Bargnani was on the floor.

The Nets needed another big to back up Thaddeus Young and Brook Lopez. Before Sunday, their only centers were Lopez and Willie Reed, who has never played in a NBA game.

But there were better options out there than Bargnani, who hasn’t been good at his one good skill in several years. It’s especially strange that a team looking to make moves with cap space next summer would dedicate any 2016-17 money (even if it’s a player option for the minimum) to a player like Bargnani. And my goodness, his relationship with an old-school, defense-first coach like Lionel Hollins will be fascinating to watch.

The good news for the Nets is that they didn’t give up three draft picks to get him.


  1. johnny dawson says:

    Cleveland should try to get him. His shooting would take a huge leap for the better, and he is affordable.

  2. robb says:

    the brave john hating on bargnani lol. congratulations..great paper.

  3. carlo says:

    I’m not a Bargnani fan but definitely he doesn’t deserve this harsh criticism.
    Despite his poor defense In 9 years he has averaged 15 points 4.8 rebounds 0.9 block 30 minutes pergame
    For the veteran’s minimun there are a lot of players more useless of him

  4. wow says:

    Wow its not a big deal in a league where Kanter is making 10x more a year and deandre Jordan and his free throw shooting are making 12x more..andrea now is a limited player but he’s never played with a true center nor is making anywhere near other player who are younger but as limited as him

  5. birdie says:

    These comments show how delusional Nets fans are. Lol. Every word he wrote is true.

  6. pcsfsht says:

    John Schuhmann is still on

  7. jake s. says:

    I honestly haven’t watched the boy play much. I don’t really watch bad teams in general… i probably won’t watch him still.

  8. Mthrfrs says:

    Long live the freedom of speech! It came all the way along with the Mayflower.

  9. Raptor4Life says:

    I still remember the “sales job” Bryan Colangelo kept spewing on his choice of Bargnani as #1 pick, despite the fact that the Raptors fan base overwhelmingly wanted him to choose Lamarcus Aldridge. Colangelo’s whimsical gamble on Bargnani certainly didn’t pay off – that perceived “upside potential” NEVER materialized, this was already evident by the conclusion of his rookie contract. But a proud Colangelo refused to accept reality and admit his mistake, resigning Bargnani despite his inability to even try to play a bit of defense or get a rebound. I always thought this was part of the consideration Chris Bosh must have given to his “decision” to move to Miami Heat. The Bargnani pick set the franchise back for well over half a decade.
    Unlike Dirk Nowitzki (of whom Bargnani was touted to be the “next one”), Bargnani never displayed the EFFORT level required to stand out in the NBA. A seven-footer that shied away from rebounds or basically contact of any type, which his career stats clearly display. Bargnani had his lucrative contract, and seemed to be quite content with just that – improvement was no longer required (or winning).
    I knew I was going to like Masai Ujiri as the new GM when one of his first moves was to finally rid the Raptors of this big boat anchor and his unearned bloated contract. I didn’t think any other franchise would be willing to take him off our hands. And now Phil Jackson is undoubtedly smiling that he has succeeded in making the Bargnani that he “inherited” go away too. I can’t imagine Brooklyn being this desperate…. they can find MUCH harder workers in the D-league!

  10. skala says:

    what is this? a joke?
    the only problem with Andrea is that he was drafted with the n.1 pick. Had he been a 5 to 10th pick, he’d be treated much differently. He’s pretty good offensively, doesnt get many rebs but is quite good at boxing out (observe him playing and you’ll realize this), solid 3-point and free throw shooter.
    But most of all, he’s not a center! and his shooting decreased when coaches moved him as a center… which he is not!

    and come on, Aron Baynes is getting 20M$ over 3 years… Joel Anthony is still in the Nba… somebody might sign Kendrick Perkins… in 2015… And Bargnani is the problem?

  11. pokie says:

    A strange choice. With Lopez already an injury possibility, they probably should have gone with someone more durable and maybe younger. Cole Aldrich would have been the guy to swipe from the Knicks. He even plays a bit like Lopez. Jordan Hill is still out there but maybe too expensive? Kevin Seraphin is still unsigned. So is Greg Smith. And if they’re looking for a stretch, why not grab one of the Wear brothers or a nice young healthy European?

  12. Come on Man says:

    John your work is typically great and informative. But come on to recap the article there’s is nothing fascinating about watching bargnanis game

  13. Dunkmycat7 says:

    Barney the PYlon
    New York -too stupid to live.

  14. stef says:

    bravo Beli, difendilo te il Mago!

  15. Brandon says:

    Honestly I’ve seen worse players (with much higher contracts)…but probably not a worse journalist at

  16. Kelly says:

    Schuhmann sounds bitter. I don’t think a player he just described even exists in the NBA

  17. nbagraffiti says:

    schumann is one of the best on this site, but on this one seems too against Andrea… The league is full of useless players, Detroit just extended Joel Anthony 5 Millions for 2 years….

  18. Dave says:

    Bargnani is not a top player, but this article is ridiculous.

    Rebounds: not with him. Defense: blocks shots, changes shots. Shooting: decreased because coaches moved him as a center, which he is not.

  19. MvRCH says:

    wtf.. this ‘article’ was more like a rant geez
    what the hell did Andrea do ? Take your job ?
    His numbers aren’t that good, but he’s decent enough when you watch him

  20. tyq1ndo says:

    As a Knick fan, what I couldn’t stand most about Bargnani was the constant dead expression on his face.

  21. LittleT says:

    John Schumann, have you personal problem with Bargnani?!?
    Maybe he is not a champion, but for $1.4 million is a big affair!
    You should read less statistics and watch more games

  22. newhead says:

    Bargnani isn’t a centre. STOP
    He needs to play 4 and be free to run, play pick&pop and score with a real 5 in the paint.
    Lopez isn’t Bosh, Valanciunas was his change…
    Come on rise up Bargs!!!!!

  23. Harriethehawk says:

    Both the Nets and Knickerbonkers starting lineups are jokes.

  24. Mark from Bay area says:

    Wow, this guy was #1 Overall Pick in the NBA?
    Join Kwame Brown and Eddie Curry!!
    They are brothers from different mothers.

  25. Wow says:

    andrea is actually a fairly above average offensive player, skill wise… hes good at blocking shots too, but cant really defend consistently. however, the author makes this sound like it isnt a valuable pickup, especially at the league minimum, which just isnt true… Bargnani at the 4 and brook at the 5 may be quite an intresting duo

  26. lol king says:

    This article sound like someone that is mad for personal reasons. Yeah Drea haven’t been good lately but dang give him a chance to play a few games for THIS year

  27. orazio romano says:

    I don’t get all this bad comment on Bargnani. he hasn’t been as expected, but he’s a really good shooter and he’s been plagued with a lot of injuries over the last 4 years.
    the last good season in Toronto, he went up to 21 ppg!
    I think that, close to a real center like Lopez, he could develop a nice 4-game!

  28. Mark says:

    You are a bad giournalist.
    Bargnagni is not a great player, but is one of the center with 25+ points per game, potentially every game.
    Low percentage are probably caused by the team he played with.. (New York with him was certainly better than first)

  29. The Voice Of Reason says:

    Um yeah…Billy King what are you smoking? It’s not like there isn’t a D-League full of big men would LOVE the opportunity to prove themselves?
    A 7-foot guy who can’t play defense or grab a rebound, getting paid $1.4mil has got to be the most laughable thing EVER. The Nets haven’t changed at all, still making useless decisions, except this won’t cost them as much as D-Will did.

  30. Stopmakingexcuses says:

    According to espn sources and their sources & their sources…. Lebron James signs with the Cavs despite a 4 yr/$200 million dollar offer from the Kings. National media is a joke. #SACRAMENTOPROUD

  31. Marco says:

    This seems to be mostly a personal affair. i recall others remark similar to the above made agaiinst Bargnani by Shuhmann. Perhaps he may ask himself how many 7 Footers in Nba can score 15 and more points a game for 9 years. Regardless of the defence, the talent of Bargnani si out of discussion. The problem in the last years have been injuries and I am not sure New York medical staff or Casey before have always worked for best player interest

  32. BigLuke says:

    Ha Nets!!! Well done Primo. So Bad.