Jordan apologizes to Cuban, Mavs

VIDEO: Video: Isiah Thomas on DeAndre Jordan’s decision to stay in L.A.

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — After signing his new contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, DeAndre Jordan reportedly went on a cruise.

But he took a break from his vacation to reach out to Mark Cuban and the Mavericks, who he left hanging after a change of heart regarding the next four years of his career. Jordan, an unrestricted free agent, had originally decided to sign with the Mavericks, but ultimately returned to L.A. after a wild Wednesday in Houston.

We had heard Cuban’s side of the story, but Jordan remained (publicly) silent until Friday night.

Jordan was criticized for not contacting Cuban himself after changing his mind. His two tweets make it clear that he knows he could have acted differently. He’ll still get booed vociferously the first time the Clippers visit the American Airlines Center next season.


  1. octavio ramirez says:


  2. Loren_darfus says:

    It’s not changing your mind but it’s about doing what is right. Any person can change his/her mind but be person of dignity to face the person and tell him that you change your mind.

  3. Mark from Bay area says:

    Public Apology on his CELL PHONE?
    Not even a Face-to-Face Apology after make Mavs look like bunch of idiots?

    I like to use social media, but apology needs to be sincere.
    Not with your cell phone and tweeter MORON!!

  4. sports fan says:

    At least DJ made a public apology and maybe one day he’ll apologize to Cuban in person. Social media & texting is how a lot of people communicate these days, especially younger generations. Texting & social media is fine but I still think that it’s best for any person, regardless of age, who chooses to communicate this way should do so secondarily & should communicate primarily in-person or by voice on the phone. This definitely should be the case the more important or urgent the situation is.

  5. sports fan says:

    Jordan had a right to change his mind & Dallas is very lucky that he did because they are actually better now without him. Pachulia & Williams are better additions than just Jordan. Blessing in disguise. Mavs still messed up ultimately because they should never have let go of Chandler in the first place and they did it twice.

  6. djunsan says:

    The Mavs sidestepped a landmine there… sometimes the best moves are the ones that weren’t made… let the Clips pay DJ the max… that’s a very bad move in the long term…

  7. Zaid says:

    I think it was the right move for DeAndre.

  8. Alan Hollway says:

    Everybody has to get real and take a step back. There are losers galore here, the Clippers have not added anything other than a disgruntled center who was inches away from leaving the franchise and then there was the public humiliation of dirty laundry being displayed. Even coach Doc Rivers sitting in at Jordan’s house was unprofessional compare that to the behaviour of Gregg Popovich would you. The mavs were banking everything on Jordan coming and once again allowed Tyson Chandler to depart – why on earth I will never know and letting Monta Ellis left a big hole perhaps now covered by Williams but seriously the Mavs and cuban have been pulling curious moves ever since their championship year. I have no problem with Jordan changing his mind but he should have said “let me mull over it” maybe some basketballers cannot handle the pressure?? Mav fans should firstly stop lambasting Jordan’s skills one minute he is a super hero then a super zero and the Clips need to get professional.

  9. Stupid Move says:

    I hate everything about this. I am not a fan of either franchise but, this was clearly a big win for Mavericks at the time he committed to them and a huge loss for the Clippers. He is a great athlete. The clippers think they won by getting him back but….let’s think about this.
    -Mavs fans, get real. A week ago, you were ecstatic to get him and suddenly though you were finals material. So don’t suddenly act like he is a terrible basketball player that you never wanted in the first place.
    -Clips fans, get real. Your disgruntled big man’s return does not suddenly make you a finals hopeful. You have virtually the same middle of the pack team as last year. Be as happy as you want about your underhanded move to win him back (and it certainly was underhanded) but, don’t pretend like he is suddenly the best center alive.
    End Result:
    The Mavericks manage to come out of this okay. Jordan was a free agency prize but, they still had a hole at point guard, roughly the size of one Deron Williams. And the addition of Zaza was a very good one; he is far from elite but he is a very solid starter. Plus, Mark Cuban is an evil genius. He will effectively swing this to bring serious new talent to town “rally behind the underdogs” if you will. Williams, Matthews, Parsons, Dirk, and Zaza is a pretty solid starting unit. Pair that with great PR and the moves that will be made this season.
    The Clippers somehow managed to keep one of their best players and make their situation worse. They should have stayed out of it, licked their wounds, and moved on. This decision will haunt them for decades. Mark Cuban is VERY connected. I have a feeling this will somehow effect them via sponsorships and television. Teams, agents, and players will now avoid them like the plague.

  10. armando says:

    dallas fans need to stop crying get over it, snobby city

  11. StickUpBeatz says:

    I don’t know what the mavs were thinking, but wanting to make someone a franchise player who’s only skill is being extremely athletic at 6’11 sounds ridiculous to me! Telling him he’s a 20/20 guy….come on!

    can he shoot the ball? – NO!
    can he create hes own shot? – NO!
    Can he create plays for others? – NO!


  12. PJ says:

    mav fans are such whiners a week ago you were acting like a new era was opening up for u! Always over valuing your own players while discounting the opposition. Your team was boardering rrelevancy even with deandre Letting your imagination get the best of you Even DJ woke up. Why be “the man” on a loser team when you can win now.. Say what you want but your spending time griping about him. Andd Khadja blaming Blake for changing DJ’s mind get your facts right DJ called him. Clippers didn’t hold anyone hostage.. They supported someone who wanted to be with them. You can call us all the names you want . We don’t care.

  13. #1SpursFan says:

    I’m a spurs fan and hate the Dallas Mavericks and love what DJ did to y’all lol. Y’all can boo all you want its not like he cares

  14. no name says:

    John Salmon did that to the Raptors a few years ago and it did not work out too well for him.

  15. Doc says:

    DJ did the right thing if he wants to win, Dallas was going to be terrible with him anyway. When the Clippers are raising banners he’ll look back and laugh.

  16. Roberto says:

    7ft coward… He’s as good as his words…

  17. hoop247 says:

    As a Mavs fan I am glad that stupid giant wont be wearing a Mavs jersey ever, for several reasons:
    – the worst free throw shooter in the game (cant even make free throws who gets paid in millions… not worth it)
    – no post moves at all and demands for more offensive touches,
    – has no jump shooting skills.
    – the player with zero IQ (hope yall remember one the games last season against the portland where he kept holing the ball in the last second and miss the game winning shot, he didnt even try it. it was as easy as a dunk or a lay up)
    – we dont need anybody to play for us specially who is not man enough ( all he could have done was just let MC know that he changed his freaking mind, who was kind enough to offer him a contract but no he wanna betray him at the last minute, if he had done that MC could have time to go with option B whatsoever)
    There are millions of other reasons I can list but hell no, I dont wanna waste my time writing about somebody who donot even deserve to be talk about.
    Peace out

    • "real"NBA fan says:

      seems like you did waste your time and about 10,000 words. its simple he changed his mind get over it. move on

  18. s@gitt@rius says:

    public apologies are good but please apologize in person…

  19. Robobo says:

    He will get booed not just the first time but everytime he shows up in Dallas. For the rest of his life. He had a chance to grow up & chose to remain a child. Terribly sad. And the best he can do is a Twitter apology? Probably written by Chris Paul or Doc Rivers, as is the rest of his life. Sad!

  20. Lamesauce says:

    This dude should be ashamed of himself, not for changing his mind but the way he approached it and is still approaching it. Grow a pair pick up the phone, no wait fly the heck over to Dallas and in person apologize to Cuban and the Mavs for wasting there time and ruining there offseason. I have lost all respect for him as a player let alone a man. Very childish and poor showing, but wait he tweeted so it’s ok….nancy

    • grifter says:

      agree! its not the change of heart that he should be apologizing but his unprofessionalism in not answering calls and avoiding the person.

  21. Mark Jimenez says:

    Just llike La fans — no respect for others —- I agree DeAndre Jordan has right to change his mind but he did not man up –no phone call — I expect that from my 6 year old — No need to apologize? really ? WOW —-

  22. wtf says:

    He should still have the decency to let the Mavs know that he wasn’t going t sign with them.

  23. BigPete says:

    DJ, you don’t have to apologize for that. the mavs got rid of Tyson chandler to try to get you, its their stupid fault. its good to have you back in lob city.

  24. parkmanor22 says:

    DeAndre Jordan is a human being and he has the right to change his mind anytime he wants. I wish the Mavericks well and I wish DeAndre well.

    • Jay Warren says:

      I wish the Mavs well and wish DJ suffers a compound fracture on both legs!!

    • Khadija says:

      Jordan is a selfish greedy teenager who doesn’t care as long as he and his fat mamma get the millions he doesn’t deserve. He’s not sorry, he’s just saying that to quiet the critics. If he were sorry, why did he wait almost 4 days ? He knew since Monday. But being the cowered he is, he didn’t have the decency nor the respect to admit that he was swayed by Griffin to go back to the flippers who by the way, despite what everybody projects them to have a great chance to win a tititle, will be bounced before they sniff the 2nd round in the playoffs

      • Khadija says:

        Jordan, you will always be that 3rd wheel. Live with that

      • Khadija says:

        I don’t have a problem with him changin his mind. But for Jim to not answer the phone? For him to let the flippers disalow him to be a MAN and meet with Cuban and sit there with a door locked with a chair while plying video games and such with SOCALLED adults???Boys, that says a lot about that flippers team!!!

      • Khadija says:

        ParkmaNo 22 your heart is going to be broken again because Jordan I and the flippers are who we thought they were!!!