Report: Embiid may miss season for Sixers

HANG TIME BIG CITY — The Philadelphia 76ers’ long-term rebuilding project may have just hit a sizable speed bump.

After missing his rookie season to recover from surgery and injuries, Sixers’ big man Joel Embiid may miss the entire 2015-16 season, according to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Writes Keith Pompey

76ers center Joel Embiid will likely miss the 2015-16 season.

The 7-footer will have a second surgery after the latest setback in the healing of his right foot, according to several NBA sources. The team will decide whether to have it in North Carolina or at the New York Hospital of Special Surgery

“I would say there’s a great possibility that Embiid won’t play next year,” the source said. “Just think how long they sat him when they thought he was healthy.”

The Sixers are planning as if Embiid won’t play this season, sources say. Another source said the franchise is concerned that this setback could be career-threatening.

The Sixers are expected to release a statement about Embiid’s immediate future. It could come as early as next week.

The team announced last month that the Cameroon native has had a setback in his recuperation. The first-round pick from Kansas missed what would have been his rookie season after undergoing surgery last June to repair a stress fracture in his right foot.

On Thursday, general manager Sam Hinkie said the team has yet to decide on Embiid’s playing status for the 2015-16 season.

“No change as of yet,” Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie said Thursday. “A number of meetings are happening about that, even one today. But we have meetings almost every day about that. We don’t have anything ready to announce.”

If the report is accurate, it would represent a setback in the Sixers’ rebuilding plan. Embiid was the No. 3 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, after his draft position was affected by injuries in college. With the Sixers rebuilding process still focused on collecting assets, the Sixers drafted Embiid with the luxury of being able to wait on Embiid’s full recovery.

If healthy, the Sixers could field a formidable young frontcourt, featuring Embiid, Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor.


  1. robb says:

    he is a clown like the other comment said mental structure of a young teenager (the dumb one), paper body. great pick

  2. Mark from Bay area says:

    #1 picks for 7-Footer has high chance of failure.
    76ers should focus on good old days of how Iverson played for them.
    Every single year is losing year for 76ers…

  3. ademdemirdag says:

    They are going to be fine with Noel & Okafor pair. Noel will take care of defense, Okafor will take care of offense. If Philly thought Embiid would be healthy and ready to play they wouldn’t pick Okafor. It was obvious that they knew Embiid would miss next year once they drafted Okafor.

  4. ademdemirdag says:

    They are going to build the team around Noel and Okafor. They have to add good pieces to that team and start winning games. Tank project should be over. They didn’t have any luck with MCW and Embiid but they have two good bigs. Now it’s time to start building a team and winning culture. Philly lost enough time already. Embiid’s situation would teach them a lesson

  5. Nate says:

    Im glad I won’t be seeing Embiid play….I hope he gets better and lives a healthy life, but I am not a fan of his game or his antics over twitter….The guy is a clown. I honestly thought he was paying attention to the Rookie Symposium to be a professional but I was wrong. Go Nerleans Noel!!!!

  6. Kobekobe says:

    Greg Odon version 3.0

  7. harriethehawk says:

    That is very discouraging… He may never get to play in the NBA.

  8. Frank Anderson says:

    Maybe he should focus more on the rehab process and stop practicing circus dunks he’ll never do in a game.

  9. None Of The Above says:

    Hopefully things with work out for Joel Embiid, but, the danger signs are that he may end up like Greg Oden.

    • Marc says:

      Geez thw guy is an athlete he didn’t get hurt from a dunk or two. Only non athletes think like this

  10. fashoom says:

    Why did the Sixers give away Michael Carter-Williams? Now with no Embiid they are looking at another lost year. You can’t just list in the lottery forever. All your players will ever know is losing. SMH.

  11. ai all day says:

    at least greg oden played a few games

  12. CroCeltsFan says:

    I don’t wanna be all negative but looks to me that Embiid is a bust, Sixers really should’ve taken Exum who looked/looks like a better project that could be something special. Also, in the long term Exum would’ve been a better fit with Noel, if Philly keeps him. Well… guess this means the Tankmaster will have to tank longer than expected.

  13. Drago says:

    Never heard of full 2 seasons and zero playtime I think this is a Greg Oden situation.To bad for such a great talent but medical science still has it’s limits even when you through a truck of money at it.